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Thursday, August 23, 2012


A few months ago, Evie and I decided to do a swap. It took us months before we could get everything and send it. Mainly because we are Asian and kept waiting for a sale to come along hahahaha

She sent me so much stuff!

Have been wanting to try out the Integrate lip products for quite some time.
She sent me a Canmake lipstick too.

Canmake powder & bronzer
Biore sunscreen (this one is a favorite amongst many)

The TimTams are so good. Have been trying to ration them since they aren't sold here lol
Ermahgerd love the Hello Kitty bandages XD
Some candy was also sent but they have been devoured long ago.

Thanks for errrrthang Evie!!! ^3^


Typical Super Junior video lol
But I don't find this song as catchy as their other ones. I don't think there will ever be one as annoyingly catchy as Sorry Sorry XD



  1. This Swap idea is so awesome... I love all the stuff she sent you... I love Timtam too, btw!

  2. Jelly!!! Integrate is now sold in Singapore?!! Evie sends the nicest packages <3

  3. Looks like a great swap! Never knew Tim Tams aren't sold over there

  4. Ahh a very lovely swap!

    God i would be addicted to tim tams if it wasn't for willpower LOL. Hope you enjoy everything!

  5. omgosh sooo many cute things!!!! i love tim tams too they are SOOO NOMS!! i love all the cutie HK stuffs!

  6. Haha, I also do the wait for a sale thing. I waited for a pair of shoes to go on sale for months and by the time they did, they sold out of my size. D:

  7. LMAO at your second sentence! Well b/c it's TRUE...haha! XD I like your swap stash! Have you done the Tim Tam Slam? ;)

  8. What an awesome swap! That's neat when you can exchange hard to buy items from other countries. Love your loot! Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi!! The swap is so awesome haha! I used to buy the Ribena pastilles when I was younger! :D

  10. It looks like a great swap!! I love Integrate makeup (actually all Japanese make up) My favorite though is Kanebo eye shadow!!

  11. What an awesome haul! The Canmake Bronzer looks like chocolate to me... hehe~

  12. What a great swap! Such a sweet package from Evie. The TimTam looks yummy! The Hello Kitty bandages are super cute. Can't wait for your review of everything, especially the Biore sunscreen!



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