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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Fancy Feast

For some weird reason, I always crave steak when I am in Taiwan hahaha but hardly ever crave it when I am in the US.
I was whining that I wanted steak but our eating itinerary was already quite full lol. After my persistent whining, my aunt took us to Toros Steakhouse
Nunu has taught me well. Whining does indeed get you everything you want...eventually XD

Toros is an uber hoity-toity upscale steakhouse. Due to our full eating itinerary, we only had time to go for lunch. 
We were there early so the place was still pretty empty. This resulted in me shamelessly taking photos of everything ^o^
I love the decor here. Can just imagine how beautiful it is at night! Plus the chairs are so plush I could probably fall asleep in one hehe

I ordered one of the lunch set meals. Asians love having "set meals" for everything. 
It started out with a basket of warm and toasty garlic bread. Bread served in Asia is never crusty like in the US. This garlic bread was soft and fluffehhh

I opted for the pumpkin soup. It was really sweet.
The gross baby food color kinda made me lose my appetite upon first glance but I got over it lol

Next course was the Caesar salad. This had a hint of sweetness. 
First time in my life eating sweet Caesar Salad. Rather strange, but not bad. Just an Asian take on Caesar dressing I suppose?

For the main course I ordered the filet mignon wrapped in bacon. So good!! They cooked it perfectly medium, just like I asked. 
So tender it cut like butter. I would've liked if the bacon was a bit more crisp though.

I picked creme brulee for dessert. Very creamy and not too sweet, but I've had better
The colored powder on the plate was weird too.

The set meal also came with a drink of choice which I forgot to photograph. I ordered an iced milk tea and it was the most fragrant and delicious milk tea I'd ever had. Oh, how I miss it!

Toros stores their own meat in this fancy meat case. All of their meat is imported from the US...ironic eh?
If you look carefully, you can see my judgy face...and some random dude in the background.

Meat trophy case hahahaha

This restaurant is rather pricey. I can't remember how much it was exactly but it was at least $45 a person for lunch. Dinner, of course, will be much more.
But the ambiance, service, and quality of the food are all excellent. Worth it if you are feeling fancy that day XD 
Otherwise, the food is rather mediocre aside from the steak.

Address & Information:
Toros Steakhouse (website)
LEECO Outlet 5F 
No. 205, Minshin Street, Neihu, Taipei City
Tel: 02-2796-7999
M-F: Lunch Time 11 : 00 am ~ 2 : 30 pm
Dinner Time 5 : 00 pm ~ 10 : 00 pm
Weekends & Holidays: 11 : 00 ~ 22 : 00


After the fancy feast, we went to a fancy store...Carrefour, which is similar to Walmart but not G-H-E-T-T-O hahaha
Saw some racist toothpaste. This brand translates into "black person" SMH 

Do you notice the cartoon guy is black & his teeth are extra white? Omg, Asians and their ignorance of racism hahahahaa cracks me up

Instant noodle land!! Most of them were meat flavored so I couldn't bring any back to the US =_=

And spotted Siwon and Donghae from Super Junior *cue Sorry Sorry dance*

Later on that night, we continued our eating itinerary and went to AYCE hotpot.

Finished with some passion fruit because I gotta be healthy, no? =P
I lahve these!


Gikwang is so freaking adorable!!! And probably way too young for me to squee over but whatevs. *shameless* ^o^
That penguin dance is so awkward hahaha

Thanks to Vicky for always keeping me busy with new spazzing material heheee 


  1. Lol steak in TW? Really? I thought the US would def have better steak eh? But that dessert looks good!! And that toothpaste! I know it! So racist eh? haha


  2. LOL you're just like me! XD When I'm in Shanghai I suddenly decide I want to eat steak..and the price is like a zillion times hte price of here. Hahahahah

    I thought caesar salad had chicken in it? Wheres the chicken?!! :S

    That darlee or whatever they've called it in English to make it more PC tastes weird. I don't like the lemon flavoured one. I don't like any flavour toothpaste except mint.

    Hehehehe browsing the instant noodle aisle is so tough! Hard to make mind up when you want to buy one. xD

    And the hotpot looks so good....but I odn't like passion fruit. :P

    1. i dont think it's lemon flavor. just the box is that color lol
      my aunt had some in her house but i didn't try it. i brought my own Colgate HAHAHA i dont wanna use racist toothpaste lmao

  3. Dude, don't be dissing Darlie toothpaste, more formerly known as Darkie muahahahahaha yes, it's terribly funny. I grew up using Darlie until I went over the UK and had to use Colgate.

