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Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Crush

Last weekend, Diana was in town for a short vacation so we planned to meet up for dinner. I met up with her & May at a restaurant in downtown SF called First Crush
What, did you think this post was going to be about something else? hehehe ^_~

The restaurant is quite small but has a nice atmosphere. They have a large selection of wine. It's very dark, a good place for a romantic date. 
May picked the restaurant, perhaps she had the intention to wine & dine the two of us bwahahahhaha

There was a special Dine About Town set menu which was a 3 course meal for a set price. Really good deal!

For appetizer, I chose the Organic Idaho Russet Potato Gnocchi.
So yummy! The gnocchi was soft and pillowy.

For the main course, all 3 of us ordered the Wild Caught King Salmon.
Huge serving! The sauce for this was really good. 

For dessert, we ordered one of each so we could share all three.

The guava sorbet was really fresh. You can tell it's made with real guava, not anything artificial.

The orange creme brulee was alright. Nothing too special. 

My favorite was the bread pudding. Super delicious!!!

Overall it was a great meal. The portions were more than enough and the service was pretty good.
I had so much fun blabbing with Diana & May for hours...in the dark romantic restaurant LOL

Afterwards we went back to Diana's hotel where she held us hostage & made us take a million group photos XD


I have been obsessed with the drama King 2 Hearts this past week. I started it months ago but finally had a chance to catch up last week. 
Ahhh Lee Seung Gi is so cute!!! His cheeks are like chipmunks hehehe o^^o
Finishing the last episode tonight!



  1. yummy food! looks like u guys had tons of fun!

  2. I actually thought the title was referring to makeup... hehe~ The food looks delicious *drool*!

    It's better to miss the sale than buy stuff I don't need *sigh*... lol~ Being makeup obsessed made me buy more than I really need. :X

  3. i never had guava sorbet before, looks refreshing!

  4. Sounds like the three of you had a wonderful time together and shared lots of laughter. The bread pudding looks yummy!


  5. that restaurant seems really good, to bad I don't live in San Francisco.

    Thank you! I've been searching for a new historical drama to watch and that one seems pretty good :)

  6. LOL knowing you I had suspected it was about your first idol crush. HAHAHAHAHHAHA

    Food looks good! And a good deal too! Glad you guys had a good time! If it weren't for all your anonymity on the internet thing we'd get to see the hostage photos. *Whine* no one will find you anyway you didn't even write your name!!!!

  7. omgosh jealous!! i love first crush.. really good and yummy food and more affordable prices in comparison to a lot of the other similar restaurants in SF! i miss it.. your salmon looks AMAZING and i'm OBSESSED WITH BREAD PUDDING.. i'm literally drooling on my laptop right now!

  8. Oh my that salmon looks divine!!

    And yes, I did think this post was going to speak about other matters! haha but I'm thoroughly satisfied when food is mentioned so I'm okay with being tricked! :P

  9. Sounds like a fun night! Everything looks so delish XD

  10. i thought it was beauty related as well. the guava sorbet looks delicious! aaaaaaahhh i want something sweet and cold right now

  11. Mmmm everything looks so yummy!
    That bread pudding gimmee<3

  12. This is my first time hearing about First Crush. Looks so yummy!
    King of 2 Hearts? haha I haven't started watching this one. I just watched Time Slip Dr. Jin yesterday and I think its pretty good. :)

  13. Mmmh everything looks really good!! Aw glad you guys met up and had a lovely day :D

  14. The guava sorbet sounds so perfect right now! ^^

  15. That's a cute name for a resto and the food looks so tasty. Fun that you got to meet up with Diana.

    I finished K2H a few weeks ago and have totally been suffering from Lee Seung Gi withdrawal lol ;p He looks so good in suits!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  16. Omgosh! the food looks amazing! I'm so jealous! haha glad you had a great time! I hope you'll like the mascara when you try it too! got it because of the packaging haha! Best target marketing for Asia ever, hello kitty lovers lol!

  17. that was great food p0rn! LOL. I was gawping at your dessert!!

  18. lol i DID think it would be about something else! ahahah!
    too bad the orange creme brulee wasn't that great because it looks amazing!



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