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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

VOV Castle Dew Diacut Eyes 9 Colors: BE901 Planet Diamond

This palette was part of my Gmarket haul XD
VOV Castledew is a Korean cosmetics brand. It's not as widely available over the internet as some other Korean brands are, i.e. Missha, Etude House, The Face Shop. 
I'm not sure if this brand is available on eBay, have never checked. I only know it is sold on Gmarket. 

I got the VOV Castle Dew Diacut Eyes 9 Colors in BE901 Planet Diamond. 
Seriously, who names these things?! They need to be fired.

The palette has a nice mix of neutrals and purples and pinks. 
These shadows are baked, hence the rough texture.

All 9 colors have a consistent texture. I was afraid the lighter shades might be a bit chalky or have chunky shimmers. 
But thankfully none of the colors are extremely. Also no fallout despite how easy these are to swatch.
Random but all the shades have names... very weird engrish names.

1st row swatched (left to right):

2nd row:

3rd row: 

Overall, a very nice palette! For the price (just under $10), it's a great deal. 
I like that there is a variety of colors in this small palette. There's a good balance of neutrals and colors.
The texture and pigmentation of the shadows are excellent.

I got this palette from seller 더천사 on Gmarket.

Sorry, I haven't had time to take eotd pictures! Will do so next time I use this palette.


Let's end with a sad and angsty 2AM song because...I can't think of a video to post xP
Typical kpop mv scenario. Girl is actually dead but guy still tries to save her but realizes it's too late.

Love this song, it's so sad T_T


  1. LOL how 'creative' are the names

  2. this is a pretty palette - it would work really for this spring and summer! can't wait for the eotds :)

  3. I love the princess-y packaging of Castledew products and their nail polishes are actually really nice! Also, the names made me laugh. I agree that whoever names these things must be fired asap! XD

  4. This is one pretty palette!! The names are pretty awful though...lol!

    Ahhh judgy when your eye swelling goes down dont forget to take a photo to shw us :3

  5. The colors are quite light - love to see a FOTD for these :)


  6. under $10 for 9 colours great deal! love shimmers e/s!

    xoxo elle

  7. pretty pastel shades! Looking forward to the looks you come up with this palette!

  8. I love this palette! It is still one of my everyday look faves!

  9. Between you and handbagsandfashionrags.com, I sound more educated when I'm buying make up. I'm just amazed how you managed to find all these incredible cosmetics.

  10. great deal, and i love the palette!

    hope all's well!


  11. The swatches look nice on you. I love their pretty packaging. You got a really good deal on the price too!

  12. planet pink looks great!!! well, most of them but planet pink just totally stands out for me



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