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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

L'Oreal Color Infallible EOTD: Midnight Blue

Though I run like hell from light blue shadows, I am quite fond of dark blue shadows. When I am tired of using browns and purples I tend to reach for dark blues.

Luckily L'Oreal Color Infallible in Midnight Blue is sold in the US and permanent. Rejoice!

When swatched, I notice that Midnight Blue has a black base. You can see it when you don't grab enough of the product in one swipe. You can kinda see it at the bottom part of my swatch.
Also, I'm not sure if this is because the US Infallibles are made in the US vs Italy but Midnight Blue is not super crazy pigmented as some other colors are.

I paired it with Inglot AMC Shine 25, an orangey golden shade.

For errrrbody who have asked, yessss my Dolly Wink liner is LE packaging :D
Gifted from Evie ^_^

Fairy Drops Volume & Curl Burst Waterproof Mascara

Like I said before, Midnight Blue isn't super pigmented but definitely not bad. You just have to layer it once or twice to get that vibrant dark blue to show up.

Huzzah for using blue shadow and not looking like Asian prozzie!! 

Though I assume prozzies these days have enhanced their makeup skills by now and no longer wear makeup like I imagine them to...


This song is pretty dayum awesome.
The video makes no sense. 4 girls robbed a Versace store and are on the Hogwarts Express???
Also Bom's face is like 5 shades lighter than her legs hahahhaa am I the only one who is weird enough to notice stuff like this?

Weird scarf dance. I'd imagine it'd look a lot cooler and more flowly but it just looks like they didn't check the mirror before getting on stage & all have scarves stuck on their sleeves bwahahhaha

But Dara can really pull off the shaved head look. Good look for her!


  1. bwahahahaha I thought same thing - why they wearing such hideous Versace clothes n riding the Hogwarts express?

  2. Hi Doro! your blue eyeshadow looks awesome! I tend to just get them from my urban decay palettes :)

  3. You always do the prettiest EOTD! Love this one and I wouldn't have thought of combining the two colors. I have Midnight Blue too and love the color. Give me deep, rich jeweltone colors and I'm a happy camper.


  4. the blue is gorgeous!and its good that it can be layered as great for those heavy handers like me lol..love the way you do eotd!

    yeahh 2ne1!!! when i saw the mv i was like oooh shaved head!! but she still looks cool loll pretty even.and not looking like some weird punk haha
    ryc: hehe the blue lace collar is my favoourrite! hard to find them here. XD yeah i couldnt book a taxi as i plan my trip too late and all the recommended ones are fully booked..so i travel around tp with public transport XD

  5. The colour is so vibrant! I love how you matched it with the orange. :]

  6. those fairy drop mascaras look so cute!

  7. That color looks rather daunting in the pot but you make it look so wearable. So pretty!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. Totally in love with this navy blue shade too! I used it recently in a large winged look but it doesn't look as vibrant in my photos! I like how you've used it so simply! :)

  9. Beautiful! I like how you use dark blue as a basic too. (:

  10. omg how are you this adorable? I love the gold and midnight blue together! Very sultry. Are the ones made in Italy better quality then?

  11. What a vibrant and arresting shade of blue...just wow...I always love your EOTDs but you know that already ;-)

  12. that blue is striking on your eye lids! gorgeous!

  13. For some reason i just cant get into the infallible eyeshadows...one got in my eye and burned so bad like and i never used them again..loool.
    wahhh 2ne1 i love the new songgg and the dance !!

  14. Wow, so pretty! Brings out your brown eyes. :D

  15. You never fail to impress me with how beautifully you do your makeup. You made me want to run out and buy this eye shadow.


  16. I do so wish that I could sport such a lovely shade. Unfortunately for me, I am cursed so that I cannot wear a blue without looking like some hideously bruised creature from the swamp of yuck. I am oggling your EOTD with much admiration.

  17. Surprisingly wearable!!! Blue is such a hard shade to pull off, am so envious!

    Are the Infallibles sold elsewhere made in Italy? Never knew that, I assumed that they were all made in China hahaha

  18. this is really pretty! love the blue!

  19. I have this shade as well - I'm pretty sure I have it in an UD palette or some other brand, but I love shimmery navy shadows :) it looks nice paired with the orange shadow!

  20. "4 girls robbed a Versace store and are on the Hogwarts Express???" AHAHAHAHAHAH I couldn't stop laughing at that! That 2ne1 song is amazing, I just love it. But the MV is boooooriing. Ah well. And nice blue eyeshadow look =)

  21. You seem to make every and any eyeshadow look good! Love how striking your eye makeup is. I might be visiting Target today as they have a 40% off Loreal cosmetics here. I hope they have a nice range!

  22. i love this shade, too!
    you look gorgeous wearing it. the orange shade you paired with made the whole look even prettier.
    lolz @ prozzies comment. ;D

  23. Too awesome. I never really do and love a makeup look that has any other shadow than brown or grey. I never know what to wear on the rest of my face with a blue or other color eyeshadow.

  24. Blues an purple / golds look amazing on your eyes!! I want to check out this colour now..

  25. Beautiful eye makeup!! love it!

    xo - Sheila




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