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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

London Calling

So I had to fly to London for work. I only had one free day and did my best to see & buy as much as possible XD

I flew business class so at least I got to sleep lying down, yay! Oh and they serve you lots of bubbly so you'll be in a good mood lol

The food is much better than in economy but still ehhhh.
They serve it to you in courses.

Weird tasting duck appetizer

Veal something..

Cake that tasted like sugar hahaha

I arrived at the hotel & scrambled to shower & get ready to meet up with Jian, fellow judgy face :D
Luckily I did not get lost and even managed to find Jian. huzzah!!
We went to Knightsbridge, insanely crowded with tourists.

Our first stop was Harrods where I proceeded to take lots & lots of touristy photos.

There were a bunch of crowns in the window display to celebrate the Queen's millionth year for being queen. I forget what it's called...A Jubilee something or other...

Harrods was so crowded, it was a tad overwhelming. The place is gigantic but there's so many tourists swarming the place it's difficult to get around & enjoy it.

The Egyptian escalators

Princess Diana memorial
Where everyone was staring at a big fat engagement ring and a dirty glass that had lipstick on it.
Dodi Fayed's father was the owner of Harrods, hence the memorial.

Overpriced sweets at Harrods

Nougat...which is apparently pronounced very differently in England XD

Not surprisingly, we spent the most time ogling at the Harry Potter toys.

Then we took the Underground to Picadilly Circus to meet up with Vicky!!

On our way to dinner, we walked past Dustin Hoffman but I noticed too late hahahhaa
He looked like a regular old man walking down the street..a very short old man LOL
I noticed too late or else I would've talked to him =[ oh well, at least I saw one celebrity!

The 3 of us went to dinner at a posh restaurant.
So posh we ate by candlelight XD

We all ordered posh fish & chips. Very expensive fish & chips!

These phone booths are so trashed and vandalized. There are a bunch of dodgy strip club handouts in them hahaha

Mail box!

On our way to Covent Garden

Everything closes super early on Sundays. This place was dead.

Went to Laduree for some overpriced macarons!

Obviously all 3 of us got the Hello Kitty box. Duh!

They survived the long plane ride home!

After Laduree, we wandered around and walked for ages. I have never walked so much in my life. I am a lame American who drives everywhere, even if the destination is 10 feet way.

Chinatown lol

Since I was only in London for 1 very short day, Vicky & Jian took me to see some touristy stuff.

Sherlock Holmes restaurant :D

I forget who this is...someone who won the Battle of Trafalgar...I think...

London 2012 Olympics countdown!

We ended up at this bridge that gave a beautiful view of the London Eye & Big Ben.
One spot gives you the view for 2 tourist attractions! 2 birds with 1 stone. Yay!

My one day London tour was short & sweet. I managed to find my way back to my hotel, huzzah again!
Thanks to Vicky & Jian for taking the time to show me around :D
Lahve you guys long time!!!


Ohhhh this song is good! The excessive shirtlessness doesn't hurt either XD
If only they had a different group name...all I can think of is the Disney movie.


P.S. Part 2 is me blabbing about how awesome London Heathrow Airport is. Stay tuned ^o^


  1. AHHHHH it is a shame you didn't stay longer!! Next time! :)

    It was funnnn meeting you judgy!!

  2. This post is amazing! I wanna visit Harrods too and I can't believe Laduree has a HK collaboration! I wanna get a box too!!! I might be going somewhere where they are available tee hee hee First class looks amazing! <3

  3. looks u had a super packed day!!

  4. Looks like you a had a great time in your spur of the moment trip :) Harrods sounds like a tourist haven haha


  5. Ah you look like you had so much fun!! You make London seem nice, but our weather is terrible! Oh and I so didn't know we had a count-down clock- whoops!! xX

  6. What a wonderful day out in London...! And meeting fellow beauty bloggers AND showing down on those delicious looking macarons...;-)

  7. Zomg! So jealous~ looked like an amazing day! ^^

  8. London is still not that bad. Stores in smaller cities close much earlier, by 4:30 pm or so you can already hear crickets chirping haha =.=

  9. I love London and I want to go back! What a great trip you had:)

  10. I can see the other judgy in the glass window xD
    How do Americans pronounce nougat? I thought everyone pronounces it as "noo-gaa"?

  11. I've always wanted to travel to London! Thanks for all the great pictures. :) I had a mini vacation just looking at them!

  12. I haven't been in London for years and would love to go back. I remember loving the London Eye and going to Harrod's for Hello Kitty goods. :3

  13. Ah, those iconic red phone booth and mailbos! I'm missing London now.

    You went to London for just a short day and seem to go to many more places than I did in proportion to my stay there.

    I didn't even get to shop at Harrod's and Covent Garden. We did have high tea at the former though as that is what everyone recommends.

    Your business class food looks so appeitizing! I'm sorry to hear they didn't taste as good.

  14. I haven't been to London in a while :(
    Looking at your photos makes me miss this city so much!

    And LOL at your lazy American bit about driving everywhere. I do the exact same thing in Canada! I can't even be bothered to walk to the plaza which is only 5 minutes away by walking from my apartment LOL

  15. Wow you did a lot for one day. o: Harrods seems amazing and those macaroons are gorgeous. ^^ So lovely for the girls to take you around, it's always better when a local can show you the best places to visit.

  16. Aw lucky you ^_^ and waw business class!!
    I really want to visit London someday... for some reason I've never been there even if it's so close from France!

  17. It's amazing how much you saw in one day :D

    It was really lovely to meet you, I had lots of fun!! Come back soon! :D <3

  18. Aww glad you had a great day in London and had fun with Vicky and Jian! Lol at the many times you wrote "overpriced," I'm guessing 'cause touristy areas and also exchange rate conversion? And the walking around part...I totally feel you on that! Still, you did a lot in one day and took some great pics! Hooray for flying business class and hope you can take more trips in the future!

  19. ohhh mannnnn........ hello kitty laudree boxes?!?!?!?!? im so jealous!


    So neat that you got to meet up with Jian!!! Seems like you guys had a fun time! You picture of macaroons really makes me crave them...

  21. I'm so jealous!! Looks like your having a blast~~~~ I want those macarons =P

  22. Awww you were in London?? Man, looks like you had a fantastic day. Kudos to Vicky and Jian for showing you so much in just one day. I'd say you did a pretty good job covering what you could despite the time limit.

    And business class? Never in my life have I had that privilege :D
    Did you meet any rich, good-looking (and young) businessmen? hehehe

  23. how fun, the crowns would be cool to see. btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter :)

  24. awww loved loved looking through your london pics.. it seems almost identical to my london trip a few months ago hahha.. cept i wasn't lucky enough to get a hello kitty box ::WAH::!! MUST.ACQUIRE.HELLO.KITTY.LADUREE.BOX!!!! hahaha

  25. I wanna work where you work. They didnt only send you to London but put you in business class too. I am jealous. Your day trip sounded so much fun, you got a lot done in just one day which is a big plus. How are the famous macarons? Do they live up to your expectation?

  26. ahh even though it was a business trip, it seemed like you had fun. Cannot wait to go back XD



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