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Monday, December 17, 2012

Tokyo Trip: Ikebukuro Sunshine City

My hotel was located in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, an area with lots of food and shops! I didn't even have to go outside to go shopping. Hotel was attached to the Sunshine City mall bwahhahaha

Ikebukuro Station is just a 10-15 minute walk away from Sunshine City. The area is always crazy crowded.

g.u. is awesome. Must check it out if you are in Japan. It has the same owner as Uniqlo :D
Very affordable and fashionable items.

We ate inside the mall a couple times during our trip. There are lots of different restaurants in the mall so if you are lazy and don't want to venture into the streets you'll still have many options.

This was ridiculously good. *o*

This omurice restaurant was great as well. 

Many different varieties!

Croque Monsieur from a cafe.

Choux cream puff! Will you judge me if I tell you I had this for breakfast? ^o^

While I was in Tokyo I got a chance to meetup with Yumeko
I was excited to finally meet her :D
Okinawan food for lunch.

After doing some shopping, we went to Namja Town for dessert.
It's sort of like an amusement park with games and stuff.

There is a mini desserts forest inside!

We sat there for hours and discussed many judgy things XD

Yummy dessert! 

Yumeko gifted me a crapload of stuff and put it all in this huge Rilakumma bag bwahahhahaha
Yes, I walked around all day with this while we shopped. Ain't no shame!

Thanks again for all the goodies Capy!! 
Was wonderful meeting you so we can be judgy in person heeeheeee
See you in October *\^o^/*


Christmas is just around the corner!!! 
On a random note...I can't wait to watch this movie bwahahaha



  1. i love the idea that everything is encompassed together. i bet that helped out a lot! the shops are beautiful. LOVE those desserts. so pretty!

  2. I've eaten ice cream and cake for breakfast before, ain't no shame bwahahaha!
    Ermahgerd you have met all other judgies except meeeee!! *whines*

  3. The food looks so delicious. I made pancakes with cupcake batter, so I'm not one to judge here. X)

    Also, all your photos make me want to go back to Japan!

  4. i totally eat cake and what not for breakfast tats why i am capy ok XD
    or drink beer for breakfast. tats all good too.

    u ate at the omu rice place ! was it good? someone told me it has a branch in ximending taipei.

    awesome meeting u in real life! cant wait till oct now
    the big judgy gathering!

  5. I love ikebukuro! and I love how the japanese can make such cute desserts :)




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