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Thursday, March 29, 2012

KPop Stuff That Makes Me Happy(^ω^)

I've accumulated quite a bit of fangirling material over the last few weeks. Thanks to my friends for enabling this addiction!!

My friend went to Korea to go to the Big Bang concert and brought me back the TOP Highcut magazine.
Fantastic TOP indeed ^o^

Ahhhh so many adorable TOP pics hehehe

She also got me the Se7en album.


My friend, who lives in Korea, randomly surprised me with this. She knows Taecyeon is my fave 2PM member because he used to be my Facebook profile picture HAHAHA
What a considerate friend XD

This magazine weighs a ton. I can't believe she mailed me this...not that I am complaining whatsoever.
Sexy back kekeke

And...this is currently my wallpaper for obvious reasons.
He needs to be my husband hahahaha

I ordered the latest Big Bang CD off ebay. This thing is so damn heavy. Was it really necessary to make the cover out of metal?!

The back

Fantastic Baby!

I buy CDs but never use them since everything is on itunes these days. I just like to take an ogle at them every so often hahahhaa


Shinhwa is baaaack!!!
They're like the Korean version of Backstreet Boys lol been around since the 90s.
I love that they are still together after all these years.
Plus Eric is still supah hawwwt!! These men sure age well! ♥_♥



  1. Omg. Taecyeon.... Yummm :)) HAHA! I love him and TOP too! <3


  2. wow the bigbang album is metal:O omggg i love TOP!! he's my favorite in Kpop gahh i love his deep voice and rapping! he is indeed fantastic

    baby. lol

  3. *salivates* no words are needed to describe this post!

  4. He looks nice! My bestie also loves Big Bang. :-)

    I hope you get to visit my blog soon. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  5. SPAZZZZZZZZ with youuuuu!

    TOP SO FINEEEEE! *melts into a puddle of fangirlness*

  6. I'm sooo jealous right now! Even if they're just magazines...and of course the cd's! :OO

  7. That Men's Health cover gets me hot and bothered...hehe. ;)

  8. I'm not a big fan of k-pop but I certainly agree that they are so talented!


  9. I love TOP so much!
    Omg that man on the cover has an amazing body!

  10. Omg I looooove TOP! He looks so adorable ^^ I actually think it's pretty cool that the Big Bang album is made of metal though - it makes for a nice collector's item :D

  11. OMG, I used to be a Kpop pothead. Seriously! hahaha Goshhh Taecyeon is so sexy with his abs. I love all the new big bang songs especially that bad boy one. OMG soo lucky to have your friend. haha

  12. <3<3<3 Goodies!!!!! <3

    OMG BB's album is made out of metal O_o

    Eee Shinhwa!!! :D

  13. This post is filled with half naked men!!! hahahaha OMG SHINWA I used to fangirl to this band like no tomorrw, course that was back in my highschool day haha but it's nice to know they're making a come back especially when most of the hot bands now are all young boys (beast I'm talking to you) lol so it feels like we're not fangirling after underage boys, you know? LOL And I agree, they age well, makes me feel insecure hahaha must be the korean genes =P

  14. Oh wow Taecyeon body is hotttt jeez.

    I have Bigbang's mini album too! Got mine in HK.. grabbed the last one.. didn't realize there were many editions and I grabbed GD's one, which is fine cos I'm a GD fan - would have got the group one had I known! haha

    TOP does look cute there - he's always acting "cool" it's a change of scene :P

  15. Hi Doro! omg your Korean addiction is making soo drool-able! :D!!! when I was younger, I used to like cute asian boys and now they're being taken over by the hot korean guys (If I didn't meet my bf already) how they maintain the cute baby face is a mystery to me lool O_O

  16. How funnnn~!! You're making me want to buy the actual CDs in addition to downloads, hehe. And wow, Taecyeon! I don't remember his abs looking like that in Dream High, lol. Hooray for fangirling!

  17. officially jealous you have that taecyeon men's health magazine..
    but since I'm more into Nickhun then i guess it's okay.. haha

    you have so many generous friends! jealous about that too.. :p

    The Sweetest Escape 



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