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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Burberry Lip Products

Many moons ago I purchased a few Burberry Beauty items whilst I was in Hong Kong. Due to my snail pace, I am reviewing the lip products now. I reviewed the Complete Eye Palette awhile back.

I purchased the Burberry Lip Glow in No. 08 Cameo. Retails for $27.

The formula is a nice consistency. It is a bit thick but not sticky, feels very comfortable and moisturizing on the lips. The thicker formula also means a longer wear time. It has a very faint soapy floral scent which dissipates shortly after application.

Cameo is a peachy orange shade that shows up as a redder peach color on my lips. It isn't extremely opaque but wears nicely on its own for a sheer wash of color. It also looks great over a nude lipstick.

I also purchased the Lip Cover in No. 23 English Rose. Retails for $30.
The Lip Covers have a soft satin finish.

English Rose is a rosy mauve color on my lips. It is a deeper shade than I typically buy but the color is very wearable on a daily basis. 
The soft satin formula allows for a smooth and easy application. The color goes on semi-opaque and can be built up. I like that this lipstick gives a slight sheen so in the off chance that I am lazy (more often than you'd think), I can skip the gloss and still have a nice subtle shine on the lips.  
As with the Lip Glow, the Lip Cover has a very subtle floral scent. 

Top: Lip Cover in No. 23 English Rose
Bottom: Lip Glow in No. 08 Cameo

The formula of both lip products are great. Plus the packaging is very nice, as expected of Burberry. A nice pick-me-up when you feel like using something fancy XD

I'm addicted to this song. 
Just looking at Pharrell makes me happy ^^ The man is 40, how is that possible.



  1. The packaging of Burberry beauty products is so lux and pretty.
    And Pharrell does look amazing for his age!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. ohhh the english rose (and omgosh dying over the name so British and so cute lol!) that mauve color is so pretty i love it!!

    you are SOOOO FREAKIN' lucky to go back to korea!! omgosh MCM #FTW! i heard it's like DIRT CHEAP. ok maybe not DIRT.. but like ridiculously cheaper then what MCM sell it for in the rest of the world! so lucky!!


  3. I was shocked when I heard him say he's 40 years old on TV. This man is looking hot!


  4. Pharrell has the best skin - I can't believe he's 40 either!

  5. Love the lipgloss! I'd wear it on its own all the time!

  6. Love red lipstick and love that song!

    Visit me too! www.fantailflo.com

  7. It's really hard to believe he's 40! haha I'd love to try the Burberry lipstick :)

  8. Ohhh Cameo looks really pretty!

    Gah don't even get me started on Pharrell. Clearly he knows the secret to anti-aging!

  9. I have yet to try Burberry beauty! I've been so good at resisting Burberry, Marc Jacob, and Tom Ford's makeup lines. You make me want to get a Burberry lippy! lol



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