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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Taiwan Trip: All You Can Eat!

One thing I noticed while I was in Taipei is that people are always eating. 24 hours a day! Buffets are very popular here. And I am not talking about the crap buffets you find in America. This stuff is klassyyyyy! The quality of everything is amazing and the prices aren't too bad.

My favorite buffet is Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet, located in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, a Japanese department store near Taipei 101.
We went for "Afternoon Tea," which is the time when all the rich housewives go since they have the time and money lol
Despite it being "afternoon tea" time (2pm), the place was packed. Good thing we had reservations! Why so many free people out & about on a weekday is beyond me...

 The restaurant is very clean and service is excellent.

 The reason why I love this place is because of the all you can eat sashimi!!!
You just go up to the counter & tell the sushi chef what you like and he slices it for you. *drooling thinking about this* :0~
You'll probably get your money's worth after a few trips to the sashimi counter.
I love that it is freshly sliced so it's not gross & lying there for hours by the time you go to get some.

Lots of different varieties to choose from.
This is a steamed egg cup with clams.

The best part is the desserts. So many types to choose from.
My favorite is the Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes. The center is filled with the most delicious pastry cream ever *drools*
I think I had like 3 of these. Don't judge me, you would've too! =P

The cream brulee was amazing too.

Definitely check out this place if you like Japanese food & desserts. You should try to make a reservation, especially during weekends.

Address & Information:
Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, A11 (website)
No. 11 Songshou Road, 11 FL, Taipei
Tel: (02) 8780-1366


The buffet at Le Café, located in the Hotel Royal Taipei is also quite nice. The atmosphere is a lot more "posh" meaning even more rich housewives as patrons hahaha

The food is mainly Chinese. 

The desserts were displayed so beautifully. Can you tell dessert is always the highlight of my meal? XD

The only plate I remembered to photograph ahahaha

The hotel is located in a very affluent area of Taipei.
Apparently all the rich people go to this Regent Hotel to have affairs wahahahaha

Can't go to Asia and not see a Louis Vuitton

Address & Information: 
Le Café (website)
Hotel Royal Taipei, 2F
37-1 Chung Shan North Road, Section 2, Taipei
Tel: (02)2542-3299 Ext.374


I can't remember the name of this place but I do know it is on Zhongxiao East Road, across the street from Watson's and the Levi's store.
Oh! It is on the second floor hahahaha if any of you can ever find this place, it'll be a miracle. 

This is an all you can eat hotpot restaurant. 
We went with the combination soup base: half spicy, half regular
Omg the spicy was reallyyyyy spicy. It was the numbing type.

You fill out what you want on the order form and the server brings it out on these cool towers. It's like high tea but with hotpot XD

Tower of wonderful meat!!

This place is pretty damn tasty. 
Most hotpot places in Taiwan are pretty good quality. Hotpot is a must if you're there!
Since I failed and don't know the name for this place, I highly recommend Go Bar Shabu Shabu for hotpot. It's super clean & the quality is excellent.

Address & Information:
鍋爸刷刷鍋- Go Bar Shabu Shabu Restaurant (website)
50 Nanjing East Road, Sec B1, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2577-4000


Ohmahgad this post is really long. Slow clap for you if you read it all!
Heard this song on someone's Tumblr. Now am semi-obsessed.
I wonder if they purposely cast the guy because he looks like Jesus O.o 



  1. Wow the food looks great. sashimi seems very fresh too. Eating all day long? I would totally fit in xD

  2. Hubs never understood why I took pictures of my food until we went to Japan together! On the Emirates flight from Narita to Dubai, the girl next to me took pics of EVERYTHING including the BARF BAG!!

    Great Post, BTW!

  3. Ailee! I almost forgot about her. She's good and NO fobby accent when she sings in English, YES!

  4. WOW.. thats all i can say. wow
    great photos.. everything looks sooo good!!
    love your blog. FOLLOWING :)


  5. Rich tai tais! Did they bring their sons along? hahaha xD

  6. OMG!! the food pictures are so tempting! I'm officially hungry now. :)

  7. i hate you and all your food posts!! everythaang looks so delish!! i wish i could be in tw right now!!!

  8. Omg, stop making me drool!! :P
    I understand what you mean about buffets being bad. In London, near Chinatown, those Chinese buffets are inedible. I'm so glad I'm back in KL where there's Japanese buffets. Woot!

    Btw, Taiwan sounds like HK. If they're eating all the time how come the girls there are all so skinny?? No fair

  9. This post makes me want to be a rich housewife! Great post - looks like you had a great time in TW!

  10. I love how you emphasize everything is so 'Clean' at these places...have you had any horrifying 'chinese buffet' experiences in America? HAHAHA! My parents' policy on eating at chinese buffets in the US is only go during the first 6 mo, after that it goes downhill. I'll have to ask if they went to any of these places during their last trip. It does look amazing, and I would love to visit Le Cafe! I did get the seche vite top coat, and ended up getting the sally hansen hard as nails basecoat..I didn't know which orly base u used... o_O

  11. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL....HE DOES look like jesus, but with gross flat looking straightened hair. I swear jesus needs to have wavy hair!!!

