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Sunday, September 2, 2012

L'Oreal Color Infallible EOTD: Magnetic Coral

L'Oreal Color Infallible in Magnetic Coral was another one of those random limited edition shades released in Canada.
I quite like coral so I whined to Nunu and it apparated into my mailbox :D Many fanks judgy!!

Sadly, L'Oreal decided to torture us and not make this shade available in the US >.>

Magnetic coral is a pale coral with flecks of magenta throughout.

However, when swatched, the magenta does not show up at all. 

The color is not a super bright coral so it is pretty wearable. I paired it with a MAC periwinkle shadow.

I find that Magnetic Coral is a bit difficult to pair. It looks a bit odd with brown which is a color I wear on a daily basis. 
But overall a unique shade. I don't own anything similar to this color. 


Wow...the styling in this video is insane. So many hairstyle changes.
The song is pretty catchy but I don't know if I like it all that much D:

But ermahgerd! Baby tigers!


  1. Gorgeous! There's so many LE that we don't have. :/

  2. whine and it shall appear! I still don't know how to pair corals, the only way I've been wearing it is with Golden Mahogany (I think that also appeared in your mailbox after your whining).
    wtf is up with the ghetto paper towel background?!*judgy face* bwahahaha!

    1. bwahahahhaha use ghetto paper towel bc it was the only white surface i could find XD
      i think it gives a nice quilted background LOL

  3. Wow what a pretty colour on your eyes. :D

  4. What a beautiful shade of coral! Brown looks okay with it though... I love your EOTD :)

  5. Love your EOTD! It's really pretty! Thanks to Justine, I received Pepsy Coral, which I like a lot too. I've been pairing it with Innocent Turquoise, another gift from Justine along with a sapphire blue or with lavender and purple. I like how yours turned out using a periwinkle color.


  6. Wow I have not thought about putting purple and coral together but it's a beautiful combo and your eye makeup is gorgeously done!

    Yeah GD's hair is crazzzyy - one the things I like about him is that he's pretty adventurous when it comes to hair and styling! I like his new hair in "That XX" much more! LOL.

  7. Such a lovely shade, I love peachy pinks on the eyes they just do so much to brighten and add color to the face, especially on brown eyes! Just fab!



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