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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

This was scheduled to post whilst I was away for training but Blogger failed me!! Idk why it didn't post ToT
But I'm baaack now. Did you miss meeeee? ^o^

I've been curious about the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream for quite some time.
I figured it'd be just some sort of gimmick. Does BB cream really need to be in a jelly texture?

Gimmick or not, I was still pretty excited when I opened the box. The packaging is quite cute.
The BB cream comes in a glass jar made to look like a pudding cup. Get it? Pudding...jelly? lol
Despite the cute factor, this isn't travel friendly. The jar is so heavy, I'd never take it with me anywhere.
It also comes with a huge sponge.

There's a spatula attached to the cap so you can scoop out the product. Pretty hygienic versus sticking my finger into the jar repeatedly.
The BB cream also has a very heavy fragrance. Luckily I really like how it smells, kinda floral & fruity. If you're sensitive to scents, I'd stay away from this. Asian cosmetics are fragranced like 95% of the time.

I ordered the BB cream in shade 01. From the reviews I've read online, 01 is yellow based and 02 is pink based.
The texture is indeed like a jelly. It wibbles and wobbles in the jar hehehe

01 is a good match for my skin. The jelly texture makes the BB cream very light and easy to work with. However, the product absorbs into the skin very quickly so you have to work fast. It hasn't been a big problem for me since I get the product onto my brush and buff it into a small area of skin at a time.
It leaves a semi-matte finish on the skin. Coverage is light but buildable to medium.

It's a good BB cream for those who want something light and refreshing on their skin. I really like the color since a lot of BB creams can be a bit grey.

You can get this from 홀리카홀리카 on Gmarket.


Junho's mandarin is surprisingly good. Probably better than mine, I shamefully admit hahahaha
Gawwwd this video is so cheesy



  1. Ohhh~ Interesting~ I want to try now! I love the packaging~ Something different LOL

  2. Wow this bb cream is perfect for your skin! I've been lusting after it for ages, it's so cute. xD Good to hear it is just like jelly. Van Ness! I remember him from like f4 or something many years ago haha.

  3. Watched some of the song and it's sooo cheesy. If I heard that I'd think it was cruddy c-pop that I usually ignore. xD

    Ahahaha the packaging of the bb cream is so cute :)

  4. That BB Cream is so darn cute! The bottle kinda reminds me of those olden day glue bottles with the paddle xD
    Dude, if you didn't tell me they were singing in Mandarin I wouldn't have known! Still better than SuJu's Mandarin though xD

  5. I haven't seen that guy in ages~ he used to be in F4 ahhah i remember the flicking of the hair!!


  6. A jelly textured BB cream sounds interesting. :3

    I really have to admit that sometimes with fragrance items, it gets to be too much, especially if you apply more than one...

  7. I've seen it everywhere recently! But i'm on a no-foundation phase...just concealer! It looks so cute but I can definitely see how it wouldn't be travel friendly!

  8. I recently gave up on BB creams. They always make my skin oily at the end of the day. :/ I am curious about the jelly texture of the one you feature. :) Asian packaging is aways so much better than American. lol The Maybelline BB Cream's packaging is so blahh. That's the one I'm currently using..but need to stop using because it's not working for me! lol

    1. you should give this one a try, because when I watched reviews, apparently it's a really good oil control product and really great for warm or hot weather

  9. I have seen that bottle about - that is a good match on your skin! I remember Vanness looking hot after he cut his long hair off hahah

  10. It is interesting that it comes in a jar like foundations. I like that this bb cream does not have a gray cast, it matches your skin perfectly... I remember Van Ness from F4 in the olden days too:)

  11. I remember when this bb came out, I was so curious! The packaging is so different than your average bb! The pink toned one would probably suit me more.

    ah Va Ness and Juno... love that collab! haha

  12. The packaging reminds me of Paul & Joe foundation. I don't think that I have tried jelly consistency foundations. I prefer lightweight and refreshing foundations =)

  13. I feel kind of silly asking, but what is BB cream?


    1. it's like a tinted moisturizer w a bit more coverage.

  14. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.

  15. where can i buy this bb cream beside from the gmarket?



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