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Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge - Hey, How Was Your Week?

Yumeko's Weekly Photo Challenge has come around another week. It's ridiculous how quickly each week passes. My days of the week are totally blurred due to work =[ basically everyday feels like Monday hahahhaa

Anywhoooo on to photos!

1. Something you ate this week.
I actually ate a lot of things this week XD
Went with coworkers to stuff our faces with Korean food after work one day. 
Also had pork belly ramen another night. 

Salads at some fancy cafe in SF
Followed with some cheesecake because lunch was just too healthy.

2. Something you bought this week
Shockingly I have not bought any clothes or makeup in a very long time. I never have time to go shopping anymore!!!
So...only things I've bought are food related items hahahha

3. Something you wore this week
Purple Rimmel Union Jack palette from Tall Judgy (Jian) XD
Lots of leopard print: H&M scarf & J. Crew t-shirt

4. Something you read this week
Just started reading this, written by the author who wrote the Shopaholic series. Quite funny and not intellectually challenging at all lol 
It's no Crime and Punishment that's for sure.

5. Something that made you smile this week :D
Got a package from Evie!!! All the way from Singapore. Thanks Evie!!
Spent a rare day off in SF and the weather was super nice. Also saw where the future Uniqlo store is gonna be!!!
Went wine tasting.
It was my dad's birthday so I got to eat some fobby birthday cake. Yay!


I really want to watch this movie. I loved all the Bourne movies because Matt Damon was super badass XD
But I have faith that Jeremey Renner will be equally badass in this one. He's just a bit short, no? hehehe



  1. i cant wait to see jeremy renner's version!

    and heehee i'd totally go eat cheesecake after a healthy meal too XD

  2. Oink.
    Dude I thought you went shopping that day you were off! We were waiting for our fitting room photos xD

    1. bwahahhhaha sorry, forgot to take pics XD im too much of an amateur!

  3. The food looks so good, especially the ramen and frozen yogurt. I also want to see the Bourne Legacy!

  4. I like books that require little or no brain cells too. XD Love all those yummy eats you had!!

  5. I really like these photo challenges!!! You ate some really good things. Everything looks so yummy. Love that union jack purple palette. Bet it looked awesome on you.

  6. Love korean food! ohhhh wait, did you get the pink hello kitty spoon from yogurtland? Im super sad that I missed that spoon since I love collecting their Sanrio spoons. hehehe

  7. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    i'm so jealous! i love all the things you ate in the pics!! especially that pork belly.. nom nom nom!!!

    and yes i'm totally jealous about target.. when i visited home.. my mom asked me where was the first place i wanted to go and i said ' target ' and she said ' what? ' HAHAHAHAHA

    i could live in target.. clothes, food, bathroom, soaps.. what else do you need? you could even camp out in the tents hahahahah

  8. So much yummy food! If you're too lazy to go shopping you can always try online shopping, hehe! That's what I always do. :)

  9. All that food looks pretty yum too! I get in phases where I buy a lot of things and in phases where I don't get anything!

  10. Amazing blog! Really love it!))
    Following you now)) Maybe we can follow each other, dear?
    International giveaway in my blog! Win a dress of your choice!


  11. Loved this weekly post! Might consider doing it myself :) I watched the Bourne Legacy when it was released here .. my verdict - it was intense a little draggy and I actually miss Bourne hehe though Rachel W did a great job in it


  12. Yuuum, craving for some Korean food right now! I'm very impressed, I doubt that I can survive without buying makeup or clothes for long =[

  13. I love the pictures you always posts for these challenges! I am huge fan of Jeremey Renner, such a good actor.. I think he'll do a good job ;)



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