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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Black Dress

A few months ago, eShakti asked if I would like to review one of their pieces. I had never heard of the website before so I did some googling.
eShakti is a women's apparel online store that sells customizable garments. What appealed to me was that each piece could be customized to my liking.
I am quite short (ok, very short lol) so I have always had difficulty finding things to fit me correctly. I was super excited to try out one of eShakti's pieces!

I picked the Felted Wool Shift Dress, which came in black. I wanted a dress that was warm enough to wear during the winter months.

But since I planned to wear this when the weather was colder, I requested that it be made with elbow-length sleeves.
I provided my measurements so the dress would fit perfectly.

The quality of the dress is excellent. It is made of a very thick felt-wool. Even though it is 100% wool, it isn't itchy at all. I also love that this dress is fully lined.
Excellent craftsmanship!

What attracted me most to this dress was the scalloped hem. Adds a very unique touch to a plain black dress.

One main issue I have with this dress is that it is incredibly difficult to put on and take off. There is only a single button closure at the back. It would be much nicer if there was a zipper going down the back or the side.
I almost ripped the dress while trying to take it off =_=

But overall, this is dress is very well made and the quality is excellent. It's perfect for work because it isn't too fancy but still unique. I can also imagine it being paired with some statement jewelry for a party.

eShakti's customer service is excellent and product information for each piece of clothing is very thorough.
Thanks giving me the chance to review the dress, eShakti!!

fyi: was not paid to do this =P


  1. Hi Doro, Cute dress!! I think you can get it taylored to get a zipper if you really like it haha, I can't live without zippers on the side or back, hate pulling in and out omg btw are you collecting the lip butters? I agree, soo obsessed with them :DD

  2. Nice! I love clothings with scallop design. And it's so nice that customers can customize it

  3. I like how it's customizable. Good idea on make them 3/4 sleeves. I love the scalloped hem. A very simple, but pretty dress

  4. the dress looks pretty and well made! I'm sure you can come up with a lot of looks with it. ;)

  5. So cute!!! And it's so nice of them to offer customization... I wish companies send me dresses to review, I love them to bits haha~

  6. That's a really cute dress! I love the scalloped edges at the bottom. Good quality too!

  7. a little black dress- such a classic!

  8. Cute dress!!!!!!!!


  9. What a cute dress - would love to see it on you :)


  10. That's really cool that you can customize the piece and I like that a lot! Also, great choice! The scalloped hem is so precious. (:

  11. I've always thought the ability to customize there was awesome. You kind of have your own designer team.

  12. OMGGGG the scalloped hem is SOOO ADORABLE!! i love this shift dress so chic and cute at the same time!!

  13. Why no pic of midget judgy in dress??!! I wanna see!

  14. The lining is really nice. I feel like lining can make something simple powerful. The scalloped look is really in right now too I believe.



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