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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact: 09 Little Bouquet

Many moons ago, I bought this Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact. Because it is too pretty (and too expensive), I haven't used it till now.

I bought this at a department store in Taiwan, and we all know how pushy those SAs can be. After a few hasty swatches, I decided to get 09 Little Bouquet
I later found out that fellow judgy faces Nunu & Jian both have this blush as well! Judgy faces think alike XD

Now, let's ogle at how gorgeous the packaging and everything is, shall we?

I picked Little Bouquet because this compact had an orange shade. 

The compact comes with this fancy looking brush but I've been told that it doesn't work too well. Guess it'll just have to sit and look pretty!

Sorry if it is hard to see. Blush swatches are so hard to photograph!
All four shades have the same consistency. They are not powdery when swatched. 
The lightest pink has the tiniest bit of shimmer, more like a sheen, that you can barely see. But it adds dimension when used. The other 3 shades are matte. 
The blush has a faint floral scent, kinda strange but not repulsing. It goes away after a few minutes after application.

This blush is not super pigmented like Nars blushes are. But that means it is more user friendly. You won't have to worry about over applying and looking like a clown. 
When the four colors are mixed together, it gives a subtle peachy pink flush to the cheeks. Perfect for daily use. 
It's a great blush but not a must have since it's so expensive. I paid around $45 for this but it costs much more online. A great collectors item for those who like collecting prettily packaged makeup (like me lol).

I've made it a rule that I only buy Jill Stuart makeup whilst on vacation. Last time I bought an eyeshadow palette, this time a blush. 
Spending foreign money just doesn't seem as painful, no? ^o^


Randomly came across this song.
Not bad!



  1. That's true. Spending foreign money is so easy and it doesnt seem like you're spending much T.T money well spent though? beautiful packaging and a nice overall blush colour :D

  2. Love your jill stuart blush!! It's soo pretty!! :) I wonder how many girls just sit and stare at it instead of using it lol

  3. The packaging is gorgeous! Especially that brush! I thought it was lipstick for a second. :)

  4. So pretty! I have one and I love it <3 Its so cute!

  5. oh my gosh. oh so very pretty! I also feel super guilty when I buy something expensive so I don't use it until a few days (or weeks) later :)

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  6. Gosh it's so pretty! the colours are beautiful, the packaging is beautiful. ><

  7. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~ We judgies even have the same taste. It is to be expected after all.

    Except some of us are more partial to poopy colours than others... And I like dogs that wear clothes. Hahahaha....

  8. Wow the packaging is gorgeous. I will be too afraid to use it for sure, especially a brush that comes with it. You are absolutely right, spending money in foreign currency doesnt seem as painful even though they may cost the same. It is kinda painful when you sit down and look at the damages by the end of the trip..haha. That's what i did recently.

  9. Oh wow, you're right about the gorgeous packaging! I really like how vibrant the colours look in the palette yet they're soft when applied. I think this was a great purchase!

  10. how I have neglected my JS blush palette lol.. I think your palette shade is so much more versatile than mine (just pinks - total regret!)

  11. Your last comment made me laugh...how true - spending foreign money seems to be less painful!

    I have this v same blush as well....it's def one of my faves... It totally brightens up the face on dull looking days. One thing about JS blush brushes is that they look pretty and that's about it. I personally think it dumps colour slightly away from where you might intend it to land and I tip ride washing it and it took forever to dry...I thought it did, but it turned moldy when i twisted the brush back in...I had to throw it out and now I don't even look at the brushes when I buy JS products...total white elephants.



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