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Thursday, May 24, 2012

MBC Korean Music Wave Google Concert!!! [Part 2]

Kpop concert photo spam continues!

Girls Generation
*cue fanboys acting as if nothing better can happen to them in life*

They are really good performers. And yes, you guessed it, they are all bags of bones lol.
I loved their outfits too. Their songs are so annoying but damn, I must admit they are catchy.
The guy sitting in front of me was doing the Gee dance, not missing a beat. Wow......

Wonder Girls

I thought their outfits were kinda boring. Their performances were okay, nothing too exciting =\
*runs for my life as Wonder Girls fans throw eggs at me*

Be My Baby made me happy, thinking about Christmas hahahhahaa

Super Junior!!
I was most looking forward to seeing Siwon in person. But....he wasn't there!!!
WTF?!?!?! Major sadness ToT

A few of the members entered the stage from the aisles in the audience. Crowd went ballistic. 
Talk about making an entrance.

Maybe it's because there's so many of them but they're so fun to watch XD

Their attempts at English are hilarious. Leeteuk is so funny.

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
Fanboy's fauxhawk is bobbing furiously due to him doing every move flawlessly LOL

They were the final performers.
I'm not too familiar with them but I know there used to be 5 and now there's only 2 lol.

They're reallyyyy good dancers and so good looking!!! :O

Changmin singing his ass off.
I had to google to find out what his name is hahaha

They wore really tight leather pants.
Hence accidental obscene photo. I didn't take this intentionally, I swear!

Pretty epic performance.

Yunho is such a hottie XD
I think there's too many dancers, it's hard to find them on stage sometimes.

And...the end!



Ok the end for real.

Now if Big Bang and 2PM can come here, my life would be a tad more complete ^o^


  1. it'll be nice if BIG BANG came i was kinda sad that they didnt :( and no Siwon either :((( lol I love Changmin/Max's voice he likes to belt it out a lot lol their pants were really tight though lol

  2. *spazzes* you watched em live?!! *jealous* Is there anywhere that I can watch the full thing?

  3. TVXQQQQ!!! <3 Hahaha at your 'accidental' obscene pic!! Rising Sun is such a epic song and dance routine <3

    Typical Super Junior making a huge entrance haha, I read lotsa crap about Leeteuk interrupting Tiffany at the end, like WTF! Crazy people! XD

    Hopefully Big Bang will come to the US??

  4. ahah me too! When I first heard WG's song, it reminded me of Beyonce/Christmas ^^

    O man... I feel old but DBSK is legend, pretty much the group that paved the way for Korean bands in Japan. And yep, there used to be 5 but they split into two groups: 3 guys left to become JYJ and the other two stayed with SM Ent and stayed DBSK/TVXQ :( I miss them as a group of 5 because they seem so diminished now...

    Anyway, thanks for sharing ^_^

  5. what an awesome concert! they had some great groups there. those leather pants were tight! haha but they looked good. glad you enjoyed yourself.

  6. Oh god, I know that if I went I would've been giving judgy face to all the fan boys all night long.
    I guess the camera really adds 10lbs cos I don't really think the girls are bags of bones but the guys on the other hand....hah maybe I just don't like skinny Asian guys that weigh less than me xD

  7. LOL at the tight pants photo ahahahaha!!! these idols are great! watching suju perform just makes me miss heechul though *sigh*.

  8. Omg I just read this post and the previous and my gosh they are skinny!!! Especially the boys lol I think my sister would die if she were here! I don't know too much about Kpop, though I do recognize and even shamelessly admit I've watched a few of BEAST videos and loads of big bang and super junior LOL thanks to my sister! I grew up with Shinhwa =P <-- I think you mentioned that they're making a come back now? LOL

  9. Hi Doro omg! your obscene photo was really funny! xD!! I've gone Korean fan everything thanks to your influence :p but I seriously can't differentiate every one of them like you can, I'd know one name and get confused who is who the next day

  10. lol i'm sorry to miss out on the fanboys dancing to gee..whaatt no Siwon?

  11. Looks like heaps of fun! The last time I went to a Kpop concert was about 10yr ago T-T
    I like Big Bangs songs~

  12. so awesome you like kpop. these pics are great! :)




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