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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Photo Meme - What's In Your Bag Edition

Since I've been failing at blogging lately, I decided to join Yumeko's Friday Photo Meme this week to make up for it XD
I am always nosy & love seeing what people have in their bags so I thought I'd share what's in mine.

1. Cellphone
Mine is an ancient (aka had for just over 2yrs lol) Android that I despise and want to throw out the window daily. Am researching for a new phone. Yes, I'm nerdy & research everything about a phone before I pick one ^o^
Oh, I don't have any fobby phone charms hanging on my phone. There's no hole on my phone for them and I always manage to yank them off somehow.

2. Wallet
My dad got me this Gucci wallet when I graduated from college. The pebbled surface makes it a bit more scratch resistant. But the shiny silver buckle was scratched within the second day of use T_T 
I love that no matter how much I stuff in this thing, it still looks neat & thin on the outside hahahaha

3. Something in your wallet
I've had this $2 bill in my wallet for years. I never want to use it...even when I am completely out of cash.
Sephora Beauty Insider Card...of course XD
MIB3 ticket stub. Just can excuse for me to momentarily spazz about how awesome I think Will Smith is teeheee

4. Makeup you carry on the go
My purple makeup bag! Got it as a GWC from The Face Shop when I went to Seoul. I had to whine to the SA so she would give me the purple instead of the pink one XD
I love it because I can stuff so much crap inside.

L'occitane hand cream so my hands don't crack
Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer because the world is dirty
Blotting sheets to soak up the face grease
Tide pen for when I'm a klutz and stain my clothes
Way too many lip products: Dior Addict gloss, Dior Addict Extreme lipstick, YSL glossy stain
Perfume samples so I smell nice because...well smelling bad is just not ok.

5. Whatever else you want to share from your bag
My iPod is always on me. I have a long commute everyday so the music helps the drive feel less like death.
The Beats earphones are the best I've ever tried. Maybe it's because my old earphones used to be no more than $15 lol. These block out sound really well, a huge plus especially for plane rides...and when you are around annoying people =P
The Tokidoki sticker is just adorable ^_^

Check out Yumeko's post
If you do this, leave a link in the comments. I wanna see what's in your bags!!! *whines*

Here are the guidelines again:
Yumeko’s Friday Photo Meme – What’s in your bag edition
1. Cellphone/mobile phone
2. Wallet/Purse/Whatever you keep your money in
3. Something in your wallet [cards/coins/money/whatever]
4. Makeup you carry on the go
5. Whatever else you wish to share from your bag


A nice and cheerful song to get your weekend started.
Frankly, I think this video is really boring but the dance is kinda fun(ny).

Have a good weekend!
I have work...as usual *cries*


  1. Thank you for sharing! I'm nosey too. Love your cute little comments that you included in your commentary--like "smeling ibad is just not ok." LOL!

    I had fun doing this meme and enjoyed reading yours.


  2. i love your tokidoki case! I also did the friday meme so come check it out on my blog juletsheeeh.blogspot.com

  3. ooh u got the beats afterall heheeee mine is black too [mine are the headphones] , we can be like a matchy pair if we meet up
    matchy pair ignoring each other cos we are listening to music hahahaha

    wow i NEVER seen a $2 bill!! thats cool

    thanks for joining in dude!! xoxo

  4. Omg. I did not know those existed (tide pens) :O The US really has everything =P haha love what you have in your bag ^___^

  5. I love seeing what other people have in their bags:)those Bath and Body Works sanitizer seems so good, so sad I can't find them in my coutry, mine is this really alcoholly smelly thing that's intoxicating.
    I decided to do one too ^^


  6. Oh so THAT'S your grandpa phone that can't install whatsapp. LOL

    Ooo check you out all grown up and fancy with your understated gucci wallet. :P yeah mine is far more fobby...HAHAHAHA~~

    Yeah I noticed, I wondered if that was why you bought the hand sanitizer XD You wear beats in ear headphones? Hahaha xD too exp for me...I just stick to my $50 sonys.......

  7. Haha you seem very attached to the $2 bill. xD Your tokidoki sticker is really cute too. ^^

  8. that cover for your itouch is cute! love what's inside your bag posts :)

  9. hey there :) great little photo meme :) I decided to give it a go too :)
    Love your tokidoki case - super cute!


  10. Can I just say that I adore your wallet? I love pebbled leather wallets and I really like how understated it looks.

  11. Nice wallet! You carry light... both you and Jian carry very little makeup. that's convincing me to reorganise my MU bag soon - half of the stuff I don't even use -_-;; Thanks for sharing!!

  12. your ipod cover is so cutee!
    haha i have so many 2 dollar bills i wont spend them either, they are in my piggy bank though xD
    like thissss ya'll like thisssss~

  13. Lol I had to read your "fun(ny)" twice, because my first thought was you like it? :X Honestly I can't watch more than a minute of that video, hehe.

    I also keep a $2 bill in my wallet! And yes, the world is a dirty place. Btw have you been watching Time Slip Dr. Jin? 'Cause that really does remind me that the world is a dirty place.

    Aw how sweet of your daddy to give you a Gucci wallet! I'm trying to picture you whining at The Face Shop in Korea, hehe, guessing the SA understood English?

    Also, that's a really good idea to keep perfume samples in your purse! I have a ton of samples and they just sit in a box. XP

  14. love big wallets that you can stuff with tons of things ;)

  15. What a lovely graduation gift from your dad, still looks quite new! I think I need a new wallet that can house all my junk. Hehe

    Haha, was the GWP only applicable with the pink one?!

    Oh, how good is the Loccitane hand cream! Used my large tube up!

    1. no, the SA just gave me the pink one by default (prob thinking i love pink hahaha) so i made her change it to the purple one hehehhee XD



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