  4. Heeheehee! Seeee! whining gets you everyvere dahling *fake russian accent*
    The dude behind you was ppbly giving you judgy face for taking pics of the meat case xD
    All Western food in Asia is sweet, dude even their bread is sweet wtf man.

  5. I loved it when you said that steak cut like BUTTER (BUTTA)! HaHaHa I love a good steak too. Glad you got one. Omg'd that toothpaste. There's probably not many african-americans there to protest it.

  6. Mmhh yummy food! LOL asian's take of western food is so funny sometimes, I find it slightly sweeter too...
    Haha apparently that toothpaste is super popular in Asia XD

    You are most welcome for new spazzing material. Although I should thank you guys more, I've never spazzed and fangirled so much ever hahaha! eeee Gikwang!!! <3 (I don't think he's that young, 22 I think LOL) XD

    1. hehehe ohh 22 isn't that bad. ok i can oggle over him w/o feeling like a creeper. nuna fan! HAHAHA

  7. omg, why must you taunt me with food pictures???? Toros looks like a beautiful place. I love the decor and the food looks just FABULOUS!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  8. Whoa, that's a lot of instant noodle! So many choices! :o

  9. om nom nom!!! wait why can't you bring meat flavored ramen into the US?! i brought some beef flavored ramen onto the plane from taiwan last time.. was i not suppose to? HAHA.

  10. Wooow everything looks so good D:!

  11. That toothpaste brand is called Darlie over here in Malaysia. And Carrefour isn't fancy at all, it's like Tesco, Jusco, Giant (all hypermarts are the same to me >.<)

  12. The restaurant looks expensive indeed! It's so elegant and modern... lovely photos! :)


  13. HAHAHA....hay-zen ya gao? that is too awesome, i remember the commercials as a kid when I went back to taiwan every year for new year in the 80s! OMG that is still around? OK that steakhouse looks fab, I want to go and then the hotpot on the same day? Seriously...I don't know how you could put it all away!

  14. Looking at your food porn isn't helping my diet... hehe~ :P The steak looks so delicious.

    You're really into Korean music. I like you more now... hehe~ :)

  15. Omg my sister loves that brand of toothpaste lol I guess it is very racist though >< The dinner looks good and the soup looks sooo nommy and now I'm craving ceasar salad, though I can honestly eat that everyday! It's so delicious!

  16. I love Creme brulle too :3, bwhahah I have that tooth paste XD

  17. The toothpaste is racist. It used to be called "Darkie" and they changed it to "Darlie" but it's still offensive imo. :( And yes, we like set menus...haha! Your lunch looked delish. :D

  18. Ohhh em gee I want steak now!!! Just the way you had it, medium and wrapped in bacon!!
    The place looks extra spacey and nice :) When I'm in Korea I crave for Mexican lol

  19. That steakhouse looks great! I love all of the courses.

    I sent you an email. We are having a NCal Blogger meet-up, and I would love it if you could come.

  20. Ooo the food looks so yummy! $45 a person is so pricey - the place looks pretty fancy though, and it looks like you get your money's worth :P

    Haha I love how racist Asians can be. It's funny though because I think African Americans really do have the whitest teeth too lol

    P.S. I'm holding a giveaway for a Le Edge Exfoliating Tool, hope you'll check it out here!

  21. That food looks good. I really want to try the pumpkin soup because it looks disgusting but you wrote that it tastes okay.

    Your comment about the bread is funny because I heard a few Europeans comment on how soft American bread was. Bread is different all across the world!

  22. I also passed on the Versatile Blogger Award!

    And I think that toothpaste used to be MORE racist. I think it had English on it that said "Darkie". Then they changed it to "Darlie" .

  23. LOl that toothpaste has been around for years (it's well known in HK too) but I have to agree it is a racist product! Anyway I always enjoy drooling over your food pics!

  24. Yikes! FOOD! Yum, that mignon looks great! I too would've preferred the bacon crispy! Don't you just love the variety of snacks in asian supermarts? haha Looks like the trip had great food experiences! :)



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