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Friday, September 14, 2012

MUA Going For Gold Palette

MUA is a UK cosmetics brand that sells extremely affordable stuff. It is similar to ELF pricing-wise.
I ordered a few MUA palettes awhile back when they were having a sale.
Going For Gold is a limited edition palette, to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics. Being someone who loves all things LE & Olympics related, I obviously had to get it. 
Also it is dirt cheap, around $6.50 USD.

The palette contains 10 shades of gold, silver, & bronze shadows.

Top row swatched
I love the mustardy gold shade. Super unique!!

Bottom row swatched

The formula for these shadows are very smooth and pigmented. 
All shades were very easy to swatch. Though the shades all just gold, silver, & bronze, they are all very pretty & unique shades. 
Haven't had a chance to use this palette yet but will post photos when I do!

The palette is still available on the MUA site!
I got a couple other MUA palettes so swatches for those will be coming soon :D


New FT Island!!! 



  1. I really like your new banner :D

    The palette looks great, can't wait to see it on you! MUA is another breand really affordable over here!! Maybe I ought to check it out haha

  2. What a pretty range of shades! That mustard is really striking.

    I swear the boys of FTI just keep getting better looking ;p

    Happy weekend!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Cool new banner. Your post reminds me that I still have a MUA blush from March that I still haven't opened. =] All the shades in this palette look similar so I'm curious to see the looks you come up with.

  4. Yeah you changed your banner ;) Looks good :) Love the shades of gold in the eyeshadow ;)


  5. Oh wow, the pigmentation is beautiful, especially for such affordable pricing! I bet those colors look great on you. =)

  6. LE?! I didn't know that when I ordered *boohoo* I like 60% of the shades. The yellower ones are killing me *sorry* Accessories wise, these colours will be nice but how on earth am I going to make them work in a look? Perhaps you can feature them in an upcoming EOTD? *hint hint*

  7. Hi! I think I commented but I didn't lol The MUA eyeshadows looks really great! Would be so fun to play with it for everyday eye looks :) I like that there's a light blue in the palette

  8. Oh the colours look amazing and very shiny and vibrant ^^

    Thanks for sharing

    Love Emi

  9. I love gold with greys and blues...excellent palette! I got Undressed from MUA when I was in London because I was told it was a dupe for UD's Naked palette. I left mine at home so I thought why not get a cheaper version to tide me over ;)

  10. Stunning colors and I love your new banner too! Very festive!

  11. Loving your blog ^_^ new follower :)

  12. Ok I wouldn't even know how to begin wearing colours from that palette. You better show us xD

  13. i totally thought i commented but since i didnt, here is some judgy looooove
    i got that palette from justine so u better do some looks so i know wat the heck to do with it ok XD

  14. These colors will be great
    for the upcoming holiday
    such as X-mas c:


  15. P.s I tagged you for a blog award :)




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