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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Baimi Clog Museum

Towards the end of our trip, we decided we should do something touristy before we went back to California. This way I can tell people I actually did something other than shop and eat while I was in Taiwan ^o^

My uncle took us to Yilan again to do some sightseeing. Unfortunately the weather was so crap it looked like the apocalypse was nearing. Rainy and grey the entire day D:
So depressing!

There wasn't a car in sight. I guess people don't like to sight see on a day like this...
Literally middle of nowhere hahahaha

 We stopped by this cold springs place. It's supposed to be a super popular place in the summertime when people want to cool off in a cold bath.
As expected...not a single person in sight since it was the middle of winter.
I think the sign says "World's First..." I can't read the last two words but will assume it says "cold spring."

Despite the suicide-inducing weather, we went to the Baimi Clog Museum. I don't really like museums but it turned out to be pretty interesting.
Plus it was free!

Could the clogs be any bigger??

The museum shows you how these traditional wooden clogs are made.

Of course there are modern/fobby designs. These are for children.

On the second floor you can see the artisans creating the clogs while someone explains the process to you each step of the way.

I thought these hand carved keychains were pretty neat.

Even the designs on the leather straps are hand painted.

So many to pick from!

They also use a special burning technique to etch designs and words on the shoes.
These feet-shaped things creep me out since I hate feet lol

Apparently this is the world's biggest pair of clogs. The lady said it was in the Guinness Book of World Records. I did not verify this so you'll just have to take her word for it...

You can also choose your own designs and have your souvenir personalized.
The artist will carve whatever you want written on the back of the shoe for free.
I love personalized stuff!!

In the process of carving my name on my shoes! XD

Here's what I had made!
This design was specially made for Chinese New Year, hence the red color.
The left shoe says 美满 which means happiness.
The right shoe says 幸福 which kinda also means happiness.

I got my name carved on the back of one...which starts with "D" if you don't know by now ^_~
The Chinese on the left shoe is some saying about happiness. I don't know how to translate it into English without sounding like a fob hahaha

The museum is a pretty nifty little spot that I would recommend checking out. I like these little knick knacks so I enjoyed the tour.

Address & Information:
Baimi Clog Museum (website)
Address: 174, Yongchun Rd., Suao Township, Yilan County
Tel: +886-3-995-2653
Hours: Tue ~ Sun, 8 am ~ 5:30 pm (closed on Mondays except for summer break)


I remember watching The Bodyguard when I was a wee little one. 
Just saw the tribute for her at the Grammys tonight. Quite touching.



  1. loved your post!!


  2. omgosh that is so cute! i've never heard of this clog museum haha.

    omgosh the little kiddie clogs are SO adorable! i love your little chinese new year shoes! they're so festive :)!

  3. Tian tian kai xin huh? Happy everyday? hahha
    Love the souvenir! Especially since its personalised :)
    Too bad the weather was so rainy!! You could have enjoyed those baths!!


  4. Wow, this post is absolutely gorgeous. The place looks so fascinating! Would love to pay it a visit one day.

  5. ohI wanna go there too *_*
    so sad for Whitney... that song is amazing!

  6. Heehee the little clogs are so cuuute!! :D When you first said clog museum, I was like whaaa? xD

    Ahhhh its a shame it was so cold otherwise you could have gone to the springs!

  7. bwahaha "the left shoe says.....the right shoe says xing fu which kinda also means happiness"...i LOL at this..which is kinda of true eh even though the chinese meaning seems different but translated into english it seems to be the same thing haha...I have seen this clog museum before!!! on a travel show all about taiwan XD..the tiny clogs are so cute! hehheh this red clogs can be taken as another meaning too *lame..loll i will help you say..is everyday be happy!!*brimming of fobbiness* XD

  8. I totally want to visit this museum when I go back to Taiwan. I just love the look of your little personalized pair!

  9. Looks like it takes a very very long time to create a clog. hahaha They are so cute though!

  10. You cracked me up with this statement LOL -"Unfortunately the weather was so crap it looked like the apocalypse was nearing."...you are silly girl..so funny. Glad you went because that place surely was very neat. I tend to avoid going to touristy places at all cause when i go home because i would rather eat and shop where locals go. Once in a while it is fun though.

  11. I've never heard of this before! It's pretty cool! :)

  12. Such a cool museum :D I love your mini clogs :)

  13. oh my, such artistries!
    i love the creation of your choice. soooo cute! :)

  14. nice photography!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  15. It's wonderful seeing Taiwan through your eyes. Can't wait to read more about your trips.

  16. OMG very interesting post! i lllorved and enjoyed so much!
    Happy Hearts Day hun!!! mmuaaaahhh

  17. That was awesome! I love the clogs for children, keychains and especially what you got made. SO SWEET! That is something you will treasure always.

  18. Awww This is too cute! I've never been to this museum and I love how you can watch the artisans make the clogs. I'd definitely get a little keychain...and my ltd chinese reading tells me one of the clogs says everyday happiness :)

  19. omg those clogs are the cutest! I'd love to wear them in the summer!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  20. wow beautiful hand craft! I love those kind of trips where you get to watch and learn.. it was like in Hawaii!

  21. That museum looks really cool. The clogs are all so beautiful. SO much workmanship goes into them. Wow!


  22. Awww, what a cute little museum!! And yay for it being free!!! The little key chain you had engraved is adorable~ XD



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