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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Khaki Smokey Eye

I purchased the Missha Signature Velvet Art Shadow in No. 3 Khaki Combination quite a few months ago but just remembered to use it for the first time last week.
Yeah...I kinda forgot about it after I bought it =X
The packaging for this palette is so purrrdy!!

The palette comes with two neutral shades and two khaki shades.

The shadows are very smooth and not overly shimmery.

I was reminded to dig out this palette from my stash after watching this video.
Using khaki shades to achieve a smokey eye was something I never thought of.
I love how she does makeup. Always so natural!
But she applies everything with such a light hand it kinda drives me crazy. I would never have such patience to apply so slowly & gently hahaha

Mine didn't turn out as dark...or nice lol but whatevs. I'm not a makeup artist & she is. So her's should look better than mine XD

I think it would've turned out darker if I used a darker cream base. I didn't have a khaki cream shadow so I just used a coppery one.

The shadows in this palette are not super pigmented so if you aren't too skilled with working with shadows, they may work in your favor. You have to spend some time building up the color.
I don't really mind. Better to apply a bit at a time and build up the pigmentation as you go along!

This was a really easy look. You basically just layer on the shadows from lightest to darkest. No fancy techniques. 
But it seriously took her foreverrrr in the video because she applied everything so slowly & with the lightest hand. I was going crazy watching lol

I got the palette on the Missha site when they were having a huge sale during the holidays. I may pick up a few of the other shades if they go on sale again :D
They are way too overpriced at regular price. I'd rather spend $23 on a different brand!


Like my blingy Easter nails??? It totally reminds me of Easter eggs lol
I'm probably a bit early since Lent just started. Oh well =P
For the base color, I used Zoya Caitlin


Big Bang ALIVE album is out!!! I quite lahve it *_*


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Pineapple Cake!

Pineapple cake (鳳梨酥) is one of the most popular pastries in Taiwan. Lots of bakeries make it. But the most famous & tastiest place is Chia Te Bakery (佳德糕餅) in Taipei.
There is always a huge line-up at this store. They only let in a certain number of people at a time. Cray cray!

They are famous for their pineapple cakes, which they have no shortage of.

They also have a huge variety of fruit pastries. Such as cranberry, cherry, plum, etc.
The place is self-serve, so you grab a box and fill it up with whichever types you want.

Aside from these pastries, they also have a huge variety of freshly baked bread & desserts.
Ohmahgawd errrthang is so freaking good!

When I go in, I am tempted to grab whatever I see. It's so easy to fill up a few trays of goodies :0~

Their egg tarts are the biggest ones I have ever seen. Deep dish egg tarts hahaha
So yummy!! Especially since I have always loved the custard filling more than the crust XD

This place is a must visit if you like pastries & such.
Be prepared to elbow a bunch of people to get what you want because it's always packed inside. Use your elbows!

Address & Information:
Chia Te Bakery Co. - 佳德糕餅 (website)
No. 88, Sec. 5, Nanjing East Road
Songshan District, Taipei City
Tel: 886-2-8787-8186

Hours: 7:30AM - 9:30PM
Nearest MRT Station :
Nanjing E. Rd. Station


Another place that also has really good pineapple cakes is SunnyHills
This location is extremely quaint and peaceful. The decor is very minimal but classy & service is ridiculously excellent. This place only sells pineapple cake.

Right when you walk in, you will be served with a complimentary pineapple cake & cup of hot tea. As you enjoy, you can decide how many boxes of pineapple cake you want to purchase.

The pineapple cakes here are made with all natural ingredients, with no preservatives. They taste very different from the traditional pineapple cakes. 
Because the ingredients are all natural, the filling is quite tart and you can really taste the flavor of pineapples. 

These are pretty expensive compared to pineapple cakes sold at other places. But this is because these are all natural and are made fresh each morning.
Because of this, these can only be kept for 2 weeks at most.

I think these are extremely unique and worth checking out. Especially if you like your desserts a bit tart.
If you do end up going, I would recommend going early in the day, before noon. Once they sell out for the day, that's it.
SunnyHills does a more modern take on pineapple cake whereas Chia Te is more traditional.
The place is quite hidden, so I am baffled by the amount of Japanese tourists that know about this place & were able to find their way there XD

Address & Information
SunnyHills at the Park (website)
1F, No. 1, Alley 4, Lane 36, Sec. 5, Minsheng East Road 
Songshan District, Taipei City
Tel: 886-2-2760-0508
Hours: 10AM - 8PM

They also have a location in Singapore, at the Raffles Hotel.


