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Sunday, August 19, 2012

VOV Castle Dew Diacut Eyes 9 Colors: BE906 Airy Bloom Dia

This palette was from a Gmarket order I made loooong ago.
I had originally ordered two VOV Castle Dew palettes off of Gmarket but this was the wrong one that was sent to me. Gmarket did refund my money so yay.
I seriously thought things would get lost in translation and I'd never get my money back!

 This is the Diacut Eyes 9 Colors in BE906 Airy Bloom Dia (seriously, can these names get any weirder? o.O)

I am not one to ever want to wear pastel eyeshadows. The horror of looking like a cheap Asian hooker makes me run far away when I see light blue shadows in a palette.
But since I am stuck with this palette, I may as well see if I can make it work...

The texture and pigmentation are the same as the other Diacut Eyes palette I own, so I won't bore you with the same info here.

1st row swatched (left to right):

2nd row:

3rd row:

Even though I am not particularly fond of the colors in this palette, I am glad that the quality of this palette is consistent with my BE901 Planet Diamond (reviewed here) palette.
A lot of brands have palettes that vary in quality and pigmentation.

I have used this palette a few times and am glad to say that the pastel shades are quite wearable! I don't look like cheap Asian prozzie. Yay!!


Did anyone what the Olympics Closing Ceremony? Most epic few minutes was the Spice Girls performance XD
Can't find a good cut of their performance (which was wayyyy too short in my opinion).



  1. Thanks for the review! I've always been curious about this one as I loved the BE901 version.

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PRETTY!!! i have to admit i probably wouldn't normally pick out a palette with these colors for the EXACT same reason you mentioned at the end.. OMG.. just about died laughing at what you said!

  3. Hee hee...their performance was my fave too! XD

    Love those pastel shades. Glad you didn't come off looking like a cheap prozzie. :P

  4. I was glued to the telly watching the the closing of the olympics!! Was definitely excited to see the the Spice girls and even happier to see Take That performing Rule the World track from Star Dust XD

    Ohh I do find pastel shades hard to wear, be interesting to see the looks you come up with :)



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