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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

L'Oreal Color Infallible EOTD: Flashback Silver

I realized that I do not give the L'Oreal Color Infallibles enough love so I've done a few EOTDs with them.

Today's will feature Flashback Silver (known as Liquid Diamond in the US). It's a silvery lilac shade. I honestly rarely use silver eyeshadows since I find them a bit tacky & club-going hahahhaa
However, Flashback Silver is actually quite wearable during the day since it's not a true silver but a bit lilac.

Stuff used:

Rock & Republic Eyeshadow: Lawsuit (discontinued)

I wasn't really sure the two shades would look good together but it was early so I just crossed my fingers & hoped it would work out.

Thankfully, it turned out quite ok!

I paired it with Rock & Republic Eyeshadow in Lawsuit, which is a very pretty brown/green duo chrome. I looove this shadow, it's so unique.

I find Flashback Silver to be a bit difficult to pair but it can be a good shadow to use with more colorful shades.
The formulation is creamy & pigmented. I already reviewed the Infallibles here so check it out if you like.

Nunu is more Infallible obsessed than I and my key enabler XD
She has a rather comprehensive chart of all the shades that are out that some may find helpful.


Awww they are BFFs hahahhaa
They need to do something like this in Korean, then I would die happy. I hate when kpop singers sing in Japanese hahaha I just think the songs sound odd.
The dancing is so cheesy and why they are reenacting the Last Supper by sitting at a long table for dinner is beyond me.
Buuuut they look good in their suits so I'll just ignore everything else ^o^



  1. The R&R eyeshadow is so pretty. So sad I missed it when it was on sale on Hautelook. When did Koji Dolly Wink's eyeliner change packaging? It seems like the eyeliner became more black which is great! Love your eye look.

  2. It's a lovely color and the color combo turned out really great. Love this EOTD. Haven't used my Infallibles in a long while now and with all the recent Infallible posts, I'm starting to feel the urge to pull out mine.

    Thank you for for the EOTD!


  3. Ooooo how pretty! wtf why are your eyelashes so long? jealous....lol

  4. that is a beautiful combo! I can't pull of purples anymore :( looks beautiful on you.. I will try hard to wear purple again thanks to your post!

  5. I think Flashback Silver is actually Liquid Diamond in the US. Infinity Sky is the light blue one which you said will make you look like a cheap Asian prozzie and is called Unlimited Sky in the rest of the world bwahahaha!

    1. i don't know where I got Infinity Sky from. corrected! perhaps i should've consulted the Infallible bible aka the chart before writing hehehehe XD

  6. Pretty!! You need to collect all the infallibles! XD

    Hahaha I totally agree with you about them doing something in Korean, why is it in Japanese anyway? Are they promoting something? XD And yep ignore everything but men in suits!! ♥_♥

  7. Super pretty and the packaging of the Dolly Wink eyeliner is so cute! ^^

  8. How come your Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner has hot pink packaging!?
    It looks soooo cool!! D:

    Must try out silvery + browny eyeshadow together.
    It looks so cool paired together... if I get bothered to blend that much LOL

    1. the liner was a limited edition version my friend got me =] product is the same, just hot pink hehe

  9. Yeah it's kind weird when Korean pop singers croon in Japanese. They still have pretty strong Korean accents when they sing in Japanese but I think Japan is a huge market for them so...

    Very pretty EOTD! I like the way you highlighted the lower lash line with the purple shade.

  10. Such a perfect make up style, I love it *_*

  11. Ohh pretty eyes! I don't think I could pull off that silvery lilac shade but you do it well!

    Aw I also prefer to listen to kpop singers sing in Korean. The only time I listen to their Japanese songs are if they don't have a Korean version available (why?! it kills me). It would also be nice if they worked on their English more and made awesome songs in English, haha. XP

  12. Gorgeous colours and swatches :) I love everything that is silvery ^^
    And your makeup is amazing!


  13. your EOTD is very pretty. i will try it out when i have a event go to. i love your dolly wink liner's packaging! it's so cute! it seems like all the kpop stars are heading off to japan haha but I cannot say no to 2AM. i love their voices! esp Changmin!

  14. prettyyy! me likely~ silvery lilac scares me hehe..but this is really nice XD

    hehe is it bad when i say that i rather korean bands stay/sings in korean?i dont want when i visit jpop websites and see kpop singing jpop news lol..i like them singing korean songs and japanese singer singing japanese XD

  15. i love the combo!! it looks like a perfect smokey look!! gotta try this!



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