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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hong Kong Trip: Day 3

On our third day in Hong Kong, we headed over to Hong Kong Island.
We went to Times Square, which is a gigantic shopping complex.

After all the shopping, we wandered over to a market.
Bought some barbeque and roast pork to snack on!

So much fresh seafood errrrwhere.

For dinner we went to Under Bridge Spicy Crab Restaurant (such a weird name) which is much raved about by many.

Anthony Bourdain ate here so I thought I was super cool bwahahaha

We ordered the Under Bridge Spicy Crab. It tasted pretty good but it was kind of a ripoff. Not much to eat D:
Most of it was the fried garlic topping.

We also got the Deep Fried Mantis Shrimp which had the same spicy garlic topping.

The food here is not bad but I feel like it is overpriced and mainly for tourists.
Delicious food in Hong Kong can be cheap if you know where to go.
Here's the address for anyone interested though.

After dinner we went back to Kowloon and headed to Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, where you can see the Hong Kong Skyline.
The view of Victoria Harbour is so pretty!

I don't really like to sightsee much so this fulfilled my sightseeing obligations for this trip XD

We arrived in time for the light show, which was kinda cheesy to be honest.
Nothing too amazing. I honestly thought there'd be fireworks ^o^

The weather was perfect that evening so it was great to just walk around the promenade and enjoy the view.

Obviously I got bored after 15 minutes and wanted to go get dessert bwahahahhaa 
Sorry but touristy sightseeing bores me!

Nonetheless Victoria Harbour is rather lovely at night so it is a must-see!


So many good movies are being released soon!! 
Can't believe I had no idea there is gonna be a Hangover 3 :O

The Wolf Pack is baaaaack!!


  1. i went to that restaurant before and i agree with u hahaha actually errtang tasted the same to me hahahah
    i think there are better and cheaper places to go

  2. AHah I tend to get bored with just site seeing as well. I need to be exploring with purpose ^^ Omg, a Hangover !3? I still haven't seen the first one yet aha

  3. Love all the food pictures! It's been over 25 years since I was last in HK (man..I feel old typing that out :S) and I'd LOVE to go back and see how the city has changed (um, not that I remember all that much from my first time there).

  4. Oooh! Looks like you're enjoying HK! Been there only once and I loved it! Our hotel back then was right next to a mall, which I don't remember the name and I loved every single thing about it! Well.. except for the restrooms.. you know what i mean.. lol

  5. The spicy garlic topping sounds good, but it's a shame that it was too expensive. However, the peking duck looks good!

  6. I love Times Square! I've been to HK and have yet to see the light show....hehe. Guess I won't now. :P

  7. HK at night is really pretty :)


  8. Wonderful photos! I love going to markets when I'm travelling. The light show looks stunning./Madison



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