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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Muji Makeup

Muji is a Japanese retail store that sells clothing, home goods, stationary, food...basically everything.
The brand is known for its minimalism. Everything is very simple and sleek.

I picked up a few makeup products at Muji when I was in Taipei.
Their makeup is very affordable, most of the items were within $10 if I remember correctly.
The packaging is very simple and neat. The brand name isn't even printed on the products.

I picked out a neutral brown eyeshadow quad. I don't think I could've gotten a more basic palette if I tried hahaha
I wasn't sure how the quality & pigmentation was gonna be so I got a neutral one to be safe.

These are made in Japan. Even though the packaging is super simple, the palette is very well made. It's super light and travel friendly.

The shadows are of decent quality. They are not super pigmented, but I find that most Japanese shadows are not as pigmented as shadows of Western brands.
This is a "typical" Japanese palette. The colors all blend very well together to create a gradient effect.
The 2 lighter shades are sheer and shimmery. I love that these are not super shimmery so I can easily wear it to work, etc.
The darkest brown has glitter particles but it does not apply chunky. There's absolutely no fallout with these shadows, quite impressive!
For the price, this quad is a great deal. Great for people who want a very basic palette they can use everyday.

I did take photos when I used this palette but the colors are so basic there's really nothing to show lol. Also the photos came out crap because they were was taken on a cloudy day.

I also got this blush.
This is a very basic, pink blush. Packaging is the same as the eyeshadow quad, in a plastic snap closure case.

There are glitter particles in this, which I was worried would make me look like a tacky club-goer. 
But miraculously, the glitter somehow does not transfer onto the cheeks. It just gives a very subtle glow to the cheeks.
It takes a bit of work to build the pigmentation but it's very easy to use. Practically impossible to over-apply.
If you are darker skinned, this may not show up that well on you. I am so pale I'm practically see thru and I have to work it a bit to get it to show up on my cheeks.

If you live near a Muji, definitely check out their makeup. Their products are minimalistic and perfect for that "no makeup look" for work, school, interviews, etc.
Good bang for your buck!


Lookit my shiny blingy nails!!! 
I typically never grow my nails out this long but I got lazy with cutting them. Decided to do crazy glitter nails before I cut them ^o^

So shiny I can't stop staring XD
I love Revlon Facets of Fuchsia. It is the perfect polish to create that gradient effect because the color is easily buildable.
The gold glitter polish is by Anna Sui

I will miss having purdy nails like this when I start working. T_T


Favoritest song on the album!!!
"Mama, just lemme be your luvah" tsk tsk naughty maknae ^o^


credit: vipnolza @ tumblr



  1. Looking good all your new goodies! :) :X Check my blog and follow me if you want!


  2. I like Muji makeup too! Love the nails!

  3. i seriously cannot get over how fabulous your gradiant sparkly nails are!! THEY ARE LOVE!!! i've seriously been sitting here for 10 min staring at them hahaha even though i saw them on twitter already.. it's like mesmerizing hahahahaha

  4. Thanks for introducing me to this brand, I love the shades you bought, really pretty and wearable

  5. Indeed the shadows are so cute and looks very wearble!
    Wow I totally love your nails! :D


  6. I think in the picture dictionary, those nails define bling. They look super awesome. Muji is really well known for their acrylic containers aren't they?

  7. i super love your nails! i wonder if the muji we have here carries makeup.. hmmm... will check!

  8. LOL!!!!!! the gif and the end made me laugh so hard....I almost forgot what your post was about :P

    Very nice! We dont get muji makeup over here, but it looks really nice! Reminds me of Shu Uemura, especially the blush! XD

    Pretty nails judgy! When I ripped them off they didn't look as good. Guess knock offs just arent as good as originals!

    Good luck with your extraction tomorrow!!!!

  9. Did you find a job!?!? That is wonderful news! Now let's get on to the post, the nails look fab I love the glitter coating you applied, totally want to try this out! Muji sounds like a great cosmetic line and I agree the intensity of the colours in Asia are a lot softer than in the US.

