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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

Shilin Night Market (wikipedia entry) is the largest & most famous night market in Taipei. It's located in the Shilin District.
There are 2 sections of the night market, one where most of the tourists know about and the other is where the natives frequent. The second section also has lots of clothing stores, etc.
The main section just recently moved to a new location. It is more spacious and organized than the location I had gone to in the past.
It's also easier for tourists to spot.

The most famous place at the night market is Hot Star Large Fried Chicken (豪大大鸡排).
They specialize in making these huge fried chicken steaks (炸雞排) that are the size of both of my hands.
This place is a must visit!

There's always a ridiculously long line at this place but luckily we were there a bit early so the line wasn't too long.

I got an extra spicy one. The chicken is so juicy and tender but so crispy and flavorful on the outside.
The guy put a lot of spicy seasoning on mine so I kinda choked a few times hahahaha

Another must eat whenever I go to night markets are oyster pancakes!

Looks gross but so good!
It's a potato starch mixture that has oysters, vegetables, and egg. It's pan fried & served with sweet and spicy sauce.

A famous sausage stall. *insert immature dirty joke here*

Every stall I walk past looks insanely good. You really need to pace yourself when you go to a night market. Can't eat too much of one thing!

Awesome noodles.

I actually tried the stinky tofu for the first time ever!!
These are from a "famous stall" and tasted freaking amazing. They didn't smell bad at all, unlike other places.
The hot sauce it came with made them a million times more awesome.

Spicy mixed noodles.

These spicy wontons are so good! At the bottom, there is this chili oil sauce that you mix with the wontons. Super spicy! :0~

Gigantic wontons in a seaweed soup.

Thick rice noodle soup

Shaved ice is my favorite thing ever. I had to get some even though it was freezing cold & raining XD

Pudding dessert that came with a side of tapioca pearls.

For your information, I did not eat all this in one night XD

Just a warning, it gets insanely crowded, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. Actually, it's pretty crowded 7 days a week. Taiwanese people go out like every night during the week.
I would too if I lived somewhere that always had so much to eat!
And people here are super pushy, but it's ok. Just push them back! ^o^


For no particular reason, I have had this song stuck in my head recently.



  1. Did you change your font? Or have I just never noticed this before. Love the food (again).

    This makes me really want to go to Taiwan to experience the subtle differences in food, even between Mainland and HK and Taiwan!

  2. Aww this brings me back memories of that chicken and those oysters!! Sooo good :) and i tried stinky tofu for the first time too :) Not too bad haha


  3. Your posts makes me want to hop on a plane to Taipei when I'm next in Hong Kong *O*

    Seriously drooling over the oyster pancake! My fav! :)

  4. My mouth just watered!
    Everything looks so good. Especially the spicy chicken!

  5. LOL! As I was reading I was wondering if you had eaten everything in one night :P good to hear you hadn't!!! Hahahahaha

    Yeah I can't imagine how the oyster pancake tastes...I've really seen nothing like it!

  6. lol 'just push them back'. that is just what I do when i go to a night market XD

  7. Foood *____* making me so hungry~ omg.

  8. OMGGGGG that giant fried chicken pattie looks SO NOMMMMMMMMY!! WANT!

  9. I loved this place when I was there. Especially the fried chicken! So bad for your health, yet so tasty! ahah. Loved the oyster pancakes as well.

    I didn't know there was a second section to the markets!

  10. Wow so much street food, looks absolutely amazing. *_* Omgosh.

  11. sooo much food! everything looks so yummy! :D

  12. All of those dishes look so good. I'm a noodle fanatic, so that's definitely what I would get.

  13. Whoa, the chicken and the oyster pancake look so good! Haha, my friends I got shaved ice, when it was 50 degrees out one day just because we were determined to get one that day. :)

  14. It doesn't help that I'm reading this post at nearly 1am!! I'm hungry! XD

    SOOOOO many delicious foods!!! OMG! The oyster pancakes sounds so good. hehehe I like stinky tofu after trying it for the first time in Hong Kong. I agree, the sauce makes it so much better! :D

  15. The food there is just amazing! haha I'm going there this summer and I can't wait to visit the night markets.
    Yeah, if they make the Stinky Tofu right, it doesn't smell at all.
    <3 Food

  16. "just push them back"
    LOL haha I like that solution.

    Man all the food looks amazing. I love oyster pancake! And that fried chicken...that's huge!
    I love night markets in general. I like to go to the ones here and just buy random street food to eat nom nom nom

  17. OOoooo Night Market!!! The place i've heard of that has some awesome knock-offs, and excellent food! The spicy chicken steak looked delicious and how did you eat ALL that food?

  18. Hi Doro! As usual your posts makes me hungry lol! I really like the crispy chicken one :D I love street stalls photos!

  19. You had such a culinary adventure! :D awesome!


  20. Okay that thing you showed us is just pure heaven! LOLL
    They have hot star too in Singapore, tried before, but didnt leave much impression, maybe it's different!:(

  21. That's it! I'm definitely going to Taiwan. It's on my Places to go list. I had this massive pool of drool after looking at these photos. It's like torture seeing the photos knowing that I can't get any authentic Asian food here.

  22. AHHH!! Beautiful food! That's the great thing about traveling, the local food! That fried chicken looks so good and oyster pancakes! I've been eating those since I was a kid, it's not gross at all!! Love that chewy, hot, sometimes crunchy texture!

    Hope you had a great time!

  23. Ahhh every time I read your posts about Taiwan I want to go more and more.. my husband's friend use to live by the old night market and my husband had the chance to see it last yr - lucky him!

  24. Nice photos. Tried the Hot Star, but did not think it was that nice. But the other stuff was nice ^^

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