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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Zhongxiao East Road (忠孝東路)

Zhongxiao East Road (忠孝東路) is considered the main area for shopping, eating, partying, rich people, young people...you get the idea. [Wikipedia entry]

The Uniqlo Taiwan flagship store is on this street. It is in the Mingyao Department Store. 
This Uniqlo has 3 floors and is always crowded. This was the first place I demanded we visit since we don't have Uniqlo in California T_T

No.200, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd.
Da-an District, Taipei City

Zara is just across the street. It is also always ridiculously crowded here regardless of time of day. 



Found Kinder Eggs being sold at Watson's. Apparently they are illegal in the US...wtf?

Engrish everywhere you go ^o^


There are countless restaurants, bars, and cafes in this area. They are typically hidden in random side streets.

Dazzling Cafe is owned by some heiress/model/actress. This place is always booked full.
You need to book reservations quite early in advance to be able to eat here.

They specialize in fancy-looking brick toast desserts but also serve food.
It is basically a place for rich housewives who have free time to have afternoon tea & dessert in the middle of the day. Oh, and tourists lol
I really wanted to check it out but I never had time to go back. I must try it next time!

Address & Information:
Dazzling Cafe Mint (Facebook page)
Address: No. 3, Lane 248, ZhongXiao E. Road, Sec 3
Operating Hours
Sun – Thur 12:00~23:00(Last order 22:00)
Fri & Sat, PH eve 12:00~24:00(Last order 23:00)

One of the places I always go to is this janky looking dessert place, The Eastern Ice Store. There's always a huge crowd.

If you enjoy the bubbles in bubble tea, this place will be right up your alley.
You go up to the counter and tell the lady if you want hot or cold. Then you pick 4 "toppings" to go in your dessert. 
The toppings vary from tapioca pearls, sticky rice balls, red beans, green beans, grass jelly, etc.

I got a cold one with pearls, grass jelly, and other chewy rice ball things. It is kinda like a sweet soup. 
It's quite different to anything that's sold in the US. Highly recommend!

Address & Information: 
Eastern Ice Store (website)
Address: No. 38, Lane 216, ZhongXiao E. Rd., Sec. 4
Tel: (02) 2777-2057

Operating Hours: Sun-Sat: 11:00 AM - 11:30 PM

There are just countless bakeries that sell delicious fluffy bread and beautiful cakes.

I am obsessed with cake! *drools*

While walking down the street one night, I spotted this huge billboard of Takeshi Kaneshiro scaling the side of a building. I freaked & immediately stopped in my tracks to snap pictures.
I will always stop to take pictures of a sexy man ^_~

One of the many random cafes I went to in this area.
It has a koi pond, therefore it must be fancy!

I ordered bubble tea, duh.

The cafe provided the most excellent reading material.

Sighhh *_*

One more for Nunu XD

Apologies...I was too busy oggling at the magazine I forgot to take note of the cafe name but rest assured there are countless similar cafes in the Zhongxiao area.


I recommend taking your time exploring Zhongxiao East Road. I make multiple trips there whenever I am in Taipei and I still manage to always discover new shops & restaurants every time I go. 

The SOGO department store is also in this area. It is the most popular department store in Taiwan. 
Located at the Zhongxiao Fuxing Station (blue line). 
This branch is huge, there's 12 floors :O  

Address & Information: 
SOGO Zhongxiao Branch (website)
No.45, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd.
Da-an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-27318603
Opening hours
Sun. - Thr. : 11:00 am – 09:30 pm
FRI. - Sat. : 11:00 am – 10:00 pm     

Oh! The Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe I reviewed last time is also in this area. (check out post)

Address & Information:
Hello Kitty Sweets (website)
Address: No. 90, Da An Road, Sec. 1
Tel: (02) 2711-1132 

Hours: Sun- Thurs 11:30 AM - 10 PM; Fri- Sat 11:30 AM - 11 PM 


Dayummm David! 
Super Bowl ad done right ;D
If you haven't figured it out, I'm that annoying person that only pays attention to the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday. When the game comes back on, I go do something else hahahaha
Anyway...congrats Giants!!



  1. I love Sasa, Watsons, cakes and bubble tea :) I miss shopping in Asia!! I came across a shop in Chinatown selling all the asian beauty products that were like double the price of what they are in Asia! Eugh!


  2. lol the David Beckham ad is such a teaser XD

  3. Thank you so much for the tour! I'd love to go to Sasa, Watsons, Sogo and all the restaurants and cake shops!

  4. I wish I went here when I was in Taiwan! The idea of having random bars and cafes lining a street makes me want to fly over there now!

