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Friday, September 14, 2012

MUA Going For Gold Palette

MUA is a UK cosmetics brand that sells extremely affordable stuff. It is similar to ELF pricing-wise.
I ordered a few MUA palettes awhile back when they were having a sale.
Going For Gold is a limited edition palette, to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics. Being someone who loves all things LE & Olympics related, I obviously had to get it. 
Also it is dirt cheap, around $6.50 USD.

The palette contains 10 shades of gold, silver, & bronze shadows.

Top row swatched
I love the mustardy gold shade. Super unique!!

Bottom row swatched

The formula for these shadows are very smooth and pigmented. 
All shades were very easy to swatch. Though the shades all just gold, silver, & bronze, they are all very pretty & unique shades. 
Haven't had a chance to use this palette yet but will post photos when I do!

The palette is still available on the MUA site!
I got a couple other MUA palettes so swatches for those will be coming soon :D


New FT Island!!! 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

This nail polish is such old news...last year's news??
Regardless, it's still awwwwesome! Jian gifted it to me months ago & I only just tried it out for the first time last week. Shame on me D:
I painted it over various shades of dark purples and blues but found that it looks the coolest over OPI Russian Navy, which is the most gorgeous shimmery navy evarrrr.

Fantasy Fire creates purple, gold, & green shimmers in certain lights. 

With flash it is a different level of amazeballs.

Orange shimmer suddenly shows up with flash.

Love this nail polish.
It looks different depending on what color you use as a base which makes it versatile. 
I have no idea if it is still available anymore but if you find it, buy it! XD


Coolest mom evarrrrr
Her poker face just makes it 10000x funnier


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Integrate Aqua Creamy Rouge: RS307

Evie sent me the Integrate Aqua Creamy Rouge in a swap we did. Very much appreciated as she took the time to hunt for it while she vacationed in Taiwan. Fanks!!!

I had never tried Integrate lip products so I was quite excited XD

I had asked for shade RS307.

Packaging is very sleek and simple. A slim metal tube.

RS307 is a deep rosy pink in the tube.

I thought it was going to be quite dark but was pleasantly surprised.
It goes on very creamy and slippery.

It applies quite sheer but is easily buildable to medium coverage after a few layers.
This lipstick is very moisturizing and feels great on the lips. It gives a nice gloss and is very natural.
It is definitely a "my lips but better" shade for me. I don't even need a mirror to apply it haha



I really like this lipstick and can't wait to try more colors.
It lasts a good few hours if you don't eat. It is not a long lasting lipstick since it is so moisturizing, but I don't mind.
If you come across these lipsticks, give them a go!


Another GD video.
The beeping is so damn annoying.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

L'Oreal Color Infallible EOTD: Magnetic Coral

L'Oreal Color Infallible in Magnetic Coral was another one of those random limited edition shades released in Canada.
I quite like coral so I whined to Nunu and it apparated into my mailbox :D Many fanks judgy!!

Sadly, L'Oreal decided to torture us and not make this shade available in the US >.>

Magnetic coral is a pale coral with flecks of magenta throughout.

However, when swatched, the magenta does not show up at all. 

The color is not a super bright coral so it is pretty wearable. I paired it with a MAC periwinkle shadow.

I find that Magnetic Coral is a bit difficult to pair. It looks a bit odd with brown which is a color I wear on a daily basis. 
But overall a unique shade. I don't own anything similar to this color. 


Wow...the styling in this video is insane. So many hairstyle changes.
The song is pretty catchy but I don't know if I like it all that much D:

But ermahgerd! Baby tigers!


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