  10. I didn't even know Muji made makeup. I guess it's not available in the US stores. I like the minimalistic packaging. Their travel containers are awesome. That T.O.P graphic totally made me ROFLMAO :) He needs to lose that blue hair.
    Happy weekend!
    rolala loves

  11. I wish I lived in Japan. Or at least in a place where I can get Japanese cosmetics for cheaper! I would totally buy them all up.

    Your nails look sooooooo preeeetttyyy!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  12. Hi Doro! omg That blush looks very identical to shu uemura blushes plastic packaging! and those blushes are like what you said, impossible to over apply too no matter how pigmented the shu ones are they can never go overboard somehow..

    I think you should be a part time manicurist or something because all of your NOTD's are soo cool! love the Anna Sui's packaging even more with the gold polish!

  13. I love your nails, they look great!!

  14. Man I'm loving your nails!! I really want that Revlon color!! The gradient is so pretty!!


  15. oooh soo blingy @.@
    I still do nails like this every now and then and then people in my office give me judgy face teehee xD

  16. Seems like all the actual stores in the US are in NY. I wish I lived closer to a Muji! I love the blush that you purchased.. very pretty and right up my alley! :D

  17. ♥♥♥ your nails here - the gradient effect is awesome!

  18. WOW! those nails are just bangin! love it so much! :) i generally like japanese makeup. love the simplicity of the pkging. :) happy friday!

  19. MEh our muji has nothing interesting! Where's the make up, skincare and snacks man!! -_-

    I LOVE your nails, so pretty! Facets of Fuchsia is one of my fav polishes ever!

    Whahaha the last gif! XD NA NA NANA NA WOW FANTASTIC BABY!! DANCE!

  20. your nail art is amazing!
    and the anna sui bottle looks glorious. ahhhh! ;)

  21. ok your nails look absolutely awesome!
    i tagged you in this post..let me know if you do it

  22. Ooh I love your nails! I really like the mixture of purple with gold! :3

  23. never heard of this brand!
    your nails are too cute love the colors
    and omggg i love that song so muchh

  24. Oh yes, I tend to linger around the cosmetic section of Muji here! Lots of simple pretty looking stuff! That quad is designed so similarly to that of canmake's brown eyes quads...

    I'm totally into that blush! I can see myself packing it on but a natural flush!

    Love the nails, they look so damn glamorous!

  25. Brilliant! I just typed a lengthy comment and then some error happened and the gollum stole my comment, I think. Unless I'm wrong then well I guess you get 2 comments this time :P

    I really like your nails! I have a similar gradient-glittery thing going on atm with my nails, but I like yours so much better. The colours are great. I love that Anna Sui gold glitter polish. The other day, I stood at the Anna Sui counter for eons just staring at the nail polishes. Luckily the SA was a lovely gentleman who was too busy staring at himself in the mirror to care about me hehe.

    I never knew Muji sold make up lol I'm so behind

  26. I've been tempted to purchase muji makeup - like you said it affordable!!

    Gorgeous nails - they remind me of Anna Sui's design hehe

  27. The quad is really pretty! I love the colors, but it's a shame that the colors are so light. Lol although I agree that you are pale, I don't think you're pale enough to see through yet haha xD

    Love the glitter combo too! I actually just bought Facets of Fuschia after seeing you post about it :D

    And I loooove all the songs on Big Bang's newest album. This is the first time I'm seeing the MV for Fantastic Baby though. I love GD but ugh I hate his new hairstyle so much :( And look at the abs on Daeseung! He's gotten so built lately :D

  28. omg'd!!! your nails are awesome!!! i love them. girl, you did a great job. those color palettes are sweet. i love the simplicity of them. hope you're having a great weekend.

  29. ahhh how did you do your nails! it's so intergalactically beautiful!

  30. my sis got me a few blushers from muji in hk!

    xoxo elle

  31. Oh my goodness!!
    I love your nails xD

    If that was me, I wouldn't be able to stop staring at them either, lol. The gold and purple glitter just looks awesome!




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