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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

This was scheduled to post whilst I was away for training but Blogger failed me!! Idk why it didn't post ToT
But I'm baaack now. Did you miss meeeee? ^o^

I've been curious about the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream for quite some time.
I figured it'd be just some sort of gimmick. Does BB cream really need to be in a jelly texture?

Gimmick or not, I was still pretty excited when I opened the box. The packaging is quite cute.
The BB cream comes in a glass jar made to look like a pudding cup. Get it? Pudding...jelly? lol
Despite the cute factor, this isn't travel friendly. The jar is so heavy, I'd never take it with me anywhere.
It also comes with a huge sponge.

There's a spatula attached to the cap so you can scoop out the product. Pretty hygienic versus sticking my finger into the jar repeatedly.
The BB cream also has a very heavy fragrance. Luckily I really like how it smells, kinda floral & fruity. If you're sensitive to scents, I'd stay away from this. Asian cosmetics are fragranced like 95% of the time.

I ordered the BB cream in shade 01. From the reviews I've read online, 01 is yellow based and 02 is pink based.
The texture is indeed like a jelly. It wibbles and wobbles in the jar hehehe

01 is a good match for my skin. The jelly texture makes the BB cream very light and easy to work with. However, the product absorbs into the skin very quickly so you have to work fast. It hasn't been a big problem for me since I get the product onto my brush and buff it into a small area of skin at a time.
It leaves a semi-matte finish on the skin. Coverage is light but buildable to medium.

It's a good BB cream for those who want something light and refreshing on their skin. I really like the color since a lot of BB creams can be a bit grey.

You can get this from 홀리카홀리카 on Gmarket.


Junho's mandarin is surprisingly good. Probably better than mine, I shamefully admit hahahaha
Gawwwd this video is so cheesy


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

VOV Castle Dew Diacut Eyes 9 Colors: BE901 Planet Diamond

This palette was part of my Gmarket haul XD
VOV Castledew is a Korean cosmetics brand. It's not as widely available over the internet as some other Korean brands are, i.e. Missha, Etude House, The Face Shop. 
I'm not sure if this brand is available on eBay, have never checked. I only know it is sold on Gmarket. 

I got the VOV Castle Dew Diacut Eyes 9 Colors in BE901 Planet Diamond. 
Seriously, who names these things?! They need to be fired.

The palette has a nice mix of neutrals and purples and pinks. 
These shadows are baked, hence the rough texture.

All 9 colors have a consistent texture. I was afraid the lighter shades might be a bit chalky or have chunky shimmers. 
But thankfully none of the colors are extremely. Also no fallout despite how easy these are to swatch.
Random but all the shades have names... very weird engrish names.

1st row swatched (left to right):

2nd row:

3rd row: 

Overall, a very nice palette! For the price (just under $10), it's a great deal. 
I like that there is a variety of colors in this small palette. There's a good balance of neutrals and colors.
The texture and pigmentation of the shadows are excellent.

I got this palette from seller 더천사 on Gmarket.

Sorry, I haven't had time to take eotd pictures! Will do so next time I use this palette.


Let's end with a sad and angsty 2AM song because...I can't think of a video to post xP
Typical kpop mv scenario. Girl is actually dead but guy still tries to save her but realizes it's too late.

Love this song, it's so sad T_T

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact: 09 Little Bouquet

Many moons ago, I bought this Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact. Because it is too pretty (and too expensive), I haven't used it till now.

I bought this at a department store in Taiwan, and we all know how pushy those SAs can be. After a few hasty swatches, I decided to get 09 Little Bouquet
I later found out that fellow judgy faces Nunu & Jian both have this blush as well! Judgy faces think alike XD

Now, let's ogle at how gorgeous the packaging and everything is, shall we?

I picked Little Bouquet because this compact had an orange shade. 

The compact comes with this fancy looking brush but I've been told that it doesn't work too well. Guess it'll just have to sit and look pretty!

Sorry if it is hard to see. Blush swatches are so hard to photograph!
All four shades have the same consistency. They are not powdery when swatched. 
The lightest pink has the tiniest bit of shimmer, more like a sheen, that you can barely see. But it adds dimension when used. The other 3 shades are matte. 
The blush has a faint floral scent, kinda strange but not repulsing. It goes away after a few minutes after application.

This blush is not super pigmented like Nars blushes are. But that means it is more user friendly. You won't have to worry about over applying and looking like a clown. 
When the four colors are mixed together, it gives a subtle peachy pink flush to the cheeks. Perfect for daily use. 
It's a great blush but not a must have since it's so expensive. I paid around $45 for this but it costs much more online. A great collectors item for those who like collecting prettily packaged makeup (like me lol).

I've made it a rule that I only buy Jill Stuart makeup whilst on vacation. Last time I bought an eyeshadow palette, this time a blush. 
Spending foreign money just doesn't seem as painful, no? ^o^


Randomly came across this song.
Not bad!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gmarket Haul!

I had some credit in my Gmarket account from nearly 3 years ago that I never used.
Out of boredom one night, I decided to browse the Gmarket site to see if I can use up that credit. And that explains how I spent the next 3 hours of my life.

