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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

London Hauling!

Despite only having a little more than 24 hours in London, I still managed to buy quite a bit of stuff. Shopping is my forte indeed.

Before I even started shopping, judgy face Jian gifted me with all this stuff.
Her bf even bought me this awesome mug hahaha the Queen & her dog are on it.
Fanks tall judgy!!

Vicky gave me an interesting Cargo cheek plumping blush. I wonder if it really works lol

Before I even arrived, Vicky was kind enough to go buy me some (lots) of the chocolate I liked. Thank you so much Vicky!!! ♥
This is only some of it. The whole stash wouldn't fit in the photo lol

As you know, we went to Harrods but obviously I can't afford anything in that place. So...we went to Superdrug hahahaha
They had a 3 for 2 sale. Yayyy!!
I also got the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation but forgot to include it in the photo.

At London Heathrow, I got a few things at Duty Free.

Since the Longchamp Le Pliage Totes are much cheaper at Heathrow than in the US, I got a couple. I wanted a big one with the long straps but they were all sold out T_T
I got the Medium Tote in black, great for work! You can shove all sorts of crap in it.

And I got the itty bitty Mini Tote in blue because it looked so cute I couldn't resist XD

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre smells soooo good. It's a very delicate & fruity fragrance.
A big plus is that it lasts quite a long time on me.

YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in 17 Encre Rose.

Cheesy souvenir-wise, I got this Concorde plane from the London 2012 Olympics Store at Heathrow. 
It's completely useless hahaha

Beefeater S&P set!
They look like they are giving judgy face hehehe

Weird beefeater stuffed toy...for my grandma. She likes lame stuff like this XD


Gahh Baek Ji Young is such a hot cougar.



  1. wow this is such a nice haul!! and omg i LOVE english chocolate gahhhhh droool* American chocolate is too sweet and not as creamy as the European kind

  2. How fun! You're always travelling. It must be nice to visit all over the world! :) You got such great haul! I'm loving the Sleek you got. Can't wait to see the inside... hehe~

  3. You must tell us how you like the YSL Glossy Strain! I'm 50/50 about getting my own so would love to hear your thoughts on it.

    You're so lucky! I love all those silicon mould baking things. AHAH. I want my own Hello Kitty one too!

  4. Great haul! I love those Longchamp totes too... Been debating forever with myself which colour I would get next...

  5. ohhh so many cute things! the beefeater S&P set is sooooo so cute!!!

  6. I would love to make ice with that Hello Kitty ice cubes maker. Ok the words say food mould but I assume water could be frozen into it.

    Long Champ is a definite must to buy in London. I bought 3 mediums (as gifts for family) and 1 mini in a unique shade of berry wine (the mini is just too cute to resist) and many pouches as gifts too. I would not even step into a Long Champ in my country coz it's more than double the price.

    I love Chanel Chance in pink too. We have similar taste!

  7. Oh my so many nice goodies! The tray looks too cute! I see you've picked up a sleek blush palette! I hope to be getting one soon! And the YSl glossy stains have been so well talked about! Do post photos! And have a great time! Shopping (over shopping) is a great part of travelling! haha

  8. Haha I still have my Longchamp Pliage from 10 years ago, my mum calls it my "chicken stealing bag" cos it's big enough to steal chickens in apparently.
    Yeah, orangutan judgy's mum is odd.

  9. YSL glossy stain is my fave of the lot of them. Good choice x

  10. I love your haul :) So lucky to visit london!!!


  11. The Hello Kitty muffin pan is adorable! I love that you treated yourself to some goodies at Duty Free. (:

  12. so many yummy chocolates! I got my bf to buy a Longchamp for me while he was in London as well...if he happens to go to London before I can go with him, I think he'll have to pick up more colors/sizes - they're so darn useful! oooh which Sleek blush did you get?

  13. So far my heathrow T5 shopping list looks like this:

    1) Mulberry Alexa or mini bayswater
    2) Longchamp bag
    3) YSL lip tint.

    XD HEeeheehee looks the same no?

    Ahahahah hope your grandma likes the plushie beefeater. If she hates it just tell her it was your crazy english friend's idea XD

  14. I do miss drusgtore deals back there.. can't wait to get back into it... lovely haul! like your longchamp bag!

  15. I love your hauls! hehe everyone has a Hello Kitty mold now, can't wait to see what you make! Also I saw the Sleek blush online, great choice! I'm sure it will look lovely on you. Lol at judgy faces.

  16. good haul and goodies! love the healthy mix! oops did the one i got you too light? hehe
    woots i love longchamp,you can stuff tons of things inside and it still looks normal not like its bursting of goodness haha..
    eek the beefeaters look so cute! i always wondered if they can see around with the hat

  17. Look at all that chocolate!! I wanna try the happi hippo one hahaha I've never seen that before! Longchamp bags seemed really popular in Paris too and the line up for the store in Galleries Lafayette was just as long as LV's! I didn't buy one though but it's not my style but I can see why everyone loves it, it must be soooo light!

  18. Hi,
    I will be going to London soon. May I know at which Terminal at Heathrow can i get Longchamp bags? Departure or Arrival Are only le pliage bags cheaper at the airport than the boutique stores? What abt other Longchamp bags?

    Thanks a lot! :)

    1. I got the Longchamp at Terminal 5 duty free, departures. I got it at the Harrods that's inside the terminal. They might be sold at Arrivals but I did not look. Maybe look out for them when you arrive? If you don't see them, you can always get them when you depart.
      I did not look at other Longchamp bags so I can't say if they are all necessarily cheaper than in US. But just remember that there is no tax at duty free. But the Le Pliage are definitely cheaper.
      Have fun in London!! :D



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