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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seoul Holiday Part 3

The photo spam continues!

Delicious delicious food XD

I am rather fond of mandoo (dumplings)

 These fried ones were goooood


A nice little area in Sinsadong, Gangnam with lots of cute coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques.

The people in this area are very good looking too. I recommend going and people watching hahaha

At 4AM, one would naturally crave some spicy ramen...
Conveniently there was a ramen shop open at this time of night/morning..right across the street from our hotel. I love Seoul!

Man this was spicy. Made my nose sniffley and my mouth numb. 
I don't know what magical method was used but I will never be able to make it taste this good ToT

Shopping in Edae! This is the shopping area right next to Ewha Women's Univeristy. 

Ewha Women's University in the distance

Waffle time!

These waffles were so good.

Last minute ramen hoarding XD

Why is Korean fried chicken so magically delicious?! Seriously craving some right now.

Leaving! T_T
Of course did some duty free shopping. Incheon has amazing DFS.

Last jajangmyun meal before departing!

Seoul is one of my favorite places to travel to. Definitely going back soon ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Btw, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!! Christmastime has officially begun!

I have watched this repeatedly and each time I giggle like an idiot...aigoo Woobin-ahhhh

The bloopers just take the cake. My feels...



  1. yay!! love part 3 the mostest!! so much yummy food pics!! drooling!!! i know what you mean i love love asian fried chicken!!! so noms!

  2. i notice u didnt mention anything about your new alarm hahahaa
    i was having a shitty day but reading this made me laugh a bit
    see u in seoul. very soon wink wink

  3. I miss Seoul!! I want to go back!!

    Oh gosh, those wake up calls are ♥♥♥!! Have you been watching Heirs?? ♥

    1. Yeah I watched Heirs! The story is so bad hahahaha but I powered through for Lee Minho and Woobin XD

  4. OMG, you ate all my favorites!! but more than anything, i miss the street food. ;o;

  5. oh my gosh! Those food pics made me drool!! and makes me want to go to Korea! I've never been before!!


  6. OMG dat food! Be right back, going to raid my fridge now xD

  7. I have never been to Seoul and can't wait to go there!! Even more so now that I read your post!!!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Sweet Simple Sexy: Sweater Dress

  8. I can't get enough of your food travel posts! The first picture and the ramen look the yummiest!

    7% Solution



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