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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wannabe Croc Nails

My fellow judgy faced blogger buddy Jian sent me the Barry M Croc Nail Effects in black a couple weeks ago.
I was super excited, having imagined how awesome and croc-y it would be when used over Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel in 130 Velvet Rope.

Except it seems I need more practice because the "croc" design turned out to look more like cow splotches D:

Despite my disappointment, I must rave about the awesomeness of Revlon ColorStay polish in Velvet Rope.
The polish applies so glossy and smooth! I realized after that it has a jelly finish so the finish is extra glossy. Under direct lighting, it looks like a bright classic red.

But when not under direct lighting, the red is a dark, burnt red. It's hard to capture the true color on camera.
Very very pleased with this red polish! I am surprised the color changes so much on what I thought would be a simple dark red polish.

So while one ring finger looked more cow-like than croc, the other ring finger went schizophrenic. I can't even explain what this looks like O.o
A zebra-snake hybrid print?

The croc polish takes much longer (~2-3 minutes) for the cracks to appear than regular crackle polish.
With the crackle polishes, the cracks start forming immediately. Also, crackle polishes dry matte while this croc polish dries glossy.

After getting some tips from Jian, master of croc polishing xP, I am going to practice some more! The instructions say to apply the croc polish over polish that isn't completely dried, which is what I did.
Jian said that it works just fine on completely dried polish. I will try again on completely dried polish & see if I can get the fine croc print I so desire!

Vicky, Jian, & Nunu have all blogged about how the croc is supposed to look like.
I swear I will get it right!!

♥ Fanks for the croc polish, judgy!! ♥


CN Blue's new video!!!
So many new music releases these days, I have been quite busy spazzing ^o^



  1. This is why I stick to just one color on my nails...lol. Honestly though it doesn't look too bad. :) The red and black combo is perfect!

  2. red x black is one of my fave color combos <3

  3. Omg, the Barry M Croc Nail Effects is hot!!! Now I need one *sigh*... hehe~ :P

  4. I want to try that Revlon color stay XD, it look so glossy :D, do they have pink color too? :D
    btw, I think the pattern look cute and unique <3

    1. yes, the Revlon nail polish collection comes in like a million shades XD

  5. The red and black look super pretty together though! <3

  6. I have always wanted to try the barry m croc!! Looks pretty cool :) and I love the finish of the Revlon color stay!


  7. oh dear oh dear judgy. It still looks pretty and that revlon polish looks so nice and glossy...... i love that red! :D

    I really think your problem was that it was too thick! I just put fantasy fire on top of the croc nails I showed you yday on twitter. It's prettttty

  8. Haha! Crocodiles aren't as sexy as that. =P I love jelly finish polishes, they always look so perfect.

  9. Amazing nails!!

    lovely blog!
    i invite u to visit mine,
    I hop eu like it!!


  10. Wow, I love the glossy finish! I like the way this shattered!

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. i have the SAME red revlon nail polish too! its great isnt it hehe

    xoxo elle
    ps: my sis swears by mufe powder too! its her hg! ive tried it and its really good ^^

  12. OOOo...lovely stuff. I've heard so much good about the colorstay polishes, they arent here yet...so boo! So want barry M products! :p

  13. awww... so gorgeous! your nails look very sexy dear. :) the red and black combo works!

  14. Dafuq why did it turn out like cow splotches on you?!
    I find that it works best over foils or metallics. When I use creme or jelly finish polishes it just goes weird. Yah, how descriptive is that, "weird".
    This judgy will send you a sample bottle of Midnight Recovery Complex.

  15. I really don't know how you do it. I can barely paint my nails properly without smudging my fingers!

  16. i actually like the effect...not what it says..but with practice it will get there..and the red shade is quite nice..i know it's hard to get the right shade on camera..

  17. Although it didn't look like the croc effect, I really like the random weird effects that you managed to create!

    Woo CNBlue!! Did you see that their new album is called 'Ear Fun'?! wahahahaha!! XD

  18. I like how it turned out, even though it doesn't look much like croc print :)

    I like how this crackle polish dries glossy too. I don't like my polishes to have matte finishes. I received a Barry M cracking polish too a few months ago in a blog swap but I still haven't gotten around to trying it yet ><

  19. Your nails are always so nice, croc look is cool!

  20. Hope you can get the polish to the croc look soon :)
    But that is a totally gorgeous shade of red, looks great on your nails !

  21. I think this turned out awesome! Although I didn't sense a croc print but whatever...it still looks great! I also really like the nail polish, it has a glossy/gel quality!

  22. The revlon color looks absolutely gorgeous and sexy! You did a great job applying the polishes.

  23. I've been wanting them to make the crack polishes in patterns, so it's cool to see a croc version! :3

  24. Wow you did it so skilfully! It's devilishly beautiful :)


  25. That's pretty cool, kind of reminds me of a snakes skin. I feel like adding some white lines would make it more snake like. haha

  26. haha! it does look a little weird lol i bugged vicky to get me this too! it looks so cool

  27. I like the red polish~ Ohh when i used the OPI Black Shatter nail polish, my friend thought I drew it in with pen >< sighhh

  28. Love CN blue's new song!!! Love the red glossy talons - shame about the croc effects :(



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