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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MBC Korean Music Wave Google Concert!!! [Part 1]

Last night I went to the MBC Korean Music Wave Concert held by Google & YouTube!
Kpop events never happen around here so it was a pretty fun experience.
There's a ton of photos, if you're using AOL or something, it's best you just leave ^o^

My friend invited me so I had a special ticket that let me avoid the insane line of teeny boppers. Seriously, the line for general admission wrapped around the hill twice and then some. No way in hell would I have done that hahahaha

Our seats were pretty close and central. Very nice for free tickets!!

Kara was the opening act. Damn they are so skinny.

Tiffany & Taeyeon of SNSD were the MCs.
They are even skinnier. Taeyeon looks like a bag of bones in a dress.

My god they are good looking in real life. Holy hell *_*

I don't know his name...sorry hahaha

I only know Lee Joon, my fave ♥_♥ teeheee

Dancing...like a boss ^o^

*chuckles* Angsty boyband stank eye expressions

I took some video hehehehe

I'm not familiar with them but they sing really well


Sunye of Wonder Girls doing a solo.
My god she looked so frail & tiny on the huge stage.

Seohyun of SNSD
The fanboys in front of me went ballistic.
I like her hair, I wonder if it's all real...



They're so cute!!!
And a lot skinnier than I thought. Skinny seems to be the most used word in this post.


Fiction is such a catchy song

They're very entertaining to watch.

Am now newly obsessed lol

You can hear the infatuated fanboy sitting in front of me. He screamed louder for BEAST than when SNSD came out hahahha
Fanboys are infinitely  more entertaining to watch than fangirls.

Okay, this post is getting wayyyy too long. Will leave part 2 for another day. I doubt you can handle this much kpop in one sitting anyway XD

The rest of the video I took at the concert are uploaded on YouTube.


Rain's babies hehehe



  1. OOoh the Google concert!!! I was going to go but decided the last minute not to. Looks like you had lottts of fun!!!!!! =)

  2. pwahaha i laugh alot at the way you describe them and the fanboys hehe...
    ooh did she do extension?
    i think fx is the one of the few girl bands i like!

  3. i was chuckling throughout this post!!lol at the excited fanboys! ahhh i cant imagine how skinny they are lol i'll prolly look like a potato next to em lol

  4. Omfgggggg!!! Im so jelly~ D: you are so luckyyyyy! I only got to catch a few of the acts but omg you got to see them all irl <3 cant wait for part 2!!


    Ah if only BB came!

  6. All I can say is SO JEALOUS. I want to see sistar live so much, especially for Hyorin who is apparently a very good singer live. ;_;

  7. OMG so true about fanboys. I go to concerts very often (mind you they are rock concerts so it is even scarier) and guys go so crazy over guy singers/band members. One time this huge guy almost trampled over me because I was in the very front of the crowd and he wanted to touch/grope the singer of the band >_<"

  8. Wow you got such great seats you lucky girl!! xX

  9. So you know I'm commenting on this post. LOL.

    Yes SKINNY & Kpop do go together more often then not! LOL! Love how the Americans try to Fanchant like the Koreans... LOL.... OMG your seats were good! You do know I was/am still dying of JEALOUSLY over here on my lil rock right?!

    WAAAAAAH MBLAQ!!! WAAAAAAH B2ST!!! SeungHo!! GiKwang!!! Fangirl screams inside... seriously... no really... You know me. LOL

  10. oo I was wondering how this concert turned out! ahah I was def chuckling through your whole post - fanboys are def 100x more amusing than fangirls ^^

    I remember being shocked how small and skinny BoA BabyVOX (1st gen kpop) were in real life too... tho Seven and Rain were so much TALLER than I imagined ^_^ Anyway, looking forward to part 2!

  11. OMG you're so lucky you got tix for this event! It's cool that KPop is breaking through in the U.S.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Shabby Apple giveaway!

  12. im SOOO jellous you got to go!!! with VIP too! like i was just sitting in front of my laptop fangirling alone lol.

  13. Omfg you are soooo lucky! My mouth was literally open this entire post! Sooo lucky! I would love to see all of them live at onceee so awesome!

  14. Oh my, the boys are so skinny! I can't believe they can fit into those tight jeans. Jealous of their itsy bitsy waists! :o

  15. How fun!! So glad you got to go, especially with VIP status! And you got great pics too! Lol at how many times you described them as skinny (especially "bag of bones")...see, you just thought I was a fatty in Korea, huh?! :P

    Btw that's Cheondung "Thunder" of MBLAQ, 2NE1's Sandara's lil bro. If you like MBLAQ, you should watch their "Hello Baby."

    Who was your favorite stage? I'm pretty sure mine would have been BEAST!! :)

  16. How cool is it that you went as a VIP and not only beat the queue but got to sit so close to the stage. When I was glancing through the photos of this post without reading yet (that's what I always do), I was wondering if you had a camera with an amazing zoom function or were you lucky to be seated in front.

  17. Hahaha love your fangirling! Joon and Gigwang!! <3

    Fanboys are so funny!! That Beast one <3 ahaha!
    I came across this vid and it's so funny!! You go SNSD fanboy! XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-JoTIwVXy4&feature=player_embedded

    Check you Miss VIP XD Amazing seats!!

  18. that's amazing that you got to see them live with free VIP tix!! I'm getting a good picture that a lot of Korean female singers are just very, very skinny. Your comment about the Seohyun's hair cracked me up! haha!



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