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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Peking Duck

If you want to eat Peking Duck in Taipei, Song Kitchen (宋廚菜館) is the spot. This place is practically impossible to reserve. Apparently they open up reservations once a month...so you can make a reservation for the next month
Who the hell wants to eat Peking Duck that bad? Obviously everyone in Taipei..
Lucky for us, there was a last minute cancellation the night my uncle called the restaurant. Therefore, we were able to eat there without having to wait a month. Ha, loophole!
We went there on a Tuesday night and the place was only open to those with reservations.

First dish is a complimentary Chinese Cabbage Salad.

Fried meatballs

Shrimp lettuce wraps (lettuce not photographed, obviously XD)

Wide sheet noodles mixed in a sesame & mustard sauce (兩片皮)
This is one of their most popular dishes. So good! The noodles are so slippery, like plastic hahaha

Fried pork intestines =X

Pan fried tofu (鍋塌豆腐)

While we eat, the chef prepares the Peking Duck for us in the back.
If you did not make a reservation, you can't order the Peking Duck. They only have enough duck each day for those who made reservations.

Slicing the duck...like a boss ^o^
His knife skills are amazing. He separates the skin from the meat so precisely. I'd probably slice off all my fingers if I attempted.

Ready to eat!
The Peking Duck here really is amazing. There's absolutely no fat, even though duck is a very fatty poultry. All the fat has been melted away during the roasting process. I have no idea how they do it.
All you are left with is crispy skin and lean, tender duck. *drool*

In a wrap, you must include 1 slice of skin, 1 slice of duck meat, some green onion, and some of that sweet sauce.

With the bones, they make a huge bowl of duck soup for you. They don't waste any part of the duck here!
The soup is kinda sour because they cook it with pickled vegetables. Very refreshing!

Song Kitchen is quite difficult to find. It's located in a rather shady looking alleyway near the Taipei City Hall MRT Station.
The restaurant looks quite rundown from the outside. Actually, it's nowhere close to being fancy on the inside either. Clearly, they only focus on making the food excellent.
But trust me, once you try out the food here, you won't give a crap what the place looks like. I was judgy about the appearance of the place when I first saw it too XD

If you have a chance to get a reservation here, definitely check it out! Especially if you are a duck aficionado!

Address & Information:
Song Kitchen (宋廚菜館)
No. 14, Lane 15, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road
Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 2764-4788 


2AM is back!!! Amazing vocals as usual. 
I don't really get the video though. 
Is the girl dead? Keeping a shrine of her in your closet is creepy x infinity, Jinwoon!



  1. bean sheet noodles! XD I l ike to nickname it plastic noodles because it looks and feels like 1. The food looks amazing!

    The shrine in the closet is definitely creepy O.O but the song is awehsum!!!!

  2. That duck looks amazing. xD You guys were so lucky with the reservation. I must try this one day, taiwan seems like such a lovely place to go.

  3. Peking Duck is soo yummy. I had some at this amazing restaurant in Miami. I just drooled!

  4. ...i should not have read this entry on an empty stomache ... but then again, it wouldn't have been that much better on a full stomach...


  5. *DROOOL*

    Fried meat balls, pork intestines and peking duck!! You are one lucky girl!! Love those three things! Looks like some really yummy stuff:)

  6. i love peking duck! :) all the dishes look so yummy! x)

  7. do you know what time it is for me right now? its 9:15 am....NINE IN THE MORNING and i read this...and it makes me wanna have pekin duck. i hate chuuuuuuu!!! urghh u always have good food!!

  8. Gosh your Taiwan food posts are always totally droolicious! How awesome that you were able to luck out on a reservation to this place.
    rolala loves

  9. I'm literally drooling over my keyboard! Fried intestines are my fav, but if you don't cook and clean them right, they can be yuckky.

  10. Ooh, peking duck is one of my favorite foods to get at Chinese restaurants, especially the crispy skin! :)

  11. OMG I'm starving *__* seems to be delicious!!

  12. DOOOOOD!! We once seriously made a reservation a month in advance! or at least my friends' relatives did in anticipation of our visit.
    BEST Peking duck EVAHHH!! Apparently they have to age the duck before the roast it.
    Omg am drooling now thinking of it T.T

  13. Wow, you take really great food pics! I am drooling and wishing I could have some of that, I love Peking duck! =P~***

    hehe I'm not a big 2AM fan but have started to pay more attention since watching Jinwoon in Dream High 2.

  14. Eeek one month wait...you guys were so lucky!! hehe.
    Mmmhh everything looks amazingly GOOD!! Is hungry now...

    Yayyy 2AM!!! Jinwoon!! <3

  15. I freaking lurve Peking duck!! Some of the best foods can be found in hole in the walls. XD

  16. those foods look so yummy! i like the tofu!


  17. O...M....G..... Honey...how much did you eat in Taiwan? I've never seen so much food in my life! I've not had peking duck in years...it's quite pricey and you need a gathering of people order that dish. This place looks amazing!

  18. This looks really good! I can't wait to go to Beijing and eat this during the summer. I'm salivating now and I think I want to make myself dinner part 2.

  19. Your totally making me drool over this post!
    All the food looks goooood! I want to try some!


    Your food posts always make me hungry - this time I've got my beady eye on the fried meatballs. Yum! :P

    Next time I go to Taiwan I'm packing you along with me :3

  21. I love peking duck! Seriously if I go back to TW again I'm going to go to all these places you recommend!!


  22. omg i loooove all the food u mentioneddddddd!

  23. MY tummy is rumbling! I really want to visit Taiwan. I have met some fab people from there lately and they seem like my kinda kooky!

  24. *DROOL* I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE peking duck.. omg that looks RIDIC!!! you know it's good when there's no fat underneath the skin and the skin is ridiculously crispy.. omg your pics look SOO good!

  25. hmmm food and lots of food!! Lovely photos :)


  26. OMG! I am hungry now! Great post!


  27. I love peking duck! seriously if I ever go back to TW I will be using your blog for reference for good eating places!!


  28. Yummm! I love peking duck. I like it when they serve it with the flat bread things that taste like mantou. I really like the fried pork intestines too :P

  29. Now you've got me hankering for Peking duck. Every dish just looks scrumptious!

  30. Mmm mmmm I love peking duck, too. Do you know any good places in the bay area tho? Last time I think I went to Great China in Berekely and it was decent, but I'm always looking for better places :). The mustard noodles look delish.



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