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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shiny Fings From The Fushigi Shop!!

Every so often I wander over to Yasumi's online shop, The Fushigi Shop, to see what sorts of lovely items she has in stock. She is constantly updating her shop with beautifully handmade jewelry, hand sewn items, etc.

After oggling for quite some time, I ended up getting a couple of very unique items :D
I love her packaging!

I knew this bag was made for me when I saw it XD
LE Liberty x Hello Kitty fabric was used to create this pouch. Andddd it's purple!

So much lovely detailing. I am almost scared to put anything in it. Too pretty!

Fully lined and stuffed with some goodies. Thanks Yasumi!!

I also ordered the Simpatico Bracelet. Picked purple...of course ^o^

Excellent quality and workmanship. Made with real Swarovski crystals.

Love that it is adjustable. My wrists are rather anorexic, nothing usually fits hahahhaa

Items from the Fushigi Shop are handmade by Yasumi. Made with lots of love and care! Check it out and see what tickles your fancy :D


The Olympics are still in full swing!
Congrats to the US men's abtastic relay team for winning last night. Yes, I was bored & took a photo of my tv hahahhaha *lame to the max*
Don't judge me!!

I can't stand this song but it's so damn catchy. And this video is pretty hilarious. 

You would think these Olympic athletes would get to fly in business class at least. What the hell, economy?! Too cheap, USA. Too cheap.



  1. the items are so pretty! I have long wanted her items but by the time I bring myself to buy them, they sell out..=(


  2. Love her stuff! The little pieces I want sell out really quickly, though.

    Btw, I totally lol-ed at that Swim Team version of that song. Sooo fun and catchy.

  3. Love the bracelet~ it so pretty and classy ^^ I like the pouch too, such amazing craftsmanship~

  4. Yasumi does awesome customization with her handcrafts - very pretty!!

  5. The Olympic Swimming Team video is so funny and cute! I've been cheering on Team USA everyday now and I've barely been getting any sleep. D:

    The pencil case is so cute and it has such pretty details!

  6. Hahha I love this song! Super catchy and watching the US team! Hilarious :)


  7. I've been glued to the BBC website watching for hours at a time. The US team is incredible! They just nab one medal after another.

  8. didn't know you're a purple gal :) those handmade items are so cute. i kept hearing "call me maybe" on the radio. i'm losing my sleep due to the olympics.

  9. No judgy face here! ;P

    Love that crystal detailing on your pouch! And the bracelet is just too cute. ;D

  10. very pretty!
    love the light purple florals on the pouch. ;)



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