  5. mmmmm yummyy food and so many things to buyyyyyy!!!

  6. Aww I enjoyed this post so much! I want go to Taiwan *w*, and I'm obsessed with cake too!!! XDXD

  7. I miss Taiwan and all that amazing food. Takeshi is still worth a good ogle ;)

  8. Hi Doro, your Taiwan trip loooks fun no wonder you got so many hauls.. omg it's funny cos the stores you mention in your post is everywhere in Malaysia, uniqlo, sasa, watsons, even one sogo. But then we don't have any restaurant that needs reservations haha

    btw why is Kinder egg illegal in the US? It's like one of the cutest ads on TV, kids opening kinder eggs with toys in them ;-; it's what I used to buy when I was a kid lol

  9. I love Watson's and SaSa. I wish those stores were available in the states.

    I had NO IDEA Kinder eggs were illegal in the US. I grew up eating those delicious milk chocolate and creamy yummy eggs.

  10. Why are Kinder eggs banned in the US? That's strange.

    Oh! My Dog is a relatively hilarious name for that boutique.

  11. i really want to go to the HK cafe too! :) taiwan seems such a nice place. i wish i could visit soon.

  12. Takeshi <3 <3
    Dayum that man be fine and only seems to get better as he ages!
    *wipes drool*

  13. wow, a lot of interesting things!

  14. The Eastern Ice Store is so different from anything I've ever seen! I must try it, if I ever go! ^^

  15. The more I read about your trip, the more I want to visit Taiwan. Oh my god, those food photos look as if they could come to live and I almost can smell. I am getting hungry!!!

  16. so many good food.. haha
    me and my friends are going to HongKong this June.. by any chance can you direct us to the right place to shop? haha

    The Sweetest Escape 

  17. taiwan is such a beautiful country too, especially when it comes to shopping destination!

    Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  18. yay! more taiwan posts!! i think i'm going back in a few months so i'm trying to take note of all the places you went hahah!! i soo want to go to Sasa too!! i didn't even know they had a Sasa store!

  19. great photos. love seeing photos of other countries. looks very much like korea... :) the dish looks yummy. i always love chinese baked goods. :)


  20. here here! i am another person who doesn't understand the rules of football (depite of my SO's multiple attempts) and only watches the commercials! heh heh
    (boy, that last smile of the commercial is just a killer!)

    thanks for sharing this with us.
    i love looking at other's travelling pictures. :D

  21. Love the koi Pond and the bubble tea looks good :)


  22. Super fabulous post girl! It was awesome to see the different store fronts. I was looking at all of the cars. LOTS of people and traffic. My faves were those gorgeous cakes, that HOT guys and Hello Kitty. Thanks for sharing these! Have a great week my friend. :D

  23. I still can't believe you guys dont have uniqlo easily accessible!!! I always assumed they would do really well in USA!

    LOLOL for Engrish!! What trip to Asia would be complete without taking a photo of some? xD

    And Asian cakes are the bessssst.

    Oh you need to come to Shanghai when I am there over the summer holidays. We can dress up like schmacny people and go have high tea in a 5* hotel. They have macarons and everything, and its all you can eat for a set price but you order quaint creamcakes, handmade chocs and macarons and different teas. Would be so fun to go with someone as gluttinous as me. Although you're probably not as gluttinous as me :( LOL

    Yeah I dont even know what superbowl is, but I reckon I'd probably do what you do too! XD I would like an amalgamation of what you and Tiffany do. Tiffany's mum cooked her sooo much good stuff!

  24. OMG I am jealous! You got to visit all of the great stores. Uniqlo, Sasa.

    I love Uniqlo and have to travel to NY just to go to this store.

    Wish they had SASA back in the states.

  25. I really like all these photos! It's so interesting and it make me really look forward to traveling one day in the future ^^

  26. I miss bubble tea. In fact, I miss authentic Asian food. I'm hungry just staring at your photos.

  27. I was wondering why i never got your updates now I know why... I forgot to follow?! At least I thought I was! So sorry about that >_< Takeshi Kanashiro still has it :D yum yum!! haha I can never get tired of odango!!! it would be one the things I'd miss if I left Japan..

  28. the other day I saw a picture on 9gag about Kinder eggs being banned in the US and I was so confused. I thought it wasn't real.. guess it is. LOL

  29. You surely went through an awesome trip! Great photos :)


  30. FOOD AND SHOPPING!!!!! *o* Definitely my kind of place to visit~ hehe.



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