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Thursday, May 29, 2014

3 Concept Eyes [3CE] Creamy Lip Color

I picked up a few of the 3CE Creamy Lip Colors when I went to STYLENANDA. I can't fly all the way to Seoul and only pick 1 lipstick, can I?
3CE is a Korean cosmetics brand that I have been wanting to check out for ages. I might be a bit obsessed now hahaha.

I love the sleek black packaging of these lipsticks. Has a nice weight to it, feels rather luxe and shiny XD

I pretty much went ermahgerd once I swatched them. After couple trips to the store during our trip, I ended up with these 3 colors, amongst a few other things...xP

The lipsticks are super creamy and melty. They remind me of the YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks. The pigmentation and lasting power are both excellent.
For such a creamy and moisturizing lipstick, these last a good few hours and even leaves a nice stain on the lips once the color wears off. What I really like is that even if the condition of your lips are less than ideal (chapped, dry, etc.), the lipstick still applies evenly and does not accentuate the dryness and lines.

#8 Ladi Dadi
This shade was recommended by the SA who was helping us. It was one of their popular shades and what the model was wearing in the ad. 

Ladi Dadi is a muted fluorescent pink. For lack of a better description, it's similar to that very popular Cheon SongYi hot pink lip color that everyone is going crazy for.
I find myself reaching for this more than I thought I would. It's a versatile color. Also, once the lipstick wears off, you are left with a nice pink stain.

This one is a orange-coral. In the tube, it looks very orange but once applied it is a lot warmer.  

I am not one who tends to wear bright lipsticks, but something about this color and Ladi Dadi makes them easily wearable for me.
I am rather crap at explaining colors so you'll just have to buy some and see for yourself lol.

#11 Love Hate
This one is my typical go-to pinky-nude lip color. I likely have a ton of dupes for this color but oh well. If I see a color like this, I will end up buying it. 

All I can say is...I want more hahahaha
The pricing is very reasonable for such impressive quality. I paid about 19,000 won each, which is just under $20.

It looks like 3CE actually ships overseas so that is nice! Plus they have an English site. Nice again!





  1. They look freaking brilliant! I've just ordered a foundation and bb cream from them but would love to get an eyeshadow trio and a lipstick eventually! I love the pink and nudey shade! Jealous that you went to korea!

  2. The payoff is actually quite good! Really liking the look of Love Hate. It looks like one of those shades that would look gorgeous on anyone!

  3. ohh i've never heard of this brand before but the colors are so pretty! i especially like the ladi dadi the name is so cute too lol!


  4. Wow!!! These lippies are all so very pretty. Love these three colors especially the love hate. I find it light and natural on lips. This is my first time to hear and see this brand and I am so excited to try it out.

  5. I love the stylenanda store! of course i always have to stop myself from buying everything because of packaging. The orange lipstick looks really good! perhaps I should pick up that shade next time I'm in Korea.



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