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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tokyo Trip: Odaiba

Yes, I know I am super slow. Still posting about my Tokyo trip that I took months ago hahaha
On the last day we headed to Odaiba, an island in Tokyo Bay that has a ton of different shopping and touristy districts.
It has an awesome view of the Tokyo skyline. Finally put the panoramic photo option on my phone to good use XD

The Fuji TV building is so cool. The sphere shaped thing in the middle is apparently an observatory deck.
Aqua City, the building next to it has lots of shopping. Bought a few pieces of clothing for decent price there heeeheeee

The weather was perfect that day. So pretty!
See, I didn't just shop my way through Japan. Went outside to sightsee too ok =P
Perfect view of the Rainbow Bridge.

Ate quite a few tasty items!

Not sure how legit this place is but still tasted ermahgerd amazing to me bwahahhaa

Some variation of yakisoba...I think. It was too long ago, can't remember.

Tonkatsu curry

Hokkaido soft serve!
So yummy, definitely not as good as actually going to Hokkaido to eat it but it'll do.

Passed by a Lawson!
Reminds me of Yumeko hehehe

Diver City is the newest shopping complex in the area.
It is where the gigantic Gundam is.

Decided to stick around to catch the light show.
It was pretty cool but I thought he'd like lift off and fly around a bit. But no, he just moved his head and arms around.

Odaiba is huge and very spread out so it's nearly impossible to visit all the different areas in one day.
There is a free shuttle you can take to get around though.
I wanted to visit the Toyota Mega Web but was way too tired to find it hahaha

The next day, veryyyy early, we headed to the airport.
So early, caught the sunrise :O

Had an awesome time in Tokyo! XD

After a rather short but noisy plane ride that was filled with teenage girls on a school trip, arrived at the next destination :D


Yay! New CNBlue!!!
The song is quite catchy and video filmed in London :D



  1. i dont know if its good or bad that a convenience store reminds u of me
    i'll just assume its good.

    hey u could have gone that all u can fry place! its at diver city hahahaha

    dude come the eff back. soon. please.
    xoxo lawson

  2. So jealous you got to go to Tokyo. I l loveeeee Lawson's! It's like a mini wonderland there. There's a gazillion different eats in there!

  3. i love your travel photos especially the food onessss! omgosh that takoyaki looks soooo noms i love takoyaki!!! i've always wanted to try hokkaido ice cream!!

  4. Looks lovely! Some curry would be really nice right now. ^^

  5. Love your new banner! I miss asia! I've never been to japan, but its one of the places I want to visit in the future! I can't wait for that to happen. I have to save up a lot of money to do so. I don't wanna go there unprepared!

  6. You took awesome pictures and ate really good looking food! :)

    The Lovely Memoir

  7. that Gundam is amazing! hahaha so TALL! awwww, glad you had an awesome time and sharing it with us doll.

  8. it looks so much fun, the food looks delicious and the robot!!

  9. Wow that is one huge Gundam :) Oh i miss tokyo!


  10. Wow I like reading about Japan so keep the posts coming! It helps with my trip planning too LOL I wanna go to Odaiba this time! I love Lawson and omg takoyaki in Japan is the best, I think the best ones I ate were from a stand in Shibuya, so nice and crispy on the outside but soft and creamy on the inside *drool*

    re: Yes, the royal princess diaries does give off that regal feel LOL Boo they took away the gold lined pages!



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