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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Seoul Holiday Part 2

More photos from my trip to Seoul!
Jajangmyun is so gooood. I miss it!

Wandered around the cinema at Star City

Loki!! ♥

Coffee break!
Yes, I know no coffee was ordered xP

Kondae, area near Konkuk University
Lots of shops and things to eat.

Yes I know, these look a bit phallic. Taste delicious ok.

Mango Six! Reminds me of the drama A Gentleman's Dignity because they drank this like 3x a day.
Good drama btw, I recommend!

Went to noraebang in Apgujeong aka A-Town wahahaha
On the way I met a handsome fellow...yes, shameless
Photo credit to Yumeko *wink* *wink*

At the noraebang, we proceeded to butcher 90s pop songs. I learned I am the world's worst singer. I don't even have the ability to find the right key nor do I have enough rhythm to use a tambourine successfully.

Too many photos. To be continued...
Read Part One!

Song is catchy but omg whyyyy are they wearing turtlenecks? I despise turtlenecks *goes crazy*



  1. All of your food pics are killing me! They all look so delicious! Ahhh, I can't sing either.


  2. Omg...yummy yummy street food! I've seen so many photos from my korean friend about the fried fish cakes, hot dogs and so many snacks sold around the streets and near the subways! I wish I could have a streetfood stroll right now!

  3. good times good times. tat was a good day. i like how i got toast and errone ate it XD

  4. Gaaah, all the food looks so delicious

  5. Man, I miss Korea! I hope one day I get to go back... hehe~

  6. I've been having an itch to travel to Korea lately and your recap posts are making me want to visit even more! Glad you had fun!! :D

  7. ohh the food looks delicious! and haha Thor!!

  8. love this!!!! all your food pics drool!! especially that dukbogee!! and your hair looks so pretty in your kissing pic :p



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