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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hong Kong Trip: Day 3

On our third day in Hong Kong, we headed over to Hong Kong Island.
We went to Times Square, which is a gigantic shopping complex.

After all the shopping, we wandered over to a market.
Bought some barbeque and roast pork to snack on!

So much fresh seafood errrrwhere.

For dinner we went to Under Bridge Spicy Crab Restaurant (such a weird name) which is much raved about by many.

Anthony Bourdain ate here so I thought I was super cool bwahahaha

We ordered the Under Bridge Spicy Crab. It tasted pretty good but it was kind of a ripoff. Not much to eat D:
Most of it was the fried garlic topping.

We also got the Deep Fried Mantis Shrimp which had the same spicy garlic topping.

The food here is not bad but I feel like it is overpriced and mainly for tourists.
Delicious food in Hong Kong can be cheap if you know where to go.
Here's the address for anyone interested though.

After dinner we went back to Kowloon and headed to Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, where you can see the Hong Kong Skyline.
The view of Victoria Harbour is so pretty!

I don't really like to sightsee much so this fulfilled my sightseeing obligations for this trip XD

We arrived in time for the light show, which was kinda cheesy to be honest.
Nothing too amazing. I honestly thought there'd be fireworks ^o^

The weather was perfect that evening so it was great to just walk around the promenade and enjoy the view.

Obviously I got bored after 15 minutes and wanted to go get dessert bwahahahhaa 
Sorry but touristy sightseeing bores me!

Nonetheless Victoria Harbour is rather lovely at night so it is a must-see!


So many good movies are being released soon!! 
Can't believe I had no idea there is gonna be a Hangover 3 :O

The Wolf Pack is baaaaack!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Burberry Complete Eye Palette

I must say, the Burberry Complete Eye Palettes are quite pretty.
Let's just take a moment and ermahgerd over the pretty packaging.
The palette comes housed in a fancy velvet pouch that is embossed with the Burberry plaid. Fancy, eh?

The case is a nice weight, just holding it gives you the feeling that it is something fancy ^o^

I chose No. 07 Pink Taupe. It's a neutral palette but I was drawn to the rosey pink shade.

The shadows also have the Burberry plaid design.

The shadows are very smooth and nearly matte except for the lightest shade.
Super easy to blend and do not go on patchy like some matte shadows do.

Some photos of my eye because there have not been any for quite some time...

I love the taupe and pink shades in this palette. Creates a bit of a different neutral look. The pink adds a nice warmth when blended into the crease.

It's not a super unique palette that is a must-have but it's a good palette to have if you want to try Burberry shadows.

No. 07 Pink Taupe stood out to me as being a bit more unique compared to the other neutral palettes that Burberry has.


I thought this video was pretty funny but too similar to the last video?
The bloopers at the end cracked me up bwahahahaha


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burberry Beauty Purchases

Whilst I was in Hong Kong, I wandered into a duty free department store and picked up some stuff at the Burberry counter.
The lady was very helpful and made me want to buy errrthang!

I walked away with these items! :D

Complete Eye Palette in No. 07 Pink Taupe

Lip Cover in No. 23 English Rose

Lip Glow in No. 08 Cameo

The SA also gave me some GWPs. Woot!
A black makeup bag, mirror, and lipstick sample.

A teeny tiny lipstick sample in No. 04 Rosewood

A very snazzy mirror

Swatches and such to come!


I've probably ermahgerd over this already but must reiterate!
ERMAHGERD Tony Stark ♥_♥
But I am jelly that it is released in Asia a whole week earlier than in US. D:



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