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Sunday, May 27, 2012

London Heathrow Airport *_*

London Heathrow Airport is the most amazing airport I have ever been to.

I've never been so happy to have 2-3 hours to wander the airport before my scheduled boarding time.
Yeah, I'm lame. I love airports XD

Terminal 5 is practically it's own city.

T5 is owned by British Airways so only BA flights go in and out of this terminal. It's so weird seeing so many planes from one airline in one place.
Airplane photos for Justine! :D

I was most excited for the duty free shopping. Go figure.
T5 has the largest duty free I have ever seen. So many selections!!
The prices are much cheaper than buying in London but some things, because of the exchange rate, come out to be about the same or more than in the US.
Regardless, I spent quite a bit of time browsing the duty free shops. They also have a Mulberry store where I really wanted to buy an Alexa bag but resisted ^o^

The London 2012 Olympics Shop that sold tons of  overpriced souvenirs. Of course I bought something here hahahaha


Super clean and shiny mailbox

Time to board!
The weather was gloomy & grey, typical UK weather -_-

I don't know why but I love airplanes haha
I think it's fascinating that such a heavy hunk of metal can fly so high

I lucked out and got to fly business class on the way back too!
The food was slightly better this time.
The crab salad was really good.

Filet mignon that was too well done =[

The lemon meringue was super tasty!

Afternoon tea
They also served scones with clotted cream. Ew, I wasn't ballsy enough to try clotted cream haha

I miss London!!


Oh these kids sure sing a catchy tune.
Omg, again with the "JYP" whispering in the beginning *face palm*


P.S. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all my American pals! =]


  1. Oh you're so lucky you got to fly biz class!! The lemon meringue looks yummy! Oh how I wish I was duty free shopping now! Hehe

  2. I love airports. What a coincidence I wrote about a Narita Airport last night. Heather Airport appears to be another hot spots for shopping. I would love to go there one day. The lemon meringue looks delish.

  3. i love airports too! i think it's the feeling of excitement you get when you are traveling :)

    you are sooo so funny! clotted cream is DELICIOUS!! it's not as it suggested is in cream that has curdled or something it's this super rich dreamy creamy buttery cream it's SOOO DELICIOUS! i would highly recommend you try it with scones and jam next time you have afternoon tea :) fyi any legit high tea place would ONLY serve clotted cream and not butter!!

  4. never had the pleasure to be in HEathrow airport, but I do love shopping at airports in general! :) hahaha. That lemon meringue looks divine, btw! yum!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  5. You were in London? Did you get a chance to visit all the must-see places? I really love Terminal 3 because they have fabulous shops there but my favorite has to be Changi airport. *sigh* Now that's an amazing airport.

  6. I used to love air planes too, but now I get motion sick on them, so I hate traveling from place to place. Once I get to my destination though, I'm thoroughly happy that I flew there. :)

  7. I love duty free shopping in airports so I always look forward to taking flights haha...And in-flight shopping too...Good on you tt you got biz class for such a long haul flight...

  8. Ohh i always get excited with duty free :P Ohhh you have to try clotted cream and jam on scone next time for sure :D

  9. Gah, I love the airports in London for their Mulberry stores as well - I get so tempted every time!

  10. i get very hype up when i able to go past the customs into the airport!!duty free shopping is <3333

    the food looks yummyyy

  11. Wow it looks so huge!! :) Beautiful photos


  12. Hello darling!!! long time no chat, I hope all is well the new job is going well! I've never been to london, but these photos are making me want to go! I would love to go inside the 2012 london olympic store, and get something authentic w/union jack. Scrolled to see your last few posts...lots of k-pop!!! NICE :)

  13. i love browsing duty free shops at the airport, but i got to say they have way too many employees in the store especially airports in asia.

  14. You're not weird at all! I love airports too! They're my favorite part of traveling. I hate being in the plane, but I love waiting at the airport for them lol. There's something about all the hustle and bustle that I really like, plus it's always exciting to know that you're headed somewhere new. Duty free shopping is a definite plus too! :)

    P.S. I find the JYP whispering to be quite overdone too. They do it in almost all of the songs produced by them, it seems =.=

  15. I like airports too! Wouldn't it be nice to travel to all the big airports and shop or at least check them all out? hehe Of course, it would also be great if we could fly business class to all of them! (Or private jet...hahaha, in my dreams until I win the lottery!)

  16. lol at the jyp whispering lol!! the food looks soo yummy!!

  17. I like T5 very much. It puts our other terminals to shame.

    I am quite enthralled with airport architecture. I think this is a very well lit space x

  18. OMG!!!!! I looooove cloted cream and must have it when I eat scones! I dislike jam too >< Malteser heaven! Flying first class is so awesome, they keep feeding you and fattening you up hahaha



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