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Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge - Makeup Colors Edition

Yay I am actually getting this up on Friday. Slow clap for meeee!!
For those who don't know, Yumeko holds a Weekly Photo Challenge every Friday. Join if you'd like!

This week is the Makeup Colors Edition.

1. Black
I am a tad ocd like Yumeko and tried to only find products that also had black packaging to photograph. XD

2. Brown
I got the mini NARS Laguna bronzer as a gwp at Sephora. I wish they sold mini blushes & bronzers! Then I would actually have a chance at finishing one. 

3. White

4. Orange
Yes I know, the Amber Rush Infallible doesn't even look orange in the photo. But it does a little bit in real life so it counts =P

5. The most popular color amongst your makeup collection
Ok, if you know me even a little bit you will have guessed that mine is purple!! 
This photo proves that I should never buy another purple shadow ever again. I probably will though, can't help it! I always gravitate towards purple :D

I am too tired/lazy to list all the products. If you want to know what anything is, let me know!

If you want to join, leave me a link in the comments =]
The guidelines:
1. Black
2. Brown
3. White
4. Orange
5. The most popular color amongst your makeup collection

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cargo Cheek Activator

Vicky was kind enough to gift me this Cargo Cheek Activator when I met up with her in London.
It claims to be a "cheek plumping blush" which made me giggle. I imagined my cheeks getting extra plump, chipmunk style bwahahahhaa

Vicky got me the shade Rose Flush.
It's a cream blush that comes in a squeeze tube.

It comes out of the tube white :O

But after you rub it into the skin it quickly turns into a nice rosey pink. The more your rub it in, the more pigmented the blush is. Very interesting upon first use XD
It is a lovely natural pink on my cheeks. 

I quite like this product, although it is a bit gimmicky. 
It states on the box that "skin appears smoother within 5 minutes of use."
Well...I wouldn't say I have wrinkly cheeks so I did not notice my cheeks being smoother after using this. There wasn't any plumping at all. 
Regardless, the color of the blush is lovely and it sets to a powdery finish that lasts all day.

Thanks V!! :D


I saw this trailer the other day and couldn't stop laughing. So cornyyyy!! 
Yes, totally going to see it bwahahahaha


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge - Body Care Edition

This should have gone up on Friday but I was too tired/lazy to take pictures Friday night. Good thing Yumeko changed the name so it's no longer Friday Photo Meme hehehe

My body care items are so boring you'll probably fall asleep XD

1. Body wash
I've been using Dove Deep Moisture for years. Why? Because that's what is sold at Costco hahahahaha 
But I have used Dove soap & body wash all my life and it does not dry out my skin. Why fix it if it ain't broke?
Good value, smells good, moisturizes well!

2. Skin Moisturizer
I also happen to buy my body lotion at Costco hehehe
I really like the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. It really does keep my skin well moisturized for the whole day but isn't sticky or greasy.
Costco never lets me down!

3. Hair treatment/conditioner
I alternate between quite a few conditioners & hair treatments. 
But my 2 favorites are the Tsubaki Head Spa & Lux Super Rich Shine. I use each about 2-3 times a week. 
Helps restore the moisture in my super long hair.

4. Perfume
Currently alternating between Dior J'Adore, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, and Gucci Guilty.
Dior J'Adore is my all time favorite. It's the only perfume I've ever bought a second bottle of.

5. Other body care items you use
St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse: sunless tanner to make my skin less blindingly pale. 
Baby Veil Hair Fragrance: if I want to smell extra fruity! This stuff smells sooo good and you catch whiffs of it throughout the day. The fruity smell makes me happy ^_^

As usual, if you did this photo challenge, leave me a link so I can see it :D
Check out Yumeko's post!


Oh Jo Kwon, you are such a diva. How is it that you sing super sad 2AM ballads? 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

L'Oreal Color Infallible EOTD: Flashback Silver

I realized that I do not give the L'Oreal Color Infallibles enough love so I've done a few EOTDs with them.

Today's will feature Flashback Silver (known as Liquid Diamond in the US). It's a silvery lilac shade. I honestly rarely use silver eyeshadows since I find them a bit tacky & club-going hahahhaa
However, Flashback Silver is actually quite wearable during the day since it's not a true silver but a bit lilac.

Stuff used:

Rock & Republic Eyeshadow: Lawsuit (discontinued)

I wasn't really sure the two shades would look good together but it was early so I just crossed my fingers & hoped it would work out.

Thankfully, it turned out quite ok!

I paired it with Rock & Republic Eyeshadow in Lawsuit, which is a very pretty brown/green duo chrome. I looove this shadow, it's so unique.

I find Flashback Silver to be a bit difficult to pair but it can be a good shadow to use with more colorful shades.
The formulation is creamy & pigmented. I already reviewed the Infallibles here so check it out if you like.

Nunu is more Infallible obsessed than I and my key enabler XD
She has a rather comprehensive chart of all the shades that are out that some may find helpful.


Awww they are BFFs hahahhaa
They need to do something like this in Korean, then I would die happy. I hate when kpop singers sing in Japanese hahaha I just think the songs sound odd.
The dancing is so cheesy and why they are reenacting the Last Supper by sitting at a long table for dinner is beyond me.
Buuuut they look good in their suits so I'll just ignore everything else ^o^


Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Crush

Last weekend, Diana was in town for a short vacation so we planned to meet up for dinner. I met up with her & May at a restaurant in downtown SF called First Crush
What, did you think this post was going to be about something else? hehehe ^_~

The restaurant is quite small but has a nice atmosphere. They have a large selection of wine. It's very dark, a good place for a romantic date. 
May picked the restaurant, perhaps she had the intention to wine & dine the two of us bwahahahhaha

There was a special Dine About Town set menu which was a 3 course meal for a set price. Really good deal!

