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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Hello Kitty Airport!

Eva Air has teamed up with Hello Kitty to create three Hello Kitty Jets. Everything in the plane is Hello Kitty themed. Unfortunately for me, the plane only flies to limited destinations within Asia.

At the Taipei airport, there is a special Hello Kitty check-in area. It looks insane ^o^

Hello Kitty self check-in kiosk

There are displays to show you the special Hello Kitty items that are used on the Hello Kitty jet. 
I want the pillow!!!

Wahaha Hello Kitty toilet paper

If this check-in area looks this amazing, I can't imagine what the inside of the plane would be like. 
The planes only flies from Taipei to Tokyo, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Guam. 
There's a CNN article about these planes lol even the food is HK themed!

For my last meal in Taiwan, I decided to get something authentic...McDonalds hahahaha
McDonalds in Asia always tastes different! I also got an Orea McFlurry which tastes way better than the ones here. It is probably the milk that they use there that makes it taste better. 

And I got one of these pudding cups at 7-Eleven. I love these!

And after that, I hopped on the plane and went back to California T_T
Finally done posting about my trip...that I took 4 months ago. Holy shit time flies.
I have no idea when I'll be able to take another long vacation like this...probably never D: 


Happy Easter!!!
Growing up, I'd always wonder what the hell the bunny and eggs have to do with the real meaning of Easter lol
I'd go to church and wonder why no one ever discussed what the bunny did when Jesus rose from the dead ^o^ yeah, I've been weird ever since I was young.

Aaaanyway, that's beside the point. Check out the rabid bunnies with the red eyes in this picture LOL

Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

p.s. I am off to job training for 2+ weeks D:
Sorry if it seems like I fell off the face of the earth and don't reply to your comments for awhile U_U


  1. This is crazy cute!! <3
    Happy Easter to you :)


  2. OH OH OH OH OH!
    My dad took the Hello Kitty flight back to Hong Kong after his business trip by pure coincidence.
    He said it was such a weird experience because people were actually trying to take stuff home like the pillows and even the spare rolls of toilet paper from the bathrooms. LOL

  3. good luck with your job training!!
    that Hello Kitty airport is just too cute :D cuteness overload XD

  4. ooooooh cute overload! I am tempted by the kitty bog roll! lol

  5. wow it's crazy ^_^ hello kitty is everywhere. I don't really understand Easter either but I enjoy bunnies and chocolate lol ;)

  6. OMG is the pillow cute or what?! But I think the jet and everything is a little bit of an overkill? I mean, I like Hello Kitty but that's too excessive o.O

  7. That airplane looks so badass! I can't wait to see it when I visit HK

  8. HOLY COW....the hellokitty check-in counter looks amazeballs!!! stop travelling!! i have chu!!

  9. that's so cute!!! lol if i had the $ i'd just go there to go fly on a short plane ride in the hk airplane :p

  10. omg sooo cute!! i need to check this out when i go to taiwan haha!! mmm mcdonalds in asia is sooo good

  11. wahhhh the hello kitty check in area is tooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want one of those pillows too! and the toilet paper... and the everything else!
    and its confirmed~~ im going to taipei in november :D
    im actually going there for pre-wedding photos :P but i dont speak mandarin too well.... hopefully they speak a bit of cantonese or english haha.. or else i dunno how i will communicate!!

  12. Oh my goodness, that plane is so cute! ^^

  13. Lol wow a HK airport and check in and plane?? First I have heard of this!! Would be cute to travel in like a disney one haha
    have fun job training


  14. I'm dying from that cute HK check-in area!! Gotta love the McD's in Asia. I always make sure to get a deep fried apple pie! XD

  15. I always take an incredibly long time to do vacation recaps too. I wish I could go visit Taiwan! There just doesn't seem to be as many cute things on Mainland China!

  16. Dude are you STILL posting about your Taiwan trip?xD bwahahah I wanna take the HK plane!

  17. OH MY OH MY OH MY!!!!!! This is so freaking awesome! Mindblown!!!

  18. That is so cool! I would want to stay there. LOL

  19. i love this post!!! i was just in taipei.. but i didn't see this at the airport sadness :( i've long since known about the special hello kitty area but i've never seen it.. i'm just never in the right terminal i guess BOOO!!!

    i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mcdonalds in taiwan.. they have the bestest fried chicken wings EVER!!! and those are my FAVORITE puddings! i think i had it like 3 times when i was there haha



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