    Sorry what was I talking about?

    Oh yeah *commences drooling*...omg Shanghai is the same. Full of crazy buffets that are super busy during the day even though everyone is meant to be at work. If I hear someone wants to go to a buffet for their birthday meal or something, I will pretend I am otherwise engaged. Cos I'm so picky that I'll just come back with a small plate of a few bits, pick at it, and then get annoyed that I wasted a lot of money cos they're not cheap here, and they're disgusting.

    It's so true that you know you're in Asia when you see a huge LV flagship store

    OH and having hot pot using high-tea thingies? So schmancy! XD

  12. Gosh your pix make me miss Taipei...The food is glorious there... I'm not surprised that they have the best Japanese food outside of Japan.

  13. I love that song,haha he guy did look kinda like what you said.

    This is the first time I've seen ppl serving anything other than pastries on a 3 tier rack XD

    I can never go to buffet because I'm a waste of moneh T^T I do like the varieties that a buffet offer thou. What is that after the steam egg picture? O.O

  14. Your droolicious food pics had me wanting to reach into the screen. I would probably be fat if I lived in Taiwan with all that amazing food but I'd sure be happy. I also wouldn't mind be a "tai tai" attending afternoon tea every day lol.

  15. Thanks for the food porn, the presentation and creativity of the food in Asia can't be beat. Too bad it is not the same here.

  16. Fresh sashimi?? Yummmy!! and I love hot pot especially mixing half spicy and half not :) These food pics are making me drool :P


  17. Ok total coincidence but I had Taiwanese hotpot today! Well obviously it's not as good as what's in Taiwan but I will take it. :P I love that they are crazy about buffets and not just any old buffet but super CLASSY ones!! My type of town. ;D

  18. The food looks so yummy! I would love to live where that eat 24 hours a day! YUM! :)


  19. All the food looks so delicious and I laughed at what you said about all the rich people having affairs! That's horrible! :o

  20. the food looks really yummy!! I haven't gone to an all you can eat in a ong time XD

    The song is really catchy and i think you're right he does remind me of Jesus haha

  21. KLASSY!!!! Dude, all the food looking freaking awesome. All you can eat sashimi??? WANT. And all the dessert...oh my goodness. I can feel and hear my stomach hating me right now. lol.

    Ahaha, you and your slow claps. XD

    Ooh! I like this song! Thanks for sharing~ hehe. Time to find it to dl...XD AND LOL...Jesus look-a-like.

  22. om nom nom marking these places down so i can go there when i'm in taiwan!! hahaha that shin kong buffet looks SOOO NOMMY!! YUM!

  23. I was a little hesitant about reading your blog today because I haven't eaten my breakfast. I thought, what the heck, I guess she must be talking about cosmetics today. NOOOOOOOOO! Of all the days, you're back to food. I'm absolutely starving looking at these photos. This is TORTURE!

  24. I really dislike buffets. The "American" ones I find dirty, the thought of other people being able to be around food I can potentially be eating, touching and sneezing all over the place... *shutters* just no. lol I've been to a few Japanese buffets where you just order a ton, which is nicer but I feel like they don't prepare the food as well. I actually just don't eat much so buffets are pointless for me anyway. haha

    The sashimi picture you took looks pretty fresh and yummy. ^^

  25. why are you making me so hungry with all this delicious foodddd!!! ahhh i wanna go to Taiwan just because i heard theres so much good food there Sighh i'm such a foodie lol! I love love Heaven Ailee has a very amazing voice!! i heard she can rap too! lol the guy does look like Jesus lol

  26. OMG! Everything looks yummy! I need to go to Taiwan ASAP!

    ♥ Pjlatte's Bag Book ♥

  27. Delicious post!! love it!


  28. Hi Doro! omg!! the food looks so good!! Love Japanese buffet more than any other buffets! and the chandelier of that hotel is huge! :D I like that the most when I step into a fancy hotel

    lol at the Asian Jesus hahah! btw your posts are not that long :p

  29. Holy cow - all this food looks so awesome! I am so jealous. All you can eat hot pot?! I think I would explode

  30. The afternoon tea sashimi and the hotpot looked amazing. I really like how the meat was laid out neatly and not gross.

    So intensely jealous.

  31. i definitely want to try the mala hot pot. hope i can withstand the spiciness. your taiwan food porn is getting me excited!

  32. All the food looks delicious! I adore buffest, especially since we barely have any in my city and the ones we have cannot even be called buffets in my honest opinion! I think it's so weird seeing raw meet on something that reminds me the tiers for tea hahahaha Oh and I'm glad to remind you of your macaron blush, I hope you started to use her again =P She must feel neglected by now haha

  33. omg you made me soo sooo hungry.. now, i want to step out and get some food.. my stomach rumbling

  34. I totally agree about the quality of buffet in Asia versus US. Like heaven and hell to compare. My husband was hesitant and gave me a look when i mentioned we should try the buffet places during our upcoming trip because he thought cheap and yucky buffet American style. I will prove him wrong. These places look SO GOOOD. I wont mind eating 24 hours!!!



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