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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick: No. 486 Cruise

Oh herro dere! Pardon my failure to blog these days. Life is hectic but that's really not a good excuse...is it? XD

Being a major weakling when it comes to Dior cosmetics, I knew I had to try at least one of the new Dior Addict Extreme Lipsticks when they became available at Sephora.
Due to me being a slave to Dior anything, I got not one but two shades. I am lazy so will only review one of them now ^o^
The packaging for the Extreme Lipsticks are similar to the Addict Lipsticks except they are black. Gorgeous packaging as expected from Dior! *_*

No. 486 Cruise is a Sephora exclusive shade.
I believe there are 4 Sephora exclusive shades: 336 Saint Tropez, 366 Pink Icon, 479 Holiday, 486 Cruise.

Cruise is a deep warm pink.

It swatches quite sheer but can build up to a bold shade on the lips.

The lighting washed out my lip swatch a bit but in real life, Cruise applies a bit darker. It's bolder than my everyday pink-nude but still wearable for the daytime.
Actually, this is a terrible lip swatch *fail* the actual color is more of a warm rosey pink.

The wear on these Extremes are not exactly "extreme" but do last a lot longer than the original Addicts. The darker shades go on more pigmented than the lighter shades.
They feel very comfortable on the lips, moisturizing but not greasy. They give a nice subtle sheen so gloss is not necessary.
Also, these have much better staying power than the Addicts. They last a good 3-4 hours with no eating/drinking.

I love these lipsticks!! A dangerous addiction to have since they cost a small fortune =_=


Yes, super late posting this video lol
So many things to "WTF" about in this video O_o
The song is quite awesome if you can manage to pay it any attention while watching this strange strange thing...



  1. Eeeeet's pretty on you!! What nice packaging and so friendly for work~ XD Show us the other one!!

  2. How does the staying power compare to Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine?

    1. i've never tried the Chanel one. but i hear that those are very sheer and apply more like a lip balm. these have much longer lasting power & actually stain your lips a bit even after it has worn off.

  3. Omg when I first saw that BB video I was like wtf? Taeyang's hair is horribly ridiculous! But you're right, the song is good once you get over the initial WTF + laughter reaction, kekeke.

    The Dior Addict Extreme sounds wonderful! The color you choose is very pretty. How cool that Sephora has some exclusive shades!

  4. That is such a pretty shade of pink and the packaging rocks.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. that shade is amazing! natural too!

  6. The colour is so pretty on you! It looks like a slightly pinker version of your own lip colour, making it look really natural. ^^

  7. What a pretty color, perfect for summer! :)

  8. Gosh that is pretty! I have the original and really need to check these new ones out. XD

  9. Very wearable, definitely an easy color to work with! I can't justify money on dior at the moment! Although I love their glosses! *squeal!*

  10. ooooh very nice! it looks lovely on your lips!

  11. a beautiful shade on you and I quite rather like the sleek black packaging too!



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