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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missha Cho Bo Yang BB Cream

A few weeks ago, Missha had a special promotion where the Cho Bo Yang BB Cream was selling for only $9.99. It usually sells for $45.99. Finding it hard to miss out on a fab deal, I ordered a tube to try.

Blurb from Missha site:
Tri-functional BB Cream that makes your skin radiant and bright with oriental herbal ingredients

Promotes Wrinkle repairing + Whitening + Blocking UV rays (SPF30/PA++).
Containing 3 kinds of precious ingredients such as Korean Wild Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinensis, Velvet and Pure Gold, it creates bright & radiant skin with oriental aesthetic formula. Developed to keep your skin healthy without any irritations during wear. Its long wearing effect provides coverage all day long.

Pure gold on my face?? What a luxury hahahha
The packaging is very pretty and I like the squeeze tube. Very sanitary and easy to travel with.

I ordered shade No. 1 Natural Beige

The Cho Bo Yang BB Cream is very thick and creamy. It has a very light herbal scent. Not overwhelming at all. Quite pleasant but those who dislike or cannot handle any scent whatsoever may still find this too scented.
The coloring is yellow based and actually seems a bit dark on my skin at first glance.

Because the bb cream is pretty thick, it takes a bit of time and effort to really work the product into the skin. It doesn't give me a grey tinge like a lot of BB creams do.
After some blending, shade No. 1 is a pretty good match for my skin.

The coverage is very impressive for a BB cream. It lasts all day and the SPF 30 is a big plus.
And even though it is thick, it does not go on cakey. It covers redness and blemishes well.
But if you are going out at night and going to take photos, I wouldn't recommend this. It'll probably give you a white cast.
It's a bit heavy to wear on very hot days but I am looking forward to using this in the colder months.


A few minutes of pure hilarity to get you all through the week!


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  1. The RRP is quite expensive but you got it for a really good deal! I haven't looked into Missha BB creams but now I must :) xx

  2. Thankyou for the review. ^^ Your skin is so beautiful and pale, the coverage on the foudnation seems really nice.

  3. This BB cream does indeed sound and look super impressive! Thank you for the review x

  4. ohhhh i like how it looks when it's blended.. i don't use BB creams specifically because all the ones i've tried has like that awful gray cast.. i'm amazed that it doesn't have a gray cast and it has SPF 30!! that's amazing.. will definitely have to pick this up!

  5. That is an awesome price. I havent had much luck wit BB cream, this one actually looks pretty good.

  6. it looks really good. it matched well with your skin tone which can be tricky. love the packaging.

  7. Wow that is a huge deal! I like that it doesn't go on cakey. :D

    (You're in the Bay, right? The one in San Jose starts tomorrow :)

  8. Nice! The coverage looks really really impressive. I like the matte finish it seems to have :)

  9. Missha is the rare BB cream that doesn't have that annoying greyness...I should check this out...looks great!

  10. Really nice to have SPF coverage too!

  11. 9.99 is a good deal,even better when it works for you :)

  12. Everyone I know is talking about that Psy song, haha I'm hearing it for the first time on your site.. it's a bit addicting!!

    Anyway, I really want to give Missha another chance.. I've only tried one of their bbs and hated it but the others I'm seeing seem alright. Not sure if I'd give this a shot since I like lighter feeling bbs.. so I appreciate the review!

  13. I've only just heard about the BB cream recently. Glad to have chanced upon this review, i've been really curious about it. The product sounds great!

  14. Bahhh, that means I should stay away from this BB cream. It's always hot and humid over here. Thanks for saving my $$$ though, I was really digging the packaging haha

  15. It has gold in it? That is intriguing. Not sure how I would feel about the herbal smell though.


  16. It looks amazing! Reminds me of my latest bb cream love by peri pera! it's so pigmented, it covered up dark scars that were healing! Great view, I must try a missha bb cream soon!

  17. I've given up on BB creams. Did so want to love it, though.

  18. That blended in so well - I can't really tell any difference from your natural skintone. I have the M Signature and the coverage is pretty impressive too. The packaging of Cho Bo Yang is quite nice~~

  19. wow, what a deal!! i heard good things about the missha brand but i have yet to try one of their products! and wow, gold in the cream? that's definitely different!
    how does it look like on your face? for some reason, your arm looks smoother without the bb cream D:

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  20. This BB cream is one of the thickest formulas I've seen!

  21. Wow, $9.99 instead of 45 is an awesome deal! It seems to have a great coverage too which I'm always looking for! Would you purchase it for $45 as well tho?

  22. woah that is a really expensive BB cream, what a steal you got there! pleased that also works well on you too!



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