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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lunasol Party Coffret 2012

One of the things I purchased on my recent trip to Taipei was the Lunasol Party Coffret.
I was going to get it when I was in Tokyo but decided to wait and check the price in Taipei. Good thing I did because the department store had its anniversary sale so I got a good discount *woot woot*

I've been wanting to try Lunasol for awhile and this LE set totally caught my eye *o*
I can't remember the exact price but it was about $70USD for the set.

I love the pouch!!! It is really good quality and can even pull it off as a real bag for a night out.

The palette included is the Party Eyes EX01 Shiny Gold Brown (yeah, wtf is up w/ the name XD)

I know it is just a basic neutral palette but omg so pretty.
The packaging is nice and sleek.
The shadows are neutral but have a nice shine that isn't too overly glittery.

The coffret also includes the Creamy Cheeks EX01 Beige Red.
No idea why it is called Beige Red when there is nothing red about it hahaha
It is a very natural peachy pink shade. Color is sheer but buildable.

Full Glamour Gloss N EX 22 Shiny Gold Beige Red
High Stylized Mascara N 01 Clear Black

Haven't gotten around to trying these two items yet.

Here's a look I did using the palette.
Love the golds and shimmery browns.

It isn't a must have palette since there are hundreds of other neutral palettes similar to this.
But the quality of the shadows are lovely. Very smooth and blendable.
I also like that they are not ridiculously shimmery like many Japanese shadows are.

I think that this is a great set for the price. Especially for someone like me who wants to try out some Lunasol products for the first time.
This set is limited addition so I am not sure if it is readily available anymore.
I got this at the Sogo department store in Taipei.


Hope everyone had a good Christmas!!

Wahhhh ♥ Lee Seungi hehehe



  1. woot woot u blogged. finally.
    yup lunasol doesnt have anything overly exciting anymore [their old palettes esp the germinate range was awesome...ahh good old days]
    but the quality from them is still top notch!

    and the obligatory "why u so lucky to buy it cheaper in taipei? i hate chuuuuu, you ruined my life etc etc" HAHAHAHA


  2. The neutral palette is SO pretty!! I also love golds and shimmery browns! Nice hauling babe ^_^

  3. Pretty and so effortless looking! I too have been enticed by pretty party sets but have been splurging on skincare and individual products! Have a great new years!

  4. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH prettty!!! the colors are so gorgeous on your eyes! i've never heard of this brand but will definitely have to look for it the next time i'm in TPE!!!

  5. The palette and blush looks amazing! & What a great price too. Usually isn't one palette close to that price?

  6. I am LOVING that color palette. It's so soft, but has a nice metallic punch to it. Gorgeous! Glad you got it and at a lower price. WIN WIN! Your eyebrows look SO GOOD.

  7. beautiful!

    i really want the bag (more than the makeups..lol)
    i always admire your eyebrows. they are amazing!

  8. The look you created is so lovely, very soft and sophisticated. Also, that's awesome that the pouch is nice enough to use as a real clutch. ^^

  9. I rarely mix brown shadows with black liner... not sure why. I think I'm going to try a look like your's today.

  10. the palette looks gorg. on you!

  11. The blusher and eyeshadows are lovely. I saw this kit in Hong Kong, but I opted for some RMK goodies instead:) Happy Holiday!

  12. i think they still have this in the lunasol counter in my country. :) been contemplating whether i should pick it up or not.. it seems kind of similar to last year's collection. hmmmm



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