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Sunday, July 1, 2012

L'Oreal Color Infallible EOTD: Golden Mahogany

Yay, another Infallibles post!
When I saw swatches of Golden Mahogany I knew I had to have it. Such a unique color. 
So I whined to Nunu and she sent it to me. This color isn't available in the US so am thankful to have Judgy Orangutan enable me :D Ok, I am making no sense to most of you so let's move on...

Golden Mahogany is a dark rusty red. 

It swatches super smooth and pigmented. This shade isn't overly metallic or shimmery. 

Golden Mahogany is a bit tricky to wear. Worn alone, it gives the impression that one has pink eye. 
I decided to use the Liberty London x Hello Kitty palette that Vicky gifted me. Reviewed here!
I used the dusty purple on the lower right corner of the palette. 
Also used the light pink shade to blend in the crease.

As usual, purple never lets me down. I seriously use purple way too much. I can't help it, it works with errrthang!!

The dusty purple tones down the vibrant Golden Mahogany. The purple is less vibrant in real life. 

Same stuff used as usual:

Fairy Drops Volume & Curl Burst Waterproof Mascara

I love this shade! I always reach for it when I get sick of using my boring neutral shadows. 
Unfortunately Golden Mahogany is only available in Canada and UK I believe. It was LE so it might not even be around anymore. But if you happen to come across it, get itttttt!!! *enables*


teeeheheee old skool Shinhwa video!
I remember watching this when it was released & thought it was so cool. Ahhhahahah look at their hair, long with wispy sideburns *face palm*
Still my favorite Shinhwa song :D



  1. i got all excited when i read gold
    pooo its not gold at all haha but your eotd is gorgeous as usual!

  2. LOVE this EOTD!!! It turned out beautifully! I might have to try it as I have the same shadows. I had to laugh at the way you began your post, talking about Nunu. =) Thank you for sharing your EOTD. I love purples too.


  3. Super pretty EOTD as usual! Purple really is your color. :D And is that an LE Dollywink eyeliner? Haven't seen that cute hot pink version before.

  4. The EOTD looks perfectly beautiful on you <3!

  5. You have gorgeous eyes, lashes, and eyebrows! It's just picture perfect *envious*!!! I think everything will fit you. :)

  6. Your skin looks so flawless! Gah...do you think L'Oreal hates the U.S. or something? lol We don't get the really pretty Infallible colors! Hmph. I wouldn't have though of pairing it up with purple, hehe, that really shows how much you love purple eye shadow! =) And wow, old school Shinhwa video!

  7. pretttty your eyemake up is always so gorgeous and multi-dimensional.. mine is always so one tone hahahahahha

    as for the tissues in the front.. yeah it's a little uncomfortable i'm not gonna lie.. but i'm already standing in 5 inches so the heel part is more uncomfortable to me then the tissues in the front bahahaha!

  8. I love your EOTDs...you have a real knack for them...very pretty....like the way you combined a rusty colour with purple...!!

  9. whaaa I LOVE your EOTD! HD pictures, pretty eyes, beautiful make up! hehe

  10. gorgeous eye makeup - you did a great job making this sienna orange work!

  11. so pretty! and your eyebrows are immaculate as ever! I love how it blends well with a purple eyeshadow ^^

  12. Your EOTD is so pretty!!I love this shade too and it is a hard shade to pair up with, imma try it with purple now XD

    Hahaha old skool Shinhwa! <3

  13. Yet again loving the look, those shadows really are amazing. love the smooth pigmented quality, I wish we had more shades in singapore! Have you tried extending the shadow up higher on your lids? I don't remember seeing a look with the shadow going much higher on your eyes, just thinking it'd be interesting to see what it looks like :)



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