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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hong Kong Trip: Day 1

I took a short trip to Hong Kong last month. I hadn't been there since I was 7 so I was quite excited.

Arrived late in the evening. On the way to the hotel!

I stayed at the Langham Place Hotel in Mongkok. Thanks to Nunu's recommendation!
The hotel has an amazing location. Directly attached to the Langham Place Mall as well as the MTR station.

Service is good and the concierges are always super helpful...and quite good looking too bwahahhahaa ^_~

View from the room

It was late but I was starving. My friend took me to this dinky restaurant near the hotel for some good Hong Kong food.
Of course had to get some HK milk tea.

Porkchop satay mix noodles

Steamed fish
I am not a huge steamed fish fan but damn this was tasty.

It was late and I was in zombie mode because did not sleep at all on the 13hr flight.
But still need to maximize shopping time so we explored the mall that was connected to the hotel.

So much fobby Chinese New Year decor lol

View looking down from the highest escalators I've ever been on. The mall is huge, holy crap.

Despite zombie mode, still had to get dessert!
Hong Kong is the holy land of mango desserts. Woot! XD
We went to Honeymoon Dessert, which is also conveniently located in the Langham Place Mall.
There are multiple locations all over Hong Kong I believe.

We managed to eat here every night before going back to hotel bwahahaha
I ordered the mango sago with pomelo. So yummy!!
Not too sweet. Also so cheap.

My friend ordered the black sesame soup...something. I forgot..I just know it's the super chinese looking one xP

Afterwards we were both too tired. So returned to our rooms for bed so we can be well energized for shopping and more eating the next day ^o^


Ermahgerd!!! JT is finally back!!!
This song was kinda mehhh for me at first but now it's always stuck in my head.

Also loving JT's new hair. Very dapper ♥_♥



  1. I was in HK a little after CNY and these photos make me super nostalgic! I actually love Honeymoon Dessert and I always get their black sesame desserts. They're so rich that I never finish the whole thing though!

  2. i like JT's new hair too. but he normally has curly hair right? i guess he straightened it
    he gives me a matt bomer vibe [from white collar]

  3. Omg midgey you literally didn't do anything on your trip other than eat and wander around shops!!! XD My kind of holiday!

  4. omg I love travel posts ^_^ I haven't been to HK yet, but your pics make me want to go like...right now ehe

  5. Ohhhhh I love steamed golden pompano!!! I introed it to Mr. Nunu and now it's his favourite steamed fish.
    Lol I have photos from the same vantage point of those damn escalators. Every time I took them I had this image in my head of falling down backwards on them all the way to the ground level bwahahaha!

  6. Aahh!! I stay just opposite that Langham Place Mall, Running Man filmed there too hahahah!! Yum the desserts looks sooooo good!!

    Eeee JT!!! I love his new hair too ♥♥♥ My fav song in the album is Mirrors!! ♥

  7. Ooooh! Enjoy hong kong! I loved people watching when I was there. :) Lol

  8. I have yet to go to Hong Kong. My son tells me that it's a shopper's paradise. So happy that you were able to go after such a long time. The dessert place serves really yummy-looking desserts.

    Thank you for sharing your trip pictures.


  9. The pork chop and roasted fish look so good. I would really like to go back to Hong Kong one day. When I went, it was so rainy I barely got to do anything. D:



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