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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cargo Cheek Activator

Vicky was kind enough to gift me this Cargo Cheek Activator when I met up with her in London.
It claims to be a "cheek plumping blush" which made me giggle. I imagined my cheeks getting extra plump, chipmunk style bwahahahhaa

Vicky got me the shade Rose Flush.
It's a cream blush that comes in a squeeze tube.

It comes out of the tube white :O

But after you rub it into the skin it quickly turns into a nice rosey pink. The more your rub it in, the more pigmented the blush is. Very interesting upon first use XD
It is a lovely natural pink on my cheeks. 

I quite like this product, although it is a bit gimmicky. 
It states on the box that "skin appears smoother within 5 minutes of use."
Well...I wouldn't say I have wrinkly cheeks so I did not notice my cheeks being smoother after using this. There wasn't any plumping at all. 
Regardless, the color of the blush is lovely and it sets to a powdery finish that lasts all day.

Thanks V!! :D


I saw this trailer the other day and couldn't stop laughing. So cornyyyy!! 
Yes, totally going to see it bwahahahaha



  1. such a cute product! the rosy pink is indeed very pretty!

  2. Lol chipmunk cheeks! Plumping blusher...sounds funny, I doubt I want my cheeks to be more plump, hehe. Glad it's a lovely blusher though! Vicky picked a pretty color. =)

  3. Maybe I should have rubbed some of this on my hello kitty bread to see if it actually plumped within 5 mins. Although then I wouldn't be able to eat it. XD

    I know it's pretty awesome no? I was like WOAHHHH the first time I saw it. I'm just a bit worried that if I rub too hard on my cheeks that my founation will come off....so I tend to tap instead of rub it, it does work...you just don't get quite as pink an effect.

  4. Wow more rubbing makes it more rosy ~ interesting concept hehe


  5. Ooo interesting concept ~ rubbing makes it rosier hehe


  6. xD That's a weird premise for a product, plumping and smoothing your cheeks! The colour is really cute regardless. If you rub it too hard, and it goes too dark, how do you make it lighter again? xD

  7. ooooooh didn't several brands use this concept as well? but it is a pretty shade nonetheless!

  8. So what does it activate? I'm very amused by how it turns from white to pink! I would be putting gobs of it everywhere.

  9. OMGGGG that is so cool!!! comes out white and turns pink and you can adjust it by rubbing it more and more.. that is so NEAT! that is a really pretty pink color too!

  10. What an interesting concept how the more you rub, the pinker it gets. :o

  11. Total chick movie! Hahaha! XD Good thing you didn't get chipmunk looking cheeks b/c I like that color on you!

  12. Wow! From white to such a cute pinkish colour! So lovely :)


  13. that is such a pretty ahsde of blush! It does sound a bit gimmicky.. reminds of the PH blush from physicians formula (in powder) which I have yet to try!

  14. This product kind of reminds me of The Face Shop's Magic Pucca Magic blusher - when it comes in contact with a foundation, it changes from a pastel shade to a very intense/pigmented colour. I don't reach for it often because unfortunately, its just way to bright!

    This Cargo one actually turns a lovely wearable shade! I reckon it would look gorgeous on your cheeks hun!



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