For appetizer, I chose the Organic Idaho Russet Potato Gnocchi.
So yummy! The gnocchi was soft and pillowy.

For the main course, all 3 of us ordered the Wild Caught King Salmon.
Huge serving! The sauce for this was really good. 

For dessert, we ordered one of each so we could share all three.

The guava sorbet was really fresh. You can tell it's made with real guava, not anything artificial.

The orange creme brulee was alright. Nothing too special. 

My favorite was the bread pudding. Super delicious!!!

Overall it was a great meal. The portions were more than enough and the service was pretty good.
I had so much fun blabbing with Diana & May for hours...in the dark romantic restaurant LOL

Afterwards we went back to Diana's hotel where she held us hostage & made us take a million group photos XD


I have been obsessed with the drama King 2 Hearts this past week. I started it months ago but finally had a chance to catch up last week. 
Ahhh Lee Seung Gi is so cute!!! His cheeks are like chipmunks hehehe o^^o
Finishing the last episode tonight!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Photo Meme - What's In Your Bag Edition

Since I've been failing at blogging lately, I decided to join Yumeko's Friday Photo Meme this week to make up for it XD
I am always nosy & love seeing what people have in their bags so I thought I'd share what's in mine.

1. Cellphone
Mine is an ancient (aka had for just over 2yrs lol) Android that I despise and want to throw out the window daily. Am researching for a new phone. Yes, I'm nerdy & research everything about a phone before I pick one ^o^
Oh, I don't have any fobby phone charms hanging on my phone. There's no hole on my phone for them and I always manage to yank them off somehow.

2. Wallet
My dad got me this Gucci wallet when I graduated from college. The pebbled surface makes it a bit more scratch resistant. But the shiny silver buckle was scratched within the second day of use T_T 
I love that no matter how much I stuff in this thing, it still looks neat & thin on the outside hahahaha

3. Something in your wallet
I've had this $2 bill in my wallet for years. I never want to use it...even when I am completely out of cash.
Sephora Beauty Insider Card...of course XD
MIB3 ticket stub. Just can excuse for me to momentarily spazz about how awesome I think Will Smith is teeheee

4. Makeup you carry on the go
My purple makeup bag! Got it as a GWC from The Face Shop when I went to Seoul. I had to whine to the SA so she would give me the purple instead of the pink one XD
I love it because I can stuff so much crap inside.

L'occitane hand cream so my hands don't crack
Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer because the world is dirty
Blotting sheets to soak up the face grease
Tide pen for when I'm a klutz and stain my clothes
Way too many lip products: Dior Addict gloss, Dior Addict Extreme lipstick, YSL glossy stain
Perfume samples so I smell nice because...well smelling bad is just not ok.

5. Whatever else you want to share from your bag
My iPod is always on me. I have a long commute everyday so the music helps the drive feel less like death.
The Beats earphones are the best I've ever tried. Maybe it's because my old earphones used to be no more than $15 lol. These block out sound really well, a huge plus especially for plane rides...and when you are around annoying people =P
The Tokidoki sticker is just adorable ^_^

Check out Yumeko's post
If you do this, leave a link in the comments. I wanna see what's in your bags!!! *whines*

Here are the guidelines again:
Yumeko’s Friday Photo Meme – What’s in your bag edition
1. Cellphone/mobile phone
2. Wallet/Purse/Whatever you keep your money in
3. Something in your wallet [cards/coins/money/whatever]
4. Makeup you carry on the go
5. Whatever else you wish to share from your bag


A nice and cheerful song to get your weekend started.
Frankly, I think this video is really boring but the dance is kinda fun(ny).

Have a good weekend!
I have work...as usual *cries*

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick: No. 486 Cruise

Oh herro dere! Pardon my failure to blog these days. Life is hectic but that's really not a good excuse...is it? XD

Being a major weakling when it comes to Dior cosmetics, I knew I had to try at least one of the new Dior Addict Extreme Lipsticks when they became available at Sephora.
Due to me being a slave to Dior anything, I got not one but two shades. I am lazy so will only review one of them now ^o^
The packaging for the Extreme Lipsticks are similar to the Addict Lipsticks except they are black. Gorgeous packaging as expected from Dior! *_*

No. 486 Cruise is a Sephora exclusive shade.
I believe there are 4 Sephora exclusive shades: 336 Saint Tropez, 366 Pink Icon, 479 Holiday, 486 Cruise.

Cruise is a deep warm pink.

It swatches quite sheer but can build up to a bold shade on the lips.

The lighting washed out my lip swatch a bit but in real life, Cruise applies a bit darker. It's bolder than my everyday pink-nude but still wearable for the daytime.
Actually, this is a terrible lip swatch *fail* the actual color is more of a warm rosey pink.

The wear on these Extremes are not exactly "extreme" but do last a lot longer than the original Addicts. The darker shades go on more pigmented than the lighter shades.
They feel very comfortable on the lips, moisturizing but not greasy. They give a nice subtle sheen so gloss is not necessary.
Also, these have much better staying power than the Addicts. They last a good 3-4 hours with no eating/drinking.

I love these lipsticks!! A dangerous addiction to have since they cost a small fortune =_=


Yes, super late posting this video lol
So many things to "WTF" about in this video O_o
The song is quite awesome if you can manage to pay it any attention while watching this strange strange thing...



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