This video is freaking weird, the beginning reminds me of The Ring *shudders* 
But the song is growing on me after a few listens. Their new album is really good, check it out!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ishihara Awa Foaming Net

One of the many things I purchased while in Taiwan was this Ishihara Awa Foaming Net. I have heard that using this to wash my face will help the cleanser get deeper into my pores for a better cleansing.
This was pretty cheap, around $3 at Sasa.
I have no idea what "Awa Awa" means but it sure is funny to say over & over again ^o^

It's a net bag with a drawstring to hold it closed. It comes with a suction hook so you can hang it to dry.

The inside of the net contains these 3 mini loofahs. These things are what create the thick foam.

To use, you just wet the net and add the cleanser onto the net. Then you just mush it around to create a nice & thick lather.
When the desired amount of foam is created, you take as much of it off onto your hands as possible.
Then wash your face with the nice pillowy foam.

The net helps create tiny tiny bubbles so the foam is nice and thick. It helps get into your pores better & removes more dirt and makeup. I love using it because the foam feels so nice on my face XD
Very cheap and affective! My face feels much cleaner compared to just washing my face with regular cleanser.


Remember to breathe while watching *_*


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Bang Blue MV *Spazzzz*

I don't have time for a lengthy blabby post tonight so let's just take a moment and spazz over this new Big Bang video.
Ahhh I lahve this song! So soothing ♥♥♥

Still not feeling TOP's gross toothpaste-inspired hair color. Seriously, WTF?! *judgy face* 

But I must admit he's still quite badass in the video.
Rapping under the Manhattan Bridge...like a boss ^o^

 Credit: dushevka@tumblr

HAHAHAHA Taeyang *Forever Alone*

Credit: bigbanggifs@tumblr

Ok, spazzing over. 
As you were.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Taiwan Trip: All You Can Eat!

One thing I noticed while I was in Taipei is that people are always eating. 24 hours a day! Buffets are very popular here. And I am not talking about the crap buffets you find in America. This stuff is klassyyyyy! The quality of everything is amazing and the prices aren't too bad.

My favorite buffet is Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet, located in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, a Japanese department store near Taipei 101.
We went for "Afternoon Tea," which is the time when all the rich housewives go since they have the time and money lol
Despite it being "afternoon tea" time (2pm), the place was packed. Good thing we had reservations! Why so many free people out & about on a weekday is beyond me...

 The restaurant is very clean and service is excellent.

 The reason why I love this place is because of the all you can eat sashimi!!!
You just go up to the counter & tell the sushi chef what you like and he slices it for you. *drooling thinking about this* :0~
You'll probably get your money's worth after a few trips to the sashimi counter.
I love that it is freshly sliced so it's not gross & lying there for hours by the time you go to get some.

Lots of different varieties to choose from.
This is a steamed egg cup with clams.

The best part is the desserts. So many types to choose from.
My favorite is the Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes. The center is filled with the most delicious pastry cream ever *drools*
I think I had like 3 of these. Don't judge me, you would've too! =P

The cream brulee was amazing too.

Definitely check out this place if you like Japanese food & desserts. You should try to make a reservation, especially during weekends.

Address & Information:
Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, A11 (website)
No. 11 Songshou Road, 11 FL, Taipei
Tel: (02) 8780-1366


The buffet at Le Café, located in the Hotel Royal Taipei is also quite nice. The atmosphere is a lot more "posh" meaning even more rich housewives as patrons hahaha

The food is mainly Chinese. 

The desserts were displayed so beautifully. Can you tell dessert is always the highlight of my meal? XD

The only plate I remembered to photograph ahahaha

The hotel is located in a very affluent area of Taipei.
Apparently all the rich people go to this Regent Hotel to have affairs wahahahaha

Can't go to Asia and not see a Louis Vuitton

Address & Information: 
Le Café (website)
Hotel Royal Taipei, 2F
37-1 Chung Shan North Road, Section 2, Taipei
Tel: (02)2542-3299 Ext.374


I can't remember the name of this place but I do know it is on Zhongxiao East Road, across the street from Watson's and the Levi's store.
Oh! It is on the second floor hahahaha if any of you can ever find this place, it'll be a miracle. 

This is an all you can eat hotpot restaurant. 
We went with the combination soup base: half spicy, half regular
Omg the spicy was reallyyyyy spicy. It was the numbing type.

You fill out what you want on the order form and the server brings it out on these cool towers. It's like high tea but with hotpot XD

Tower of wonderful meat!!

This place is pretty damn tasty. 
Most hotpot places in Taiwan are pretty good quality. Hotpot is a must if you're there!
Since I failed and don't know the name for this place, I highly recommend Go Bar Shabu Shabu for hotpot. It's super clean & the quality is excellent.

Address & Information:
鍋爸刷刷鍋- Go Bar Shabu Shabu Restaurant (website)
50 Nanjing East Road, Sec B1, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2577-4000


Ohmahgad this post is really long. Slow clap for you if you read it all!
Heard this song on someone's Tumblr. Now am semi-obsessed.
I wonder if they purposely cast the guy because he looks like Jesus O.o 



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