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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Universal Studios!! (^v^)

The last time I had gone to Universal Studios, I was still in elementary school. So...10 years ago? :O
Last month, I was in LA for work and went with a few coworkers on a Saturday.

We left super early (which I whined about, of course). But it was good because the place was pretty dead. Practically no wait for all rides. We all dream about that right? hahahaha
Apparently this is the Notting Hill bookstore. I don't have any recollection of this, I saw that movie years ago.

The Fast and The Furious car!

Since I hadn't been there in over a decade...quite a bit had changed hahahaha
The Mummy Ride was really fun. We went on it twice XD

I got soaked on the Jurassic Park ride. Lucky us got sat in the front row. I kept my face down so my makeup wouldn't melt off XD My friend's contact flew out of her eye.
It's not just a few weak sprinkles. It's a fat ass waterfall hitting you straight in the face!!

The last time I was there, the Back to the Future ride was still there. I was kinda sad that one was gone lol
It's now replaced by the Simpsons ride. It's essentially the same ride but with different stuff to look at...obviously. Super fun!

My favorite ride was the new Transformers 3D ride. It hasn't officially started operating yet but they were doing technical rehearsals that day so we lucked out and got to ride it!
The 3D simulation is very well done, so clear!!

We barely had to wait the first time we rode it. But when we went back to ride it again, the wait was 80 minutes O.o

Iron Man!!!
If only Tony Stark was actually standing there. And by that, I mean Robert Downey Jr. ^_~

Lookit that beautiful smog!
In SF, we would think that was fog...not the case in LA hahaha

Apollo 13
Tom Hanks was so young!

Oh Brad, you were once young too.

We took the tour that takes you to see all the movie sets, etc.
Passed some random actors filming stuff. Couldn't see clearly who it was. For all I know, it could've been George Clooney ^o^

Wisteria Lane!!
They were filming so they didn't drive us through. I realllllly wanted to see it T_T

Skull Island, where they filmed King Kong.
It looks so tiny & lame compared to how it looks in the movie lol

The War of Worlds set really blew my mind.
It's just a torn up 747 sitting on the ground. Cray cray!!

And Tom Cruise was once here teeheeeee

After the tour, we went to the Shrek 4D show.
It was kinda lame. They spray water on your face way too much, ick.

I'm glad I got to check out all the new rides here. Next time I go to a theme park, it'll be the Harry Potter one!!!


JYP is weird looking but I must admit he makes good music.
At least Ga In is hot lol



  1. OMG I never even been to Universal studios...it looks pretty awesome xD...

    Hehehehe no queues! The thing I hate about theme parks the most is the queues...so insane ToT

    Yeah JYP is so...so.....weird looking............its like...concave?

    1. HAHAHAHHAHAA firstly: "it" as if he has no gender LOL
      secondly: concave HAHAHAHAHA

  2. I went to amusement/theme parks too this last week end, and it was pretty empty too, we were lucky ^_^. I wish I could go there someday, looks great!

  3. I think the last time i was at Universal studios I was 10 too ^^ I would love to visit again because I don't remember anything :P And I would love to see those movie sets irl!

  4. Haha, my Japanese friend that just moved here made a request to go here, so my friends and I are planning on taking him over summer! :D

  5. Wow, so many new rides since I'd last been there! You took lots of great pics, thanks for sharing. I'm glad the sun was out when you went and that you had such a fun time!

  6. Wow you got to go on the Transformers ride? Awesome! I plan on checking it out when it officially opens. XD

  7. I haven't attended Universal Studios in a long time too! The sad thing is I live like 10 minutes away. :X Glad you have fun and great pictures. :)

  8. looks so much fun! I want to visit the one in Osaka again.. it's been years!

  9. Wisteria Lane is in Universal Studios?!! I would have loved to have a look see! LOL at the random actors part, what if it was some big shot (and like you mentioned, George Clooney?!) 80 minutes? What did you guys do whilst queuing?

    1. yeah, they film the show on the Universal lot. the theme park is just a small part :D

      we didn't wait 80 min lol we decided to split up and ride in the single rides line. way faster! who cares if we can't sit together hahahhaha

  10. Hi Doro I love the ironman omg!!! Tony Stark is awesome!! :D it's so nice that you get to go to all the fun rides! ^_^

  11. I loved Universal studios when I went :) I got to see Wisteria Lane and it was so cool! The tour was pretty cool and I loved seeing all the sets! Can't believe how fake the movies are! haha


  12. I used to love the Back to the Future ride back in the day as well. Things really do change quickly., Makes me fee old:)




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