After hours of staring at the epileptic inducing site I finally made my order. Also thanks to Vicky, the Gmarket pro, for some tips XD
Gmarket only provides EMS shipping for overseas orders. Which means everything arrives super quick, within 5 days. It also means shipping will cost you more than the cost of the items you purchased >o< But because most of the stuff on Gmarket is super cheap, it kinda evens out in the end.

From seller 스타일 옷장 I purchased 2 clothing items.
When I buy clothes on Gmarket, I tend to only buy loose fitting shirts, tunics, or dresses since I know those will most likely fit me well. Practically all clothing items, aside from pants & jackets, are free size.

I got this heather grey cotton knit dress. The material is pretty sturdy and thick. I love the pockets!! This is very comfortable to wear and work appropriate when paired with tights.
The fit is loose but not baggy as if you're wearing a sack lol

I also ordered this sweatshirt tunic. I swear I ordered the charcoal grey color but it looks more brown than charcoal. It's ok since the color isn't hideous.
This is way bigger than I thought it would be but great for a casual day with leggings. I can imagine wearing it on the plane. Airport fashion is very important! LOL
The material is a thick sweatshirt material, but not fuzzy inside.

Items from this seller are both good quality for the price. I'd say the craftsmanship is better than a lot of the stuff seen at Forever 21. The seller also had more than enough photos for each item she was selling.
Make sure to study the photos carefully when deciding what to buy! Sometimes the models can be deceiving lol anything looks good on a 5'10" 100lb model!


Being a scarf addict, I ordered 2 scarves from seller babisoo

I got this moss green (no idea why it looks blue in photo) polka dot scarf. I like that half of the scarf is big dots and the other half is smaller dots. When you wrap it around, the patterns mix and add a lot of dimension to your outfit. I love that it's pretty long and wide as well. Material is very soft and thin.

The other scarf is a rusty orange houndstooth pattern. In hind site, this is probably more Fall appropriate but whatever =P
It's a thin acrylic knit material. One complaint is that the this snags very easily. It got caught on my rings a few times and snagged T_T

I like how this seller always provides measurements for all the scarves. It's helpful since pictures can be misleading. 


Of course I had to order some makeup!
I ordered 2 VOV Castle Dew palettes from 더천사. However, the seller ended up sending me a wrong palette. 
I was super annoyed but the seller ended up giving me a refund, which I was not really expecting.

I ordered the Diacut Eyes 9 Colors in BE901.

The wrong palette that was sent to me was the Diacut Eyes 9 Colors in BE906. I had ordered the Diacut Eyes Multi Type in M601. The color names for the two palettes aren't even close! SMH
Regardless, I am now stuck with this pastel palette. I never wear pastels...I wonder how the hell I'll make it work O.o

Reviews and swatches for both will be in upcoming posts!


I've been forever curious about the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

The BB cream comes in this heavy jar. A large sponge is included. 

Review will be coming up soon for this as well!
I ordered this from seller 홀리카홀리카, which is the official Holika Holika Gmarket seller I believe.


Overall, Gmarket needs to be 100x more user friendly. Despite there being an English version of the site, a lot of stuff is still written in Korean. Such as item name, color, description, etc. It definitely takes some time to get used to. 
And if you can't read Korean, you better have a good memory and good matching skills so you can match the characters to find what you want HAHAHA
It's definitely the cheapest place to find unique stuff though. Check it out if you have a few hours to spare ^o^

Since this post is about Korean stuff...will end with this Korean Coke commercial lol
Damn, wish I was part of the marketing team that came up with this concept!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Hello Kitty Airport!

Eva Air has teamed up with Hello Kitty to create three Hello Kitty Jets. Everything in the plane is Hello Kitty themed. Unfortunately for me, the plane only flies to limited destinations within Asia.

At the Taipei airport, there is a special Hello Kitty check-in area. It looks insane ^o^

Hello Kitty self check-in kiosk

There are displays to show you the special Hello Kitty items that are used on the Hello Kitty jet. 
I want the pillow!!!

Wahaha Hello Kitty toilet paper

If this check-in area looks this amazing, I can't imagine what the inside of the plane would be like. 
The planes only flies from Taipei to Tokyo, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Guam. 
There's a CNN article about these planes lol even the food is HK themed!

For my last meal in Taiwan, I decided to get something authentic...McDonalds hahahaha
McDonalds in Asia always tastes different! I also got an Orea McFlurry which tastes way better than the ones here. It is probably the milk that they use there that makes it taste better. 

And I got one of these pudding cups at 7-Eleven. I love these!

And after that, I hopped on the plane and went back to California T_T
Finally done posting about my trip...that I took 4 months ago. Holy shit time flies.
I have no idea when I'll be able to take another long vacation like this...probably never D: 


Happy Easter!!!
Growing up, I'd always wonder what the hell the bunny and eggs have to do with the real meaning of Easter lol
I'd go to church and wonder why no one ever discussed what the bunny did when Jesus rose from the dead ^o^ yeah, I've been weird ever since I was young.

Aaaanyway, that's beside the point. Check out the rabid bunnies with the red eyes in this picture LOL

Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

p.s. I am off to job training for 2+ weeks D:
Sorry if it seems like I fell off the face of the earth and don't reply to your comments for awhile U_U


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