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Sunday, May 12, 2013

NARS And God Created The Woman Set

I purchased the NARS And God Created The Woman Set during Sephora's latest 15% off sale.
I figured with the discount it is a pretty good deal since the set comes with a brush and a mini Pro-Prime which is my favorite eyeshadow primer.

The palette is so tiny! It fits in the palm of my tiny hand. Perfect for travel.
Even though tiny I don't think I will even hit pan on any of the colors any time soon since I already have quite a few neutral palettes XD

The shadows are all neutral and not all that special but the quality is excellent.
I've never tried NARS shadows before and was very pleased with how well the colors complement each other.

The palette creates a nice smokey eye that isn't too intense.

Love the consistency of the shadows. Very easy to apply and blend out!

I wouldn't say this palette is a must-have but is convenient to have. Also it's a great way to try out NARS eyeshadows if you haven't yet. =]


Ermahgerdddddd 2PM is finally back!!!!!!
Such a different style compared to their older stuff. ♥_♥



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