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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Anna Sui Nail Color in 110

I picked up this gorgeous Anna Sui Nail Color a few months back.
The shade is 110, a dark indigo glitter polish with a jelly finish.
Isn't the design of the bottle pretty?

Like all Anna Sui cosmetics, this nail polish has a rose scent which some seem to hate.
I happen to love rose scented things so I am constantly sniffing my nails like a freak when I have this on.
The application is great, very smooth and opaque with 2 coats.


Happy Chinese New Year!
Hope those who celebrate get lots of red packets and eat lots of yummy food :D


Ermahgerd yay another cheesy Fast and Furious movie ^o^
I've always had a thing for Vin Diesel. Don't judge me! 
Also Tyrese and Ludacris are hella hot, ok xP



  1. Anna Sui cosmetics always have the prettiest packaging! That colour looks beautiful as well!

  2. That nail polish is so gorgeous! I might have to go buy a bottle, since I've never tried Anna Sui polish before.

    Happy Chinese New Years! Hope yours was fantastic!

  3. Gorgeous! Dark glitter polish always has a much more dramatic look than lighter ones. Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  4. I so do think that shade is amazing, dark, dimension, such a glossy finish...I loved it! Hope you had a great chinese new year! I did with my family and boyfriend! There was plenty of food and red packets! Have a good year ahead! ^^

  5. That's an awesome shade. Like that it contains glittler but still has a jelly finish. Happy Lunar New Years!

  6. i did not know she made nail color! it's so pretty! looks awesome on you and i love the shape of the bottle.

  7. the nail polish is supah pretz!! and lol at your comments towards vin diesel!!!

  8. I love your nail color!! I don't have an Anna Sui nail polish but you always make me want to get one ♥♥

  9. That is such a gorgeous black nail colour...the glitter looks bubble like...so cute...

  10. I didn't know Anna Sui made nail polish. That's absolutely awesome.

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  11. Ok, this is late but Happy CNY to you too! XD Love your nails. Can Anna Sui's packaging get any cuter?!

  12. i love this colour!!!! imma go see if i